Jeffry Schneider: Financial Services Professional, Fitness Enthusiast And Philanthropist

Jeffry Schneider is an expert in securities and investment. He has been working in the financial services industry for over 17 years. A graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Jeffry Schneider is the founder of Ascendant Capital an Austin, Texas-based boutique investment firm. The company offers a diverse range of operational, sales, education and marketing services. They also offer an innovative approach to financial structuring to raise funds for alternative asset fund sponsors of both established and emerging companies.

The company works with registered investment advisors, private banks, broker-dealers and family offices to distribute private and public offerings worldwide. Schneider has led Ascendant Capital to 5 years of rapid growth. During that time the company has grown from 2 to over 30 employees and his team has been able to raise almost $1 billion for several managers. The company also works with countless family offices, 250 investment advisors and over 50 brokers. The capital Jeffry Schneider and his team has raised was used to buy auto dealership, tech companies, real estate and more.

Schneider says while this growth has been amazing, he sees the rate of growth accelerating in the coming years. Schneider anticipates the company raising about $50 million a month this year. He sees alternative investments as an excellent way for investors to diversify their investment holdings and reduce volatility. The smartest groups of money have allocated their largest investment stands to alternative investments at higher rates than most RIAs and client portfolios as under-allocated to alternative investments.

Prior to his founding of Ascendant Capital, Schneider was employed at Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, Alex Brown, Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management. But Jeffry Schneider is more than just a financial services professional. He’s also a dedicated philanthropist. He gives generously of his time and resources to the Cherokee Home for Children, God Loves We Deliver, Wonders and Worries and the Gazelle. He is also into healthy eating and physical fitness. He has participated in several marathons, half ironman and ironman competitions. He’s also an avid traveler visiting Asia, South America Europe and many other places. for more.

Martin Lustgarten Investing Banking

Investment banking is one of the toughest industries in the world to work in. There is a lot of pressure on people to perform. With all of the technology that we have today, investors can see how their rate of return is relative to the rest of the market. This means that investment bankers must constantly be on their game with the markets. Martin Lustgarten has done a great job in the industry over the years. He has taken his career to the next level by helping other people in this area. If you want to succeed in this industry, he is a great person to learn from.

Martin Lustgarten

When he was young, Martin Lustgarten had a huge interest in numbers. When he went to college, he thought that he wanted to study math. However, he quickly learned to love the subject of finance. He is someone who wants to help as many people as possible during his career. Over the long term, he has helped a variety of people with their personal finances. He is one of the highest rated advisors in the industry, and he wants to help others develop a plan for retirement. There are a lot of people who look up to the success and the influence that he has in the field.

Next Steps

In the coming years, Martin Lustgarten wants to continue to expand his growing business. He is someone who is going to invest in technology in order to service his clients better. A lot of people like to check on their investments every day. Although this can create a lot of stress for him, Martin Lustgarten loves helping his clients with their financial needs. He expects to continue to grow his business as long as his clients are satisfied with his services. As it stands today, he is doing a great job of making an impact in the lives of other people. Despite all of the pressure and the hard work, Martin Lustgarten is making things happen with all of his investing plans for others.

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Outlook for Gold as Seen By Industry Veteran

During a recent interview on Enterprise Radio, Philip Diehl, the head of U.S. Money Reserve, had spoken about a dynamic opportunity provided by investing in precious metals, especially gold.

This former Chief of Staff at U.S. Treasury, and the 35th U.S. Mint Director, believes that over the next 10 years there will increased demand for gold as international uncertainties grow. During financial crises, there’s a flight to quality and gold and other metals become highly desirable as a storage of value and hedge against inflation.

As of now, 65% of demand for gold in the world comes from China and India. These two countries are growing faster than most other economies, and have very large populations. And it’s all while the central banks are increasing gold purchases.

Back in 2011, gold had reached its peak at nearly $2,000 an ounce. Presently, the yellow metal trades at around $1,200- a rather substantial discount to its all-time high of few years ago.

The other precious metal, silver, trades at an even steeper discount. A few years ago, this cousin of gold had been going for almost $50 an ounce, and now it’s only $14.

U.S. Money Reserve specializes gold, silver, and platinum coins issued by the United States government. Under Mr. Diehl’s leadership, the company has grown from a small player to a leading distributor of bullion coins in the world through entrepreneurial approach in establishing a worldwide distribution network.

