Facebook $15 Per Hour Wage In

With all of the recent talk about fair wages and better benefits for women, Facebook is one of many companies that has stepped up to the plate and increased its offerings to employees. In addition to a $15 per hour wage increase, all employees can expect additional benefits which include parental leave support and 15 paid days off annually. These perks are available to both contract employees and Facebook vendors. COO Sheryl Sandber made the announcement on Tuesday.
Employees were enjoying these benefits on May 1 at the Menlo Park, CA, headquarter office. Other offices can expect to see their benefit changes and wage increases within the next year. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital sees the financial benefits for employees – read about him in this article at Fortune.com. Who will be the recipients of these benefits? Employees who contract for the company usually handle services that include cleaning of office spaces, transportation services and security will be one recipient of the wage increases.
With these changes Facebook hopes to offer an equal platform for both men and women while meeting the changing needs of women and families.