How George Soros Supported the Black Community in Ferguson

George Soros is a billionaire finance expert who is globally recognized due to his philanthropic undertakings. The Forbes Magazine has ranked him as one of the wealthiest people in the United States. Soros currently does his charity work through the Open Societies Foundation, which is a non-profit that he created in 1979. It is committed to offering support to minorities and disadvantaged groups across the world. The liberal billionaire has given over $12 billion to charity from the time when he created the Open Societies Foundation. According to him, all governments across the world should be transparent, just, and accountable. His organization has accomplished its missions by teaming with various groups that fight for human and civil rights. In Europe, the foundation has been in the frontline in protecting the rights of the Roma people who are a minority group in the continent. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

The billionaire has accumulated wealth in the past four decades by investing in hedge funds and currency speculation. In 1970, he created Soros Fund Management, which is among the world’s most successful finance businesses. George Soros has given a lot of money to help communities that have been ignored by their governments. He has also been empowering young men and women by offering education grants and scholarships that enable them to attend universities. The Open Societies Foundations’ is active in more than 100 countries and works with several partners and institutions. The organization’s first charity work was sponsoring black South Africans to enroll at top Universities since the apartheid rule denied them a decent education in their own country.

Soros thinks that everyone has a right to justice and governments need to protect their citizens. He was among the key individuals who pushed for the Ferguson protests by donating millions of dollars to civil and human rights activist groups that motivated people to demonstrate. The billionaire wanted to make sure that Darren Wilson faced civil action for killing Michael Brown. The black man did not have any weapon when the officer shot him several times. The activist groups demanded the indictment of the Wilson, but the jury did not find him guilty. The Open Societies Foundation’s help changed the scene into a major issue that attracted international attention. Read this story at about George Soros.

The tax information of George Soros’ organization indicates that the group channeled more than $33 million to the organizations that participated in the protests. Most of these activist groups are significantly influential in the grassroots. The Open Societies Foundation’s director said that the charity organization has been offering aid to several groups across the world, but it has never tried to influence their decisions. He, however, believes that every individual has the freedom of expression. The Ferguson demonstrations sent a message to the United States that black lives matter.

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David McDonald, the Man Behind OSI Group’s Triumph

David McDonald, also known as Dave, is currently the president and Chief Operating Officer (COO) at OSI Group, LLC. OSI Group is one of the Global leading food processing company headquartered in Aurora.

David McDonald Early Life

Born and raised in northeast Iowa, David McDonald attended and graduated from the Iowa State University in 1987 and honored with a degree in animal science. Dave was also a recipient of the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award an award established to recognize outstanding seniors. After university, he started his career at OSI industries and worked his way up to become the president and COO.

David at OSI Group

Founded in 1909, The OSI Group has grown since its inception to become a global leader. The privately owned company has generated over 20,000 jobs and continues to expand. David McDonald OSI Group has been with the company for over three decades, and through his leadership, the company has propelled to greater heights.

David McDonald Role in Improving OSI Group’s Sustainability

Under the great leadership of David McDonald, OSI Group has launched and expanded around the globe. In one instant, OSI broke ground after opening a modern feed mill in Shandong Province: one of China’s largest feed mill in operation. Other great projects include a beef processing facility in Poland and a frozen foods processing plant in India. Moreover, David has broadened OSI Group Company’s market by the acquisition of Baho food; a food processing company operating in Netherlands and Germany in the following: click here.

Dave’s Opinion on the Acquisition of Baho Food

In 2016, the OSI group acquired Baho Food, a Dutch company that deals with the manufacture of meat products and other food items. Dave said adding Baho to OSI Europe business gives the company a broader presence. He continued to add that Baho’s portfolio of products complemented current OSI processing strengths.