Mark Mofid’s Mission

Dr. Mark Mofid’s La Jolla, California practice offers his patients both surgical and non-surgical enhancements as well as dermatological services. His mission is to provide his patients with personalized care utilizing the most up-to-date advances in the industry. In addition to his La Jolla practice, Dr. Mofid also has a satellite office in the Chula Vista area.

As a Harvard and John Hopkins educated plastic surgeon, Mark Mofid is leading the way in the realm of safer and improved plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Mofid does not accept the status quo. If he sees a problem, he tackles it head-on. This was definitely the case as it pertains to the procedure of gluteal augmentation-butt implants. Gluteal augmentation has been infamous over the years as implants tended to look unnatural and would sag over time. Mark Mofid aimed to improve the procedure by enhancing the look and integrity of the implant. This improvement would, in turn, make the procedure safer and more satisfying for his patients.

The improvement took years of intense study and analysis while working with experts within the industry. Gluteal augmentation is performed over 20 times more often in Brazil than in the US making it the perfect place for Dr. Mofid to pull knowledge regarding the procedure. His work with industry leaders from Brazil directly aided Dr. Mofid’s ability to design a superior gluteal implant.

As he stated in his interview with Medical Spa MD, “The best form of advertising is to do good work.” He fully demonstrated this sentiment with his developments as he refused to accept a flawed procedure. While striving to uphold his mission to his patients, Dr. Mofid was able to create an improvement that will impact not only patients that visit the offices of Mark Mofid but also to plastic surgery patients across the country.

Austin’s Top Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an extremely talented board certified plastic surgeon based out of Austin, Texas. She is known for having an absolutely huge variety of procedures she has mastered including breast augmentation, rhinoplasties, “tummy tucks,” implants in the cheek, chins or forehead and even botox and wrinkle reduction.

Dr. Walden chose to go into plastic surgery after taking numerous psychology and women’s studies classes in college and seeing that although her calling was to work in the medical field, working as a plastic surgeon could allow her to help women improve themselves in ways that may be beyond the means of typically working out. She feels great empathy for her patients and sees herself in them. Her goal is for women to not hav eto life with an issue that causes them grief or self doubt but to give them the ability to utilize Walden’s surgical skills to give them confidence and happiness with their physique. For Dr. Walden, going to the doctor is all about feeling better, and plastic surgery is an extension of why anyone goes to the doctor – to feel better.

Dr Jennifer Walden Reviews worked as a high power Upper East Side doctor in New York City for over seven years before she moved back to her hometown of Austin, Texas. She gave birth to twins and wanted to relocate back to her hometown for the lifestyle she grew up experiencing in Austin. She admits that when she first moved back she was quite concerned about building up her book of business. Unlike cities like Dallas, Texas where plastic surgery is extremely common, Austin is a more “outdoorsy” town. However, Walden rapidly booked patients from all across Texas and beyond, she even had two procedures booked by the time her plane from New York City to Austin landed.

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Women in Power- Dr. Jenifer Walden

Recently women have been holding top positions in various sectors include the medical industry. Jennifer Walden is one of the women who have portrayed positive leadership traits since she began her career in the pharmaceutical industry. Jennifer is a medical surgeon based in Austin Texas. Jennifer Walden was born and raised in Austin Texas to a mother who was a nurse, and a dentist father. Her upbringing affected her choice of career. After her High School graduation at Anderson High School she went to take her undergraduate degree at the University of Texas. She later applied for a medical course at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and also Fellowship trained in cosmetic surgery. Walden has been working in New York as a plastic surgeon before she relocated back to her hometown of Austin, Texas. Walden has also worked at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She served on the New York City’s Upper East Side for more than seven years. At the Hospital Walden was responsible for the reintroduction of the silicone breast implants.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been very passionate about medicine and has also featured in several articles including Daily Mail where she was a spokeswoman where she was talking about labiaplasty surgery, and she has also been recognized as the best Plastic American Surgeon in America by the American Way. Dr. Walden serves as an aesthetic consultant in companies including; Venus concept, Ideal Implants, and Section.

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