Graham Edwards Expertise on UK Real Estate

Graham Edwards has made major headway in the business industry thanks to his education and experience handling large sums of money (uk.linkedin). He has been the chief executive officer of Telereal Trillium Ltd locates in London, England since 2001. Telereal Trillium is a commercial property management and investment company who has had many years of success with the skill of Graham Edwards.

Graham Edwards earned his degree in economics from the well know Cambridge University in England. Graham easily excelled in his studies and utilized this knowledge during his time with several influential companies. He has had a hand in asset management and has managed large companies such as the Department for Work and Pensions.

In England, being on certain boards indicates your expertise on a given field as well as your professional influence. Graham is on several boards and committees throughout England including the Association of Corporate Treasurers and the UK Society of Investment Professionals. In addition to these influential committees, Graham is also a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.


Business Negotiation

When it came to making an acquisition several years ago in 2004, Graham expertly led negotiations with Land Securities Group Plc. He was amazingly able to bring in billions through this deal. The huge feat earned him plenty of respect and accolades within his field. Graham understands the need to advance his education and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in International Relations. The degree will come from the well know King’s College London with a concentration in foreign affairs.

Graham has many different interests including real estate. It is easy to tell that he will have much success in this field as well as in his other pursuits of water and engineering. Mr. Edwards is also known for his philanthropic work throughout the country. His work has the power to inspire so many people looking for a way into the commercial property management and investment industry. There is an abundance of information on Graham and Telereal Trillium on the company website. Graham Edwards proves that education and hard work are essential tools for success.


Nick Vertucci, Real Estate Mogul and His Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci is a real estate expert who teaches others how to buy, sell, and renovate real estate property. Mr. Vertucci currently teaches people the strategies that allowed him to take control of his finances. He shares these strategies through some platforms, including three-day workshops, online tutorials, and one-on-one mentoring programs across the United States.


About Nick Vertucci


Nick was brought up in a stable environment with parents who always provided for him. However, when Nick was ten years, his father passed away leaving his mother to fill the gaps of his father’s footsteps. As a result, Nick’s mother had to endure long working hours to sustain the family.


When Nick was 18 years old, he was no longer living at home, and his life had taken a turn for the worst. A few years later, Nick’s life story progressed when he opened a business selling computer parts.

However, there was a dot-com crash which took a serious toll on his computer parts business as well as his finances.


The stock market crash resulted in Nick losing all his funds for 18 months, but he was able to salvage his home. During this hard time, Nick’s friend invited him to attend a real estate seminar where he underwent the three-day intensive training. At first, Nick was reluctant to participate in the workshop, but his friend convinced him otherwise. It is evident attending the seminar was a good decision because afterward, Nick became a successful millionaire in the real estate industry.


About the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy


Mr. Vertucci launched NVREA(Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy) in January 2014, and since then over 150,000 students have attended academy sessions, workshops, and live real estate seminars across the country. Every event that is conducted focuses on the flipping houses for a living and provides insights into real estate investing. Apart from that, Nick and his team of experts also teach participants how to buy property regardless of their financial situation. In other words, Nick uses his real estate expertise to teach people how to become successful and avoiding debt. The NV Real Estate Academy primary goal is to offer solutions to challenges experienced in the real estate sector.


Towards the end of 2016, Nick Vertucci announced the conclusion of his six-market tour that was designed to teach new real estate investors on how to flip houses. These real estate investing workshops attracted thousands of visitors in multiple cities like Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas, Sacramento, and Edmonton markets.

Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is jumpstarting students to financial freedom

Some people learn important how to make lots of money and keep those secrets to themselves, but this is not the case for this successful entrepreneur. Nick Vertucci is a real estate pro helping people like him achieve their goals of financial success at the company he founded the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, or NVREA. With a straight-forward slogan of “Get In. Get Out. Get Paid. it’s no wonder everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of this successful businessman’s academy.


