Thor Halvorrsen and how Socialism Could Turn People Against the Poor

Growing up in the nation of Venezuela, Thor Halvorrsen is no stranger to the effects of socialism. As a relative of the first President of Venezuela, he comes from a historic family. Unfortunately, his life’s story does not serve as a glamor story for the merits of socialism. He saw both of his parents executed by the state. Still, even today, he has family members who are imprisoned. Eventually, though, Halvorrsen received a degree in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania. Now he leads the charge against this form of government, pointing out how it could negatively impact the future of the nation, especially the public perception of the poor.

It Discourages Charitable Endeavors

Donating to charity has always been seen as one of the highlights of the human spirit. There are people in the world who are less fortunate, have been addicted to drugs, have cancer, or are homeless. People love hearing stories about a kind-hearted individual who offered a sum of her money to help those who are struggling. Giving is a virtue. In fact, many cast holidays such as Christmas as holidays that are dedicating to giving to other people. It is better to give than to receive. But a socialistic regime would tell the people that it does not trust them to give. In fact, it undermines the entire concept of giving by taking their money away and giving it to others.

A Negative Perception of The Poor

People are typically envious of those who are in better circumstances than they. But this is typically not warranted, because those in better circumstances worked for it. In a socialistic government, though, the poor would be receiving more benefits than others. The poor would be the primary reason that everybody is taxed so heavily. This would cause the public to become angry with them. The proof of this is in the fact that people become angry today when the poor abuse the welfare system. The average person’s tax dollars are paying for their laziness. If the poor were the primary motivation and recipients of the government taking all or most of the people’s money, one can only imagine how the people would view them.

As an advocate of human rights, Thor Halvorrsen is sensitive to how the poor are treated. For Halvorrsen, fighting against socialism is a fight for the poor.