Lovaganza Announces the Dates for the 2020 Celebrations

Lovaganza brings the memories of the old Cinerama and the activities of the past into the present world through entertainment. They have organized their promotion into two areas; the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise and the Lovaganza Foundation. The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise is a profit –based entity with the goal of inspiring the audience from all nations and cultures on Earth through entertainment. Lovaganza Foundation is purely non-profit and supports initiatives globally as a way of giving back to the community. Preparations are underway for the official opening date of the Lovaganza Foundation in 2018.

Lovaganza celebrations

Lovaganza made an announcement of their global celebrations, which will run from May to September 2020 with the theme of “embarking on a Bohemian adventure around the world.” Celebrations will be held in eight different locations around the globe including Africa, Asia, America, Europe, Oceania and the Middle East and end in the fourth month in a Hands Across the World Ceremony. The activities during the celebrations include motion pictures, immersive attractions, live events, and exhibitions on Wikidot. The use of the new technologies in the entertainment industry will give the organizers an opportunity to highlight the different cultures in the world during the celebrations.

The traveling caravan and IMMERSCOPE screens

In 2017, Lovaganza is set to embark on a traveling show aimed at promoting the 2020 celebrations. Lovaganza will also introduce the 180 degrees glassless 3D IMMERSCOPE screens during the caravan. It is a new technology that brings the past, present, and the future and gives their audiences an exciting way of seeing movies, exhibitions, shows, and attractions. Immediately after the Lovaganza caravan, there will be the release of three motion pictures and presented in the Lovaganza traveling pavilions through the glassless 3D technology, and the usual 3D and 2D theaters on finance.yahoo.com. The film has already begun shooting in France, Spain, and the United States and its set to get to Africa, India, and the other areas worldwide very soon. The IMMERSCOPE screens aim at creating a cinematic experience similar to the old CINERAMA screens with the only difference being the new technological advancements in the filming.

Lovaganzas’ future activities

Lovaganza aims at using entertainment in educating people about the different cultures in the world. They have planned to hold three important celebrations including the Lovaganza 2020 for Unity, Lovaganza 2025 for peace, and the Lovaganza 2030 for Abundance. The Lovaganza 2040 Beta World primary goal is bringing a new phase in human history through entertainment.