What can you expect to learn if you attend NVREA? You will learn about rehabbing and flipping properties, commercial investments, wholesaling and flipping contracts, purchasing and holding properties for long-term cash flow, leveraging your 401K and IRA to fund investments, asset protection, and so much more. If you attend Nick’s academy you will learn priceless pieces of information that can be the turning point of your life, just like Nick. His community of private lenders and investors are raising multiple millions of dollars to helping fund his student real estate deal every month.


Nick Vertucci is a multi-millionaire, but it has not always been the case. His hardships early in life provided him with the desire for more. A better life where his family could flourish. At 10 years old he lost his father. His mother had to work all the time to put food on the table. Sometimes he hardly saw her. At 18, he was homeless living in his van. Tired of the struggle, he started his own business selling computer parts. Within the same time period he got married and had three kids. Well the success only lasted so long, and then the dot com crash hit him hard financially. Collecting dept, Nick became very unhappy. After 18 months of hardship his Nick’s friend invited him to a three day real estate seminar. Unsure of it, and not wanting to waste his weekend he though long and hard. Eventually his friend convinced him to go. It was in his best interest. He absorbed everything he could and knew that real estate was for him. Through that seminar he was onto something good and felt a new lease on life. He continued to study and train long hours, and learned as much as he could about the real estate industry. With passion and a desire for a better life, he made it work. Over a decade of working in the real estate business, Nick Vertucci was able to call himself a millionaire.

Women in Development- Tammy Mazzocco

She is a determined woman who takes her ideas and turns them into action. Tammy Mazzocco takes each idea and breaks them into action to plan what she needs to do each day, week, and even month. Ms. Tammy has made it big in the real estate industry where she started her career as a secretary. At the time Mazzocco was serving at Edwards Realty Company a commercial real estate company. She was ready to help and learn the industry, and she worked for hand in hand with a group of about nine commercial and real estate agents under the leadership of Mike Zelnik. For the next seven years, Tammy Mazzocco spent her time in the real estate sector working in condominium management located at Scotland Yard condominium. Click Here for more .

Tammy Mazzocco is a hardworking woman who does not settle until she accomplishes all her goals and reach her dreams. At the time she was still working at Scotland Yard, she became a licensed real estate agent an idea she was given and mentored by Ken Cook who is the founder of Cook Realty and also who is the General Manager of Scotland Yard. Mr. Ken took the responsibility of mentoring Tammy in her real estate career. Tammy terminated her service at Scotland Yard, and she went to serve with T&R Properties, and she was responsible for managing two apartment complexes as well as warehouse complex. Tammy at Facebook .

Tammy is passionate about what she does in the real estate industry, and when asked where the idea came from she said that the notion just found her while still working at a real estate company , and she was lucky to have someone who mentored and encouraged her to be part of the expanding business. In 1995 she took the big step and registered as a real estate agent. Ms. Tammy is always eager to bring new ideas in the industry where she does her research, thinks about the study before testing it to determine whether it can work. Tammy Mazzocco continues to bring changes in the real estate industry.   for more .

The 990 Company is Looking to Innovate the Real Estate Sales Process

Every real estate agent would love to have hundreds of listings in their name and to have their phone constantly ringing with potential sellers looking to have their homes listed. Greg Hague, the founder of The 990 Company, has developed a program where this can become a reality. The goal of the 990 program is to help real estate agents get more listings and sell more houses at a higher price with the seller doing some of the work in attracting buyers.

Greg is the son of “Chubby” Hague, who once had one of the largest real estate firms in Ohio. After graduating from law school in 1974, Greg opened his own real estate firm which became known for being one of the most innovative and fastest growing firms in Ohio. After moving to Arizona, he founded The 990 Company in 1988 with one office and three agents and has since grown this real estate firm into a 122 office national franchise. Greg is also a top rated attorney, CEO of Harvey Mackay University, a frequent guest speaker on real estate issues and a best selling author.

