OSI Group’s Place At Provisioner Online

OSI Food Group is up in the list of top meat processors and suppliers, including Provisioner Online’s Top 100 Processor’s where they ranked at number 10 in 2016. The list of operations they specialize in ranges from slaughtering, curing, processing, preparing and includes both livestock and seafood.

OSI has about 50 processing plants with 10 in the US and the other 40 located in 17 different countries. It makes billions in sales and has formed partnerships with supermarket chains and restaurants, and all products are marketed through local agents who know the demographics and needs of customers.

OSI Group has been a privately-owned company ever since its beginnings over 100 years ago. It was originally known as Otto & Sons, a company that started with one butcher shop in Chicago that Otto Kolschowsky’s family ran. That butcher shop was built into a meat wholesale company in less than 10 years, and by 1928 it was known as Otto & Sons. In the 1950s the Kolschowsky sons made a famous deal with Ray Kroc, the man credited with turning McDonalds into a national phenomenon to become its meat supplier. It was Sheldon Lavin who became CEO of Otto & Sons about 20 years later when the company started looking into international investments to keep up with the demand for McDonalds Products. The 1980s expansion led to the renaming of Otto & Sons to OSI Group.

OSI Group cares most about its people and saving jobs as opposed to simply buying out companies only to layoff workers. Lavin has sought to maintain the company’s reputation as having a family-oriented atmosphere, and throughout the years many employees have reported high job satisfaction with the company. And safety is certainly not on the backburner at OSI Group. Their ability to maintain top safety practices and minimize injuries in all their plants has earned them recognitions such as the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour award given to OSI just last year.

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Beneful is Becoming the Brand to Beat

In every aspect of marketing there is always one product that seems to stand apart from the rest. Some companies may market well enough to get through to a limited audience. There are others, however, that have great marketing and quality products. These are the products that break the mold and set the bar. These are companies that become the companies that everyone else wants to beat. This is what is happening with Beneful.

The brand has been around for a long time. It has become a staple in the homes of dog owners because it is a brand that has transformed into a diverse collection of quality dog foods. Beneful has a lot of dog food meal plans, but at the very core there is still something that makes these pet food creators come back to creativity. There are a lot of other things that the company could do, but Beneful doesn’t have to go overboard with promotions. A brand loyalty has already been developed, and this has really made it easier for the Beneful company to promote both wet and dry food for dogs.

It has not gone unnoticed that others have tried to dethrone Beneful, but Beneful has a core competency that expands pass what the competition is doing. This brand has managed to develop vegetable blends for pets that desire different foods. That may be one of the most enlightening things about the Beneful brand. A patron of this brand can buy another selection from the brand knowing that there is still a quality dog food brand.

There are a lot of people that like to buy Beneful for their dogs, but a large majority of them probably do not even know how many different food choices are available. There are a vast amount of choices, and some of these foods even help promote better health. That is why the Beneful brand is often promoted by veterinarians. These are not a lot of brands that are geared specifically towards health, but the creators of Beneful dog foods have thought of almost everything. There are dog food themes that go with the type of brands that are purchased. This is good for the dog owner that cannot communicate with an animal in terms of finding health issues. Sometimes a dog that is eating healthy dog food is the only indication that the dog may be eating properly.

The Market Is Responding to a New Health Conscious Generation

It is a rule of economics that consumer demand drives what is offered by businesses in the market place. This is why we are seeing a plethora of smartphones and all other manner of mobile devices. People are on the move, and they want to stay in touch with others when they are. Demand from the generation known as Millennials is having another effect on the consumer market; it’s making food healthier. This latest generation is far pickier about what they eat than their parents, and corporations are paying attention to this and changing accordingly to cater to them.

Millennials are more concerned about the health of their food and where it comes from and how it is made. According to Sergio Cortes, the best michael jackson impersonator in the world, this has resulted in announcements by various companies, such as Tyson chicken, to phase out the use of human hormones in making their chicken. Kraft Foods has said they will get