OneLogin : Successful Improvements in 2017

OneLogin has experienced some major changes in 2017 that have improved their user experience. With different perspectives and themes throughout the management team, OneLogin has persisted at the forefront of industry and innovation.

New leadership has facilitated some of the greatest changes at OneLogin. Not only has their new CEO propagated change significantly, but an age of new innovation and globalization has been ushered in with Brad Brooks recent appointment at OneLogin. Expertise and a range of previous experiences have enabled him to launch right into the competitive and forward thinking environment.

Another important change experienced at the organization was its enhanced rank. It is now one of the top ten workplaces according to a recent study by Fortune Magazine. The recognition has lead to greater diversity and positive publications throughout websites like Glassdoor, Fortune and other business magazines. They have also acquired numerous accolades, ranking as one of the most positive and enjoyable workplaces for employees.

Acquisition of new businesses has leveraged OneLogin’s capacity as a service provider in 2017. Airbus is now one of the company’s customers and has introduced OneLogin in areas related to space manufacturing and aeronautics.

Adopting OneLogin was a decision that benefited the space research firm at multiple levels. Customer satisfaction and innovation have greatly increased for Airbus as a result of the affiliation. This is a testament to the broad diversity of businesses that can benefit from the services provided by OneLogin. Education, technology, financial planning as well as manufacturing can all be improved with these services.

There have been a lot of advancements in other areas for OneLogin in 2017. Improvements to the portal where apps can be utilized have drastically improved the performance of OneLogin as well as the scale that users can apply the technology. Some of the most frequently beneficial features can be accessed directly in the app and have been sped up to a great degree.

Other advantages include improvements to the app functionality at large. For example, it’s possible for categories and tasks to be accessed with greater ease. Similarly, search functions are a lot more organized and create the best results.