With the commitment to customer service as well as liberal return policy and guarantees, customers are confident about what they’re getting. Moreover, foreign government-issued bullion coins are available as well.

While at U.S. Mint, where he was appointed during Bill Clinton’s Presidency, Philip Diehl is responsible for bringing the first government-issued platinum coin in the United States as well as starting the 50 State Quarters Program.

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Why Check Out US Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve is quickly getting recognized for many of its different activities which include philanthropic efforts. Most recently, it has been part of a crowdfunding campaign for a food bank in Texas. However, many people are probably wondering what US Federal Reserve sales and why they should give that company a chance. Us Money Reserve is a company that sells commodities like gold and silver. In today’s age, it is a valuable thing to own some gold and silver. US Money Reserve makes it possible for clients to own different pieces of gold and silver and hold onto as these pieces of commodities accumulate in worth and become profitable.

U.S. Money Reserve is a very large distributor of gold, silver and platinum. In fact, they are one of the biggest distributors in the country. Among the products that they sell are gold coins which include the popular coins from the United States Mint. The advantage of that is they are backed by the US Government. In this case, no one that purchases from this company has to worry about how much gold the coins contain in their content. Also, they use face value in order to reveal the worth of the coins. In other words, what a customer sees is what a customer gets.

Gold market veterans have come together in order to provide a company that can help their customers with the customer service and the knowledge needed. Customer service is very important to their company. They deliver when it comes to customer service. They take the time to address all of the concerns of the customer. They also make sure that the customer has everything that he or she paid for. They want to make sure that the customer is completely satisfied. It is their passion for customer service that makes U.S. Money Reserve one of the most trusted gold distributors in the industry.

U.S. Money reserve doesn’t just strive to provide gold. They want to make sure that the gold that they provide is the most exceptional piece of gold that the government has issued. U.S. Money Reserve also carries more than 100 highly trained professionals so that the clients can be sure that their needs are going to be met in the most efficient way. They are willing to sit down and talk to their clients about what they want and what they need so that they can provide it in the best way possible.

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Thinking About Investing, Go With The Experts At Madison Street Capital.

Madison Street Capital, LLC is one of the leading companies in international investment banking. This firm specializes in a variety of different areas such as financial advisory services as well as valuation services to public and private entities. Madison Street Capital is also a prominent authority in mergers and acquisitions and providing financial options for their clients. Based in the Chicago area, Madison Street Capital is a trusted investment company. It is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). They present clients on many different levels of the spectrum, from public to private corporations along with special committees, various boards, and shareholders. Clients include those who remain in the United States and Canada as well as those who are international.

This investment company stands out among the rest for a few different reasons. First, Madison Street Capital focuses on the middle market. This helps make room for growth with a larger number of potential participants. The focus on the middle market adds for a greater scope which adds value and creates a need for specialized skills to help increase profit. Another reason that Madison Street Capital trumps their competitors is that they assist their clients throughout the process, in what they call the “front-end” marketing as well as the “back-end” marketing. Their experts have meticulous standards so nothing is missed. They raise the bar in the industry to help supply their clients with the best negotiation practices and strategic planning. The firm adapts to the needs of their clients to ensure maximum profit gains.

Another exceptional quality of Madison Street Capital is their passion for helping others. In recent years the United States has endured recent natural disasters, such as the in the Greater New Orleans area and other locales in the south. Those residents see first-hand the philanthropic work done by Madison Street Capital. For example, the United Way organization is based in Virginia and work to change the lives of those effective by disasters by involving the community and creating partnerships. Madison Street Capital has worked alongside of the United Way project to help provide the appropriate funding and create a successful structure to help communities get back on their feet and gain capital. The professional expertise of Madison Street Capital has helped rebuild communities and local cities after dealing with devastating situations.

Investors Portfolios Holding U.S. Money Reserve Gold

In business since 2001, U.S. Money Reserve Inc. is ready to assist individuals who are interested in investing in coins and precious metals. The company is located at 6500 River Place Boulevard in Austin, Texas. Investors can reach customer service by calling 512-249-5194 or they can visit the company on the website at U.S. Money Reserve Inc. have more than 100 qualified employees to help assist its current customers and future customers.

