John Goullet Takes Staffing Services To Another Level

People looking for jobs in the job market today have a totally different job market to approach than people in prior years. The job market today is handled in a totally different manner than it was in prior times. With the age of technology, there has been a shift that has turned the business world into a digital world that revolves around the use of technology to do its core operations as well as most other operations, the business world has changed tremendously.

In the job market today, there are a number of things that are different than in previous decades. The use of technology is at the center of these changes. The manner that HR use to be handled in many companies has changed because of technology. The Internet has become a major resource in the job market. A large percentage of companies use company websites or companies that list jobs to advertise company job openings.

This change has forced people looking for jobs to use technology as a primary tool in their job search efforts. People usually search for jobs on the Internet or through referrals that lead them to company websites. In either way, people tend to complete applications and send resumes online. This is a major shift in the way that people use to actually visit companies and speak to HR people regarding available jobs. Goullet at Facebook .

As the shift in the job market concerning technology has taken place, there are many companies that have emerged that provide staffing assisting to companies and provide help for job seekers. One of these staffing companies is Diversant. A staffing company that works mainly in the IT industry, Diversant is a respected company in the staffing industry.

Founded by John Goullet, Diversant provides help to both IT companies and IT professionals regarding job opportunities in the IT industry. Diversant is a staffing company that decided early in its formation through the decisions of John Goullet that the company would focus on the IT industry.

One of the main reasons why John Goullet decided that he would focus the efforts of Diversant on the IT industry is because his background is filled with IT related knowledge and expertise. John Goullet is the founder of Info Technologies, which is a technology company. for more.