Jason Hope Sees the Potential of The Internet of Things

Jason Hope has always been a firm believer in The Internet of Things,and it is proving to be well-accepted and intergrade by airports because it is proving to be a valuable asset. Wireless connection is becoming more and more common these days and Gartner Inc.predicts that 25 billion things will probably be connected by the year 2020.

Bluetooth beacon technology is a very important part of The Internet of Things and makes it possible for the lines of communication to be open between people. A beacon is a transmitting device that has the purpose of gathering and relaying information. Many beacons in this day and age are actually tiny stickers that are embedded with sensors and can be placed on pretty much anything.

This technology will change the way airports operate and 37% have already allotted a portion of their budgets to implement teh useful technology. In fact, 58% plan to implement these changes within the next three years. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance On the Internet of Things.

Jason Hope points out that there’re numerous benefits to implementing The Internet of Things into air travel. There’s the benefit of safety. Planes are connected through a wireless communication system that schedules maintenance and monitors the safety items on the plane.

Customer service is also improved,and check-in, personalized travel, and creature comforts are all made possible thanks to the technology. Even baggage handling is improved and beacon technology will make it easy to locate luggage thanks to beacon technology.

Jason Hope is predicting that The Internet of Things will become much more prevalent in the very near future and will make our daily lives run more smoothly and efficiently.

The Internet of Things is pretty much limitless as to what it can do according to Jason Hope. He says to expect to see such things as wearable technology that will guide travelers through the airport and intelligent touch-displays that will provide real-time information for travelers.

Airlines will even be able to build sensing devices right into the cabin and seats so that travelers well-being can be tracked during the flight. Customer satisfaction is at the top of the list and airlines want to provide the very best experience possible with the Internet of Things that is a very possible goal.

Jason Hope believes that The Internet of Things has the power to really change the way people see flying and can turn the negative aspect associated with it into a positive.

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Chris Linkas Shares Retirement Tips for Millennials

Chris Linkas is a well-known financial advisor that offers tips to people that need it in the financial world. Those who are not familiar with investments may end up messing up their financial world so Chris Linkas has recently given them a few tips on how to invest properly and take care of all their financial issues. Here are some helpful tips that Linkas advises everyone to follow.


  • Reinvesting Dividends and Interest. The younger generation which is working longer will allow themselves time to invest slowly. This will allow interest and dividends to compound, allowing them to earn money in two different ways. They will see growth in the investment as well as extra money with interest. They can do this over decades and have a substantial amount of money.
  • Compounding. A small investment at age 20 can quickly grow into a large one over 40 years. A lot of young investors ignore dividends. History has proven though, that this is the right way to go.
  • Risks. Since young adults will be in the workforce for many years, taking a risk is not that big of a deal. Chris Linkas recommends that younger people take some risk but not a ton.
  • Mistakes. Investors should take the time to learn from any mistakes they have made. This will help to prevent future issues and help them to improve their investing strategy.
  • Technology. Using investment tools on computers, financial apps and software programs is important. A good majority of these investment tools are free and will help a young investor learn the world of investing.
  • Abilities. Chris Linkas states that young people will need to pay attention in their own abilities and make sure that they are doing what they can. Having goals is important and making sure that you follow them is the key for success.
  • Substantial dividends. Chris Linkas encourages people who are investing to look for investments that offer substantial dividends. This will help young people be able to make money, especially when the market is going up and down.


The younger generation will be able to do more with their investment if they start now. Starting now will give them adequate time to build a portfolio and have remarkable success.

Adam Milstein Says It’s Time To Push Back Against Antisemitism

Adam Milstein is a spokesperson for various Israeli-American leadership groups and he’s taken a particular interest to pro-Israel activist groups on college campuses. He mentioned stories that haven’t gotten much media attention on how Jewish students have been barred from serving on various student government organizations, and those organizations have also called for boycotts against Israel. AEPi, a Jewish fraternity group has also seen its frat houses attacked by alt-right and progressive left groups on college campuses, and many have remarked how both the alt-right and progressive left have begun to wage a war that not only is directed at Jews and the state of Israel, but also he believes is ultimately geared to destroy America as well. His solution is to form a task force that will involve Jews from all over the place to denounce and take physical action if necessary against the antisemitic forces, and philanthropists Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban have both expressed support of this.

Adam Milstein is no stranger to fighting the enemies of Israel as prior to his residency in the US he served in the rank and file of the Israeli Defense Forces for four years. Milstein studied business and economics at the Technion, and he also once mentioned that he ran a side business selling art to the temples in Haifa. Adam Milstein earned his master’s from USC in 1981 and a couple years later went into real estate as a commercial broker. He currently manages billions in property assets of both commercial and residential units located across California, Texas and Illinois as Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties.

