Jeff Yastine Expains His Thoughts Regarding Cybersecurity

A recent article has been published through Banyan Hill Publishing by Jeff Yastine regarding cybersecurity. Jeff Yastine received his telecommunications degree in 1986. His focus was on electronic journalism and this helped him become a popular writer. His writing is intriguing, insightful and compelling. His readers are faithful and very interested in his opinion regarding investing in cybersecurity. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.

In the last year more than $7.6 billion has been invested by venture capitalists in startups. This doubled the number of investments made the previous year. These deals are extremely competitive and occur quickly. Jeff Yastine stated 548 companies received investments from venture capitalists. He spoke of a prediction CSO Online made a few years ago. They predicted there would be an increase of twelve to fifteen percent in growth by 2022.

Jeff Yastine talked about the consistent hits to the industry of cybersecurity in his article. He spoke of last years Equifax breach. This resulted in credit history information being compromised for 145 million people due to the data stolen from the databases of the agency. 2018 brought news of security flaws for Intel, AMD and ARM. The two worst flaws are located in the processors. Jeff Yastine believes there will be a lot of money placed in cybersecurity in 2018 as government agencies and companies update their security. During the last four months there has been a fifty percent gain in just aggregates. Read more articles by Jeff Yastine at Banyan Hill.

Jeff Yastine made a recommendation last year to invest in exchange-traded fund’s shares or ETF’s. These shares have increased twelve percent since his recommendation last August. Jeff Yastine see a lot of lucrative opportunities for investments in cybersecurity. He believes the trends are important and should be watched. People may be questioning cryptocurrencies value but experiments are still being conducted by entrepreneurs. They believe using blockchain technology to develop security applications will make the internet safer.

Once the news regarding security flaws for AMD and Intel was released Jeff Yastine spoke of digital sensors. He believes any company manufacturing digital chips, sensors or hardware must be more careful when analyzing any possible risks. Solutions must be developed for flaws or the issues will be costly. Jeff Yastine’s conclusion is a phrase shared by Wall Street. A rising tide will lift every boat. He says this phrase applies to cybersecurity stocks and the current situation. Jeff Yastine is also recommending investing in Amazon’s top competitors during the course of the year.