First, investors are using this website to buy gold coins, silver coins and platinum coins. Also, investors can purchase U.S. government gold. If you need investment advice or assistance, check out our gold buying guide. This guide is helping investors make well-informed buying decisions. U.S. Money Reserve Inc. carries graded gold coins and certified gold coins in its inventory.

Next, our veteran staff will give you the best service possible by answering all of your questions in a timely and professional manner. Please contact us first if you are seriously interested in investing money in precious metals. We have some of the best coins on the market. With annual revenues of more than $100 million, we can definitely find the right metals for you.

Moreover, investors are diversifying their portfolios by placing a percentage of gold in those portfolios. Why? The economic downturns have a big impact on the banking system. In fact, there are still several banks that are experiencing financial difficulties and they are listed on the FDIC problem list. Also, political issues and political instability around the world can devalue currencies in a matter of days. With the threat of terrorist’s attacks looming in some countries, investors are investing in gold as a back-up measure.

In the United States, the national debt and unemployment is a growing concern for investors. The stock market is very volatile. Investors place their money in the stock market and it can go up and it can go down. Your money is not safe in the stock market. Do your homework and contact U.S. Money Reserve Inc. to find out which type of investment is best for your personal circumstances.

Finally, U.S. Money Reserve is helping investors protect their money, grow their money, and save their money. Of course, U.S. Money Reserve Inc. is also helping their clients make money.

Why Not

New Method
When we were kids are parents would say when you make money be sure its in cash.For a time this paper was the only thing you would ever need o pay for things.However as we have grown the market has had its moments of failure thus leading to the decline of value for the dollar bill.So what do you do when your childhood king of market begins to be replaced by stronger valued counter parts?Well you get metal or in simple words coins.

Ancient Comeback
Before the modern banking system people used small metal coins as their main forms of payments.Many world issue revolted around this small piece of metal but afterwards it help grow empires which led to new countries like The United States.So with that said lets learn why this form of payment is still apart of our world today.

While the dollar has been in its downfall the coin has regain most of its former strength.With this fact in play many people are now making fortunes off these once tiny coins.So for those of you looking to get yourself a handful of coins where do I get them?Well my friends the answer is more simple then you would believe.

With many dealers trying to get their product out there it is hard to tell the cons from the sellers who will have your back.But do not worry because the proud expert team of US Money Reserve have the skill and human resources to get you your coin without delay or issues unlike the other guys.What gives these guys their true power in this market is that they use the modern services to help you every step of the way no matter what time it is.With around clock service and the best dealers in the world selling you the quality coin you deserve how can you go wrong with these guys?

After all you have read it is time you take this information and put it to use to better yourself for the new world of finances.I can only tell you why you should shop with these guys I can not force you to make the call but I do recommend it highly.So for those of you out there who will take this advice I wish the best of luck and for those who are still thinking make the right choice.

BMG: The Best Financial Business In Brazil

The BMG is a financial institution that is located in Brazil. The institution has been around for several decades, and it own by the Pentagon Guimaraes family. During its early years, the organization primary focus was wholesale and consumer financing. As the business grew over the years, they begin to put their concentration on providing payrolls loans. It was in the year 2012 that BMG made the decision to signed an agreement contract with Itau Unibanco. BMG was already an established company but when they join Itau Unibanco, it had helped their business immensely.

With this new business conjunction, they were able to put an effort towards BMG Empresas, vehicle financing, and Payroll Credit Card.
Out of all the financial institution in Brazil, this company is one of the most well respected because of their professionalism and expertise in the business. They are also known as being highly tradition. They are experts in all of the new technology. Their great business decision that they have made throughout their business have helped them withstand longevity in the financial world.
Their company have a staff of people that are well experienced in each and every field. Many of BMG clients are people that have the best credit policy. BMG is also consider to be one of the best in he business because of their human capital. Their team have an excellent strategy that is fit for every individual. If they are an issue with a client, they handle their client issue quickly and with care.

For the business to run smoothly, it certainly is a team effort, but there is one man that is standing in the forth front of it all. Marcio Alaor is the Vice President and Director of this company. BMG have received high honors such as being voted eight-time for best Best Financial Conglomerate. They have also been voted as the Best Bank in Consumer Finance.They have also received a tribute for helping their city. Marcio Alaror has been honor within himself. He had received a plate that had thanked him for all of his incredible acts.

This business has found a winner formula that have helped them succeed in financial thus far. They know what it takes for not only for a company to be successful but to stay successful. They have a team that is driven and will not stop working until every client is highly satisfied.

