Relmada Continue Their Legal Battle Against Laidlaw & Company

The board of directors at Relmada Therapeutics has recently been discussing its ongoing legal case against the U.K. based investment firm Laidlaw & Company, and in particular against its principal’s Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. In researching this case I have been shocked by the actions and comments of both Laidlaw and their principal’s, who I believe have decided to damage the reputation of Relmada just as the company was looking to expand; in a letter to stockholders the explanation of the situation with Laidlaw made for uncomfortable reading, in my opinion, as criticism from Relmada seems to have been followed by the release of confidential information by Laidlaw.


Laidlaw & Company has become a global investment broker that is headquartered in the U.K. with regional offices in various financial capitals. The company has been in operation for a number of years, but in my own research I spotted a number of difficult to take issues that appear to dog Laidlaw at all times; these issues include some employees and former employees complaining Online about low pay and a lack of opportunities to complete financial exams to become qualified brokers.


I was also concerned by the fact over a relatively short period of time, from 2007 to 2009, more than 60 complaints were made for financial damages against Laidlaw for mismanagement. In conducting my own research into Laidlaw & Company I have been unhappy to discover a series of financial issues and failures from the broker to address the concerns of financial regulators.


Relmada Therapeutics have already been awarded a restraining order against Laidlaw and their principals after a planned round of investment was shelved because of the mismanagement of the U.K. based broker. It appears to me to be a sad state of affairs when a company decides to strike back by releasing confidential information following problems they caused for a company that seems to be rising swiftly in their industrial sector, which I believed has happened through the mismanagement that can be seen in the work of Laidlaw & Company.