Black Lives Matter And George Soros: One In The Same? Not Exactly.


If you have done any reading of conservative media as of late, you might believe that George Soros and the Black Lives Matter movement are one in the same. It would appear that way because some are pushing this narrative about the two. The rumor spread far enough that the Daily Beast finally decided to take a look into it and see if this was the case.

As most know, George Soros is a world famous billionaire who built up his personal wealth the old fashioned way. This is what Wikiquote says about him. That is to say that he is a well known businessman who has put in the time and effort to build up a huge personal net worth. At the same time, he has taken some positions in political issues which are sure to anger certain people. Perhaps this is why the Right has taken out their anger on Soros in the form of spreading rumors about him.

At the end of the day, the Daily Beast was able to turn up that Soros was not behind the funding of Black Lives Matter. Rather, the entire movement was started by just three women who have had enough with the slayings of various African American youth at the hands of police officers. They were seeing all of these high profile stories in the news about it, and they were simply fed up with this trend.

The movement gained steam as it took on protests and started to work on getting its message out to the public at large. The fact is that the movement started to protest against Democratic Presidential candidates. They were very vocal and made sure that the news media was covering what they were doing. It was a great way to get the message out and help make sure that they were not being ignored or taken for granted.

Those who might have liked to link Soros to this movement have trouble explaining why the movement would protest against progressive politicians. Some may go on to say that this is all just part of the larger plot, but those are largely people who see conspiracies around every corner.

The Open Society Foundation which really is funded by Soros has said that they have no idea how these rumors got started, but they are not particularly surprised that something like this has happened. They say that Soros is a common target of rumors by those who disagree with his political views.

The bottom line on this story is that while Soros does give to causes that he believes in, he does not fund protest movements such as Black Lives Matter despite what the rumors might say.

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