Magnises Black Card Uplifts Millennials Living Standards

Magnises is a platform that is purposely meant for the young people. Magnises was founded by Billy McFarland and a few months after its inception; it had changed the perspective in which people see credit card rewards. Members of the Magnises club are issued with a Magnises black card that copies the details of a credit or debit card.  According to, the black card is not linked to any financial institution. However, it uses a magnetic strip that allows it to be used on behalf of the credit card.


According to its founder, Magnises is a networking club. People interested in widening their networking scope can enroll for membership. Networking encourages and brings community relation among these members. Members of the club use the platform to connect with each other and possibly meet individuals relevant to their development. Becoming a member of this club comes with an annual fee of 250 dollars.  Access from


The Club is bringing working millennials together and providing them with a platform whereby they can interact and share ideas. The team owns a clubhouse in Greenwich Avenue specifically for its members. The clubhouse is furnished, and cardholders can access the facility anytime. In the house, members can have meetings, drinks and entertain themselves by watching TVs. Check


Magnises club has entered into over 50 partnerships with the aim of improving the aspect of all the members’ lives. The partnerships range from private drivers, private gym instructors, hotels, bars, and night clubs among many others. Today, the club hosts member’s only events where the holders of the card are treated to chef series dinners, parties, and educational talks.


In 2016, Magnises unrolled the work-pass perk. The work-pass allows the members to rent co-working spaces for only 99 dollars instead of 500 dollars. McFarland said that the company was trying to upgrade the lives of millennials both professionally and socially. Additionally, they launched the club pass and hotel-pass. The perks allowed the members to access nightclubs and elegant hotels at subsidized rates respectively.  More articles on

Doe Deere and Lime Crime Pushing the Limits with Instagram

Lime Crime Founder, Doe Deere, was a leader of the cosmetic brand business model, the first person to introduce the “on-lip” lipstick swatch, clearly demonstrating that color is not simply pulverized or smacked on a plain piece of paper, but actually on the lips. Doe Deere, popularly known as the “Queen of Unicorns” is displaying her zeal for makeup and unending love for all things in the color spectrum with her highly successful cosmetic brand, Lime Crime.

After eight years, the internet experienced CEO continues to apply that same talent and innate knowledge to create a distinct and captivating social media experience for worldwide audience .

Doe explains that Instagram is one of the tools for innovation of Lime Crime in the field of e-commerce with the purpose of forming the very best reciprocal shopping experience for makeup wannabes worldwide. A majority of companies use Instagram to promote their product, but the Doe Deere’s goal is to actively engage the customers.

A native of Russia & brought up in New York City, Doe Deere is the chief founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. The goal of Doe is to prove that cosmetics go far beyond than just hide flaws, but is the epitome of freedom and expression.

To Doe, beauty is not just what looks natural or is the best option, but rather what is appropriate for the present moment. Keeping that in mind, in 2008, she formed and embarked on her own unique line of colorful, magical, and eco-friendly cosmetics.

The end product: Lime Crime, a profoundly colored, bold, and vivid line of eco-friendly cosmetics brand with an international fan base. The Lime Crime has its roots from Doe’s favorite color and her passion to develop vibrant shades of cosmetic products.

As a person who rose from rags to riches, and is a self made person, Doe is a champion of women-owned ventures. Often she stresses on the importance of finding one’s own voice, and aggressively pursuing one’s ambition at public events. She loves coaching other budding female entrepreneurs, and is quite open for giving advice through social media.
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Supreme Court Unanimously Rules in Favor of Felon’s Right to Sell Their Firearms

Tony Henderson was an agent with the United States Border Patrol. He is a gun owner and maintained his own personal firearms collection. He also liked to smoke marijuana and the practice ran afoul of federal law. A decade ago, he was arrested and charged with felony possession of the controlled substance. Upon release from bail, he was ordered to surrender his firearm collection to authorities. By 2006, his case was adjudicated with him accepting a felony guilty plea. Federal law bars him from owning firearms. As a result, he sought to sell the collection either to a friend or to his wife. The government objected and the matter went to court. The lower court sided with the feds stating that allowing Henderson to direct the sale of the firearms was tantamount to “constructive possession” of them. Henderson appealed the ruling.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously 9-0 to overturn the lower court ruling. Even the liberal justices, who are not pro-second amendment, concluded the lower court exceeded their authority and infringed upon Henderson’s property rights. The court acknowledged that Henderson cannot take possession of the firearm collection given his felony status. However, they affirmed that he has the right to direct the sale of the weapons to a third party dealer or individual. At the same time, whoever takes ownership of the firearms must reasonably assure authorities that the original gun owner will not have access to them. Mikal Watts understands this school of thinking well.  

Keith Mann: Philanthropist

Keith Mann is the co-founder and director of Dynamics Search Partners, a nationwide staffing company. He co-founded this company is 2001 and is currently the Managing Director. Dynamics Search Partners places executives and upper management with the top firms in New York City. They also specialize in hedge funds and alternative investments. They are one of the largest database companies in the US. They have a ten-year record of successfully pairing their clients with leading talent in the industry and geographic location.

Keith Mann started his career in 1995 as Manager of Alternative Investments Division of Dynamic Associates. Mr. Mann is an investment banker and he specializes in hedge fund management. At Dynamic Associates, he was head of researching and made alternative investment decisions. He has worked in investments and the executive search industry for over 20 years now. Dynamics has expanded their business through client referrals and building client relationships. Today they have a reputable portfolio of equity and hedge fund clientele and are one of the top search firms in the alternative investments industry.

Mr. Mann is well known for his great charity work with his company as well. Dynamics Search Partners has teamed up with Uncommon Schools, a charter school, in 2013 to assist students to achieve success in their careers and more. They helped high school students prepare their resumes and do team building exercises in workshop. Mr. Mann and his team continue to provide feedback to these students throughout the year. Students were amazed that they could contact Mr. Mann and his team at any time to ask questions.

Mann helped organize a charity mixer with Dynamics to donate $8,000 to Hope and Heroes. They donated $10,000 get started with Uncommon Schools as well. Mann believes the way to improve poverty is through education; he works diligently and dedicates his time and resources to this end.


Berkeley Officials Are Optimistic In Their Battle against Soda Industry

Forget about the battle in the State Legislature. In California, the most disputed fight this fall is Berkeley’s elected officials versus the soft drink industry.

Although the soft drink industry has continuously triumphed against its opponents, Berkeley remained standing for the anti-sugar movement. At one point, the battle seems to be shared by both parties. A two-cent soda tax initiative is running across the ballot in San Francisco bay area. However, with a two thirds vote requirement, the San Francisco initiative is struggling to pass due to the counter-attacks of the beverage industry. The industry contends that increasing the tax to 2 cents will sharply increase the beverage’s cost, which in turn, hurts the lo-income families.

Nevertheless, the supporters of the tax initiative in San Francisco have definitely not given up. One of the backers of this effort and a member of board of supervisors, Scott Wiener, said that the 2 cent tax increase can help reduce the soft drink consumption by 10 percent as per studies show.

Mr. Wiener further said that the soft drink industry is a multibillion dollar business and was just waltzing around a community that is trying to fix health issues like BioPharma CEO, Mark Ahn who is reputable for his healthy lifestyle advocacy.

He also said that he knows that they have a huge fight in their hands and that he believes that they have a strong chance to pass the initiative.