How Jim Larkin Came Up With a Powerful Union for Laborers

Any union defending human rights will only succeed if there is a passionate person behind it. The number of unions that protect human rights has been increasing. People who are committed to socialism and activism are said to be the force behind the growth of human right defense unions. Jim Larkin is one of the great people who offer support to such groups.

He can go to any length to see human rights defended and protected. James has been a faithful member of the National Union of Dock Laborers. This union was formed before James had shown any interest in socialism. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

This union (NUDL) maintained all laborers were equal, and fairness has to exist in the employment sector. He said the laborers who associated closely with the union and those who didn’t ought to be treated fairly. He noted that people who were biased towards some laborers were hurting the peace and freedom people should enjoy in a great way.

Jim Larkin always felt being a member of NUDL was the best decision he ever made. He became a member of this union in 1905, and his enthusiasm in his tasks was unending. He got involved in many activities in the union and succeeded in most of them.

Although he had good plans to defend the rights of the laborers, he didn’t find the environment he needed to do this. Some days later, Jim Larkin left NUDL for reasons that only James Sexton understood.

Jim Larkin had strongly disagreed with Sexton on some human right truths, and this developed a great rivalry between the two. Some people allied to Sexton alleged Larking had treasured insubordination, but this wasn’t true. From NUDL, Larkin developed interests in ITWGU.

Larkin said the formation of this organization was one of his most exciting moments. As the secretary general of ITWGU, Larkin was determined to create an environment that would accommodate both the unskilled and skilled Irish workers.

Later on, Jim Larkin collaborated with James Connolly in the formation of Irish Labor Party, a more prominent union. Some people thought ILP was political until 1993 during the Dublin lockout when its true colors were disclosed. People came to realize the organization was meant to create a better society for the people.