The Wide array of EOS balms

Lip balms may not seem like the most innovative or interesting product, but EOS has done a lot of work in reinventing it as a unique and compelling product. EOS started by introducing high quality ingredients and removing the artificial flavorings that limit many different lip balms, refer also to this site, They created a new sphere applicator that provided a luscious application and was catchy and unique. Finally, they added many new and interesting flavors that had never been for sale before and were created in a tasty and different formula.


EOS lip balms are truly diverse in flavor and offer something for everyone, hop over to this link. There is a raspberry pomegranate flavored lip balm for those who enjoy powerful fruit flavored lip balms. For those who prefer applying more subtle flavors on their lips there is the honeysuckle honeydew flavor which is mild and subdued and has no lingering aftertaste. Sweet mint covers those who enjoy the refreshing flavor of mint, while more subdued fruit flavors are available in blackberry nectar and passion fruit. These are just a few of the flavors available and there are many other nuanced flavors in the spectrum to choose from. Click for more cool articles.


Basically, EOS has everyone covered to some extent and the simple challenge is finding the right flavor for your tastes. Most flavors have added vitamin E in their formula which helps to further protect and restore your lips from dryness related chapping and to protect them from the wind and sun. The higher quality nature of the ingredients that eos uses means that you will not need to reapply the lip balm over and over again and can gain some comfort that you are proactively protecting your lips in the right way, buy now at


So reach out and start trying EOS flavors until you find one that you love. Passion fruit is my choice but I have been impressed with all of the flavors that I have tried.