Swarovski Aims to Change the World

Atelier Swarovski, a subsidiary company of the Austrian producer of luxury cut lead glass, Swarovski, has partnered with the UN Women’s Safe Cities Global Initiative to try to end sexual violence and sexual harassment that many women face across the world.

In places like Rwanda, women suffer from sexual harassment and sexual violence in public areas like schools, parks, street, and even buses. Atelier Swarovski and UN Women’s Safe Cities Global Initiative are starting a campaign on en.wikipedia.org where every Atelier Swarovski silk-cord bracelet with crystal-dotted bead that is sold will help raise money to support policies and programs that will help women and young girls safe from sexual harassment and violence.

According to Atelier Swarovski on Pinterest, thirty percent of each bracelet’s sales will be donated to the cause in helping women and young girls in places like Cairo and Kigali, Rwanda.

“We are committed to helping create a world where women feel empowered,” says Nadja Swarovski, who is a member of the company’s executive board.

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Slyce’s New Technology Great News for Retailers

According to a Yahoo! Finance report earlier this month Slyce was scheduled to release a new set of products at Shop.org. Slyce is a visual search technology that integrates with retailers’ apps to provide a unique shopping experience. The cutting-edge technology is currently employed by many big name retailers including Home Depot, Tilly’s and JCPenny. Retailers using Slyce can allow customers to search their inventory simply by taking a picture of an object. The technology then provides the customers with the closest possible matches and allows the customer to make a purchase. The new offerings help to enhance both the customer experience as well as that of the retailers.

The first product being showcased is Slyce’s new Universal Scanner. This technology makes it so taking a picture of the desired object is no longer necessary. Now customers can search with a QR code, bar code, or even a coupon.

Another great addition to the Slyce suite of visual search products is Snap-to-Coupon. This technology allows customers to take pictures of and store coupons for retailers on their phones. It then sends gentle reminders in the form of notifications when a customer is near a store for which they have a coupon or if any of their coupons will expire soon.

Filling a big information need that retailers have is the introduction of Slyce Insights. Slyce Insights makes use of Big Data in order to help provide retailers with more details on how customers are interacting with their search platforms. This can in turn show the company where they can work to improve their online shopping experience.

Along with these new releases Slyce also showcased a product still in beta testing, an out-of-stock mitigation tool. This technology uses an attribute matching system to immediately show customers similar products when an item they are searching for is out-of-stock. This can lead to a significant increase in sales for retailers as customers may previously have just left the site or could be exposed to new products that they may have never previously considered.