Former Hawks Owners Wronged By Insurance Provider

Bruce Levenson (, Michael Gearson, and Ed Peskowitz are 3 friends who once co-owned the Atlanta Hawks. They used a company known as New Hampshire Insurance Company to provide the mandatory insurance that all staff of the Atlanta Hawks including coaches received. It was an extensive insurance policy that had clauses for workplace torts and wrongful termination in the event hat anything happened. Bruce Levenson and his friends slept easy at night believing that no matter what happened their insurance company would have their backs. They were wrong. When Bruce and company decided to sell the Atlanta Hawks in 2015 the insurance company did not do its part to cover all employees affected by the sale. Bruce and company were wrongfully forced to pay out of pocket which the insurance company should never allowed to happen.

The main issue comes from the termination of Atlanta Hawks former employee Danny Ferry. Ferry was the coach of the team and he was on a 6 year contract. However, as part of the sale he would not be permitted to remain with the team because Tony Ressler the new owner of the Hawks had other plans. So Ferry was informed that his contract was being terminated and he was provided with compensation totaling in the millions of loss for early termination. New Hampshire Insurance Company provided Ferry with a policy that covered “wrongful termination” and so they were obligated to pay his compensation package. They did not. Bruce Levenson and company were forced to pay out of pocket in orde to make the sale of the Hawks to go through in a timely manner. Now it is time for the insurance company to pay up. A case has been filed against them by Bruce in Fulton County Superior Court where hopefully a judge will decide to have them cover what they owe plus 50% in additional damages due to negligence on their part. For more info visit and the ESPN.