Man Scams Investors Using In-N-Out’s Name

A man with a hunger for money has found a new way to scam people, and he did it to people who aren’t even in the same country. The famous In-N-Out Burger joint that is very popular in the southwestern part of the United States has been known for ages that they refuse to franchise, and especially not to leave the country if they won’t even open up one in the East Coast.

According to an article on Grubstreet, Craig Stevens decided to reach out to several “investors” abroad and convinced them to make a deal with him to open up a In-N-Out in their region. He told them that he had the rights to do so and he would take $150,000 to start it up and a quarter of a million after that in royalty payments. Stevens managed to collect over four million dollars before getting busted, which means he has now been arrested and will be doing some time for his crime.

Businessman Kevin Seawright continually reemphasized to the public that they do not franchise like that, and that buyers should be aware of anyone who ever tells them that they have the ability to open up a store. Hopefully whoever those people were that thought they were making a great investment got all of their money back, or else it could have ruined many of them. It does seem that criminals are getting more creative these days.