The U.S. Money Reserve Seeks To Educate New Clients

The future of U.S. Money Reserve depends on prospective clients to actively pursue the company’s extensive portfolio of precious metals. Known for maintaining the largest collection of Platinum, Gold, and Silver coins, the professionals at this extremely lucrative company strive to assist their customers in achieving their long-term financial goals. Essentially, the executives at U.S. Money Reserve acknowledge the importance of delivering premier customer service that encompasses expert market knowledge and trustworthy guidance. In fact, the corporation’s commitment to superb client satisfaction has led to a comprehensive database with hundreds of thousands of pleased patrons from across the nation. Most prominently, U.S. Money Reserve is widely revered as the country’s most respected distributor of exceptional coins.

Since 2002, the U.S. Money Reserve is recognized as the largest and most trusted provider of U.S. government issued gold currency. Remarkably, the company is the only gold distributor that is led by a former U.S. Mint Director. Moreover, Philip N. Diehl was the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint and currently serves as the President of this renowned corporation.

Diehls’ previous management experience at a competitor coin distributor provided him with the necessary knowledge to drive the U.S. Money Reserve to unprecedented levels of success. Throughout his presidency at this renowned corporation, he sought to develop a team of highly qualified professionals who would assist clients in their gold coin search and forthcoming online transactions. Moreover, the advisor’s primary responsibility was to relay the positive benefits of including gold in an investor’s portfolio.

Throughout history, most advanced nations primarily utilized gold as the currency was effective in stabilizing monetary systems. Interestingly, negative consequences ensued when a country replaced the gold standard with modernized bills and notes. Unfortunately, this new pecuniary approach frequently facilitated a plethora of manufactured money, which eventually led to huge levels of debt. Therefore, Diehl and his team at U.S. Money Reserve strongly believe that purchasing coins will yield the most desirable long-term profitable results.

Not only are the company’s alternative investment offerings extremely lucrative, but they are also visually stunning as the coins are meticulously shaped and sculpted from precious yellow metals. The coins are also biocompatible and electrical conducive; therefore, these exceptional products are highly respected among various industries including healthcare, dentistry, construction, and aerospace manufacturing.

U.S. Money Reserve Offers Economic Stability With Gold and Silver

Most investment counselors advise their clients to maintain a diversified, balanced portfolio spread between investment paper like stocks, bonds and mutual funds and hard assets like gold and silver.
When investors are faced with economic downturns here in the United States and globally, and they see depressions or recessions looming on the horizon, a shift out of paper and into hard assets is a popular move.
There are various methods of investing in the precious metals. Coins and bullion bars are very popular. Some prefer to invest in stocks in individual gold mining companies or in gold-orientated mutual funds. The more experienced and speculative investor can also look to taking long or short positions in the gold-price index.
Before choosing an investment path in the precious metals market, the wise investor should consult with an experienced company that has a solid reputation of integrity and excellent customer service and has a proven record of success.
One such company is U.S. Money Reserve. This Austin-based firm is the country’s largest distributor of U.S. Government minted gold, silver and platinum coins. It was founded in 2001 by a group of experienced gold-market specialists whose goal was to provide the very best in customer relations while offering their honest expertise for their investors.
The company is segmented into divisions with their clientele in mind. Senior Gold Specialists and Numismatic Experts handle the inventory selection. The Customer Relations Department and Business Support Development teams continually strive to provide the very best in customer support. The crack Vault and Shipping Department handles the storage and/or shipping of customer purchases in a timely, professional manner.
Investing in precious metal coins is one of the U.S. Money Reserve’s specialties. These coins are divided into two categories: government-minted coins used as currency and privately-minted commemorative issue coins. The U.S. Gold Eagle, the South American Krugerrand and the Canadian Maple Leaf are three of the more popular one-ounce gold government issues sought by investors. Silver coins are next in popularity followed by platinum coins.
The U.S. Money Reserve continually uses its 100 trained specialists to search for the best coins on the market. They also utilize economist and gold-trading veterans to study the gold and silver markets to stay ahead of the price swings and advise their customers accordingly.
With annual sales approaching $500 million and a list of thousands of successful investor clients, U.S. Money Reserve is well-positioned to maintain their number-one ranking among precious metal dealers for many long years ahead.