The idea behind the 990 sells homes program is to help both the real estate agent and the home seller attract as many buyers as possible and sell the home faster at a higher price. The agent will provide all of the advertising and marketing services that they would normally provide in selling the home such as using yard signs, listing the property on the MLS and posting the property on real estate websites, print media and social media. If the agent finds a buyer, the seller would pay the normal commission for the sale of the home. What makes the 990 program different is when the home seller finds a buyer through their own efforts, and that buyer is not working with another agent, then the seller’s agent will work with the buyer and negotiate a deal to purchase the property. If the buyer agrees to the purchase, the seller only pay a $990 commission saving the thousands of dollars.

Getting a home listing is the most important part of being a real estate agent because it is how they get paid. If they do not have any listings then they have no business. Through marketing the 990 program to potential sellers, they can attract people who want to pay less in commissions. They also have the seller attracting buyers through their own efforts. As a result of the low commission, the agent could expect to receive referrals from the seller. It is a win-win situation for both the agent and seller.

Haidar Barbouti – A Man of Many Accomplishments

Haidar Barbouti is a world-class real estate investor who has been active in the industry for three decades. Quickly establishing himself as a leader rather than a follower, he has made numerous prudent investments that have paid off substantially, one of which that stands out among the rest being the Highland Village located in Houston, Texas.
Haidar is renowned for his business expertise and experience. It’s for a good reason, too; He has over twenty years of direct experience with commercial properties and has personally directed the acquisition, development, and functionality of multiple real estate locations in the country. He has an intimate understanding of shopping centers, offices, and even condominiums. Haidar has helped develop land and other investments over the course of his rich history of working within the field.

Of course, no great businessman goes without a noble cause, and Haidar has certainly made a statement in this regard. He has pursued numerous philanthropic acts over the decades with an empathetic focus towards children and animals. Widely recognized for his charity in the Houston area, Haidar Barbouti has even donated his own retail space to help establish the Highland Village Adoption center for poor animals.

Very active in the local Houston Area, Haidar is committed to seeing his projects through and ensuring that an exception level of quality is established with his select real estate investments. In fact, his shopping center in Houston is widely regarded as one of the most fashionable and inventive places in the state. He has worked with top-label store brands to secure their leases and developed a gorgeous environment for shoppers to experience the best of what Houston has to offer.

Resolute in his dealings but gentle with the downtrodden, Haidar Barbouti is at once a magnificent moneyed magnate and a magnanimous man, helping those in need while simultaneously providing the most luxurious retail spaces for the upper crust of Houston’s elite. Invested in practical and spiritually fulfilling work, Haidar is one of a select few who can be admired both for making the capitalist world spin on its axis while also contributing a few careful pennies to those trembling shoulders that hold it up.

Real Estate Investor Haidar Barbouti

Haidar Barbouti is a real estate investor and has property investments all over the world including the United States. His investments include shopping centers, office buildings and commercial properties. His impact in the real estate business can be attributed to his 20 years of professional experience in the field.

One of the most iconic pieces of real estate under Haidar’s control is the Highland Village Shopping Center. Haidar bought the property in 1991 and his expertise has propelled it to high levels of success. The shopping complex boosts of some of the best retail stores including Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie and Williams-Sonoma.

The Highland Village also hosts a few restaurants. They include Smith & Wollensky, Benihana concept restaurant RA Sushi Bar, and Haidar’s very own Up restaurant. Haidar opened the restaurant with no culinary degree or even any experience in the restaurant business. He is very much involved in the daily running of the restaurant and is very passionate about food himself.

The Up restaurant runs on very different principles. Different from other restaurants, its main focus is serving real food. Haidar insists as much. The fact that restaurants focus more on decorating food than giving customers what they want, is the foundation that led to the birth of the restaurant. Haidar not only eats at the Up restaurant every day but also chooses dishes in the menu and adds changes to the recipes. He knows his way around the kitchen and is keen on maintaining the restaurant’s high standards.

Business aside, Haidar is quite the philanthropist. He has made a number of contributions to charity in terms of time and resources. He has a soft spot for animals and even donated space in Highland Village Shopping for the Highland Village Adoption Center, which is a pet donation center.