Adam Milstein founded the Milstein Family Foundation in 2000 and became Chairman of the Israeli-American Council in 2007. He’s also on the executive boards of AIPAC, Hillel International and its campus subsidiaries, Students Supporting Israel, Birthright Israel, StandWithUs, the Anti-Defamation League Pacific, and he’s the co-founder of the Hebrew publication and teaching tool Sifriyat Pijama B’America. Milstein also frequently writes blogs on Jewish-American ideology and developments for the Jerusalem Post, the Jewish News Syndicate, the Times of Israel, the HuffPost and the JTA.

Louis Chenevert Incredible Achievements in UTC

Louis Chenevert is a renowned Canadian businessman. Chenevert served as the chief executive officer and the chairman of United Technologies Corporation. He joined UTC in March 2006 where he served as the chief operating officer before being named as the CEO. Later in January 2010, he became the chairman of the board.

Louis left a legacy at UTC and various incredible achievements including investing in long-term goals, innovations and the stakeholders of the company. Back in 1999, Louis was the president of Pratt n Whittey, and during his tenure, he realized that the Pratt n Whitney engine would be something great in the future. When Louis became the CEO of UTC, he married the two organizations leading to the thriving of business in UTC. Louis saw the future potential of the company and invested over $10 billion in designing and developing a jet engine that has a positive impact in the industry. The jet engine reduces fuel consumption by 16 percent and emissions by 50 percent making it a total success in business fields. Today the jet is flown by over 14 airlines on over 70 aircraft.

Louis Chenevert and his passion to invest in technologies was the primary key to driving future growth in UTC. His vision and dream is now the driving force in supporting the U.S economy and helps in the production of U.S manufacturing jobs. His goal in intermarrying the two companies created a platform that promotes the growth of future innovations and also provides jobs and creates new positions for the next generation talents. His dedication to the craft and innovative thinking are the major instruments in helping UTC became a global organization with several investments across the world. Thanks to Louis, the company now invests in markets offering competitive advantages.

Louis was born in Quebec Canada. He holds a degree in production management from HEC Montreal. He served in various positions in the different organization including General Motors, a Canadian corporation, pratt n Whitney before joining United Technology Corporation. In 2009 Louis received the prestigious honors Awards presented by the National Building Museum. In 2011 HEC Montreal also awarded him with an honorary doctorate. Aviation week and space Technology Magazine also named him as the ‘person of the year.’



Highland Capital’s Jim Dondero Thinks Investors That Focus On Market Volatility Will Be Winners In 2017

After the Trump win, there were winners and losers in the investment market. Investors who bet Trump was going to lose and the stock market would tank, got hurt the most. George Soros, the hedge fund legend, lost $1 billion betting against Trump and the market. There are policy uncertainties and political volatility that could impact the market. The Dow Jones had eight consecutive losing sessions recently, and the S&P had seven out of eight losing sessions. But Trump’s failed effort to rework the Affordable Healthcare Act didn’t impact the market as much as some investors thought, according to Jim Dondero, the president of Dallas-based Highland Capital Management.



Dondero is an alternative investor that bets on market volatility. Jim is a SEC-registered alternative credit adviser, and he has an impressive investment portfolio. Highland Capital has more than $16 billion in assets under management, and the company’s global portfolio keeps expanding because of Dondero’s investments in emerging markets like Argentina. Jim co-founded Highland Capital will fellow investor Mark Okada more than 20 years ago. Dondero has 30 years of investing under his belt, and his focus these days is hedge funds, mutual funds, private equity funds, and real estate investment trusts. But he is also bullish about healthcare, pharmaceutical, energy and retail companies.



Highland Capital Management is a leader in the alternative credit and equity industry, but the company also has a reputation for charitable work in the Dallas area. The Highland Dallas Foundation donates time and money to several local non-profits. The Dallas Zoo, The Ross Perot Foundation, The George W. Bush Library and other local organizations receive help from Highland Capital as well as from Jim Dondero, and his team of executives.



But there are challenges facing Highland Capital in 2017. If Trump’s tax code reform bill is thrown out, or his immigration agenda is stillborn, the market will experience a correction. The correction may not stop the bull market, but it will scare some investors. But Dondero and Highland Capital are ready for any challenges that may develop. That’s why Jim Dondero makes the big bucks. He is usually one step ahead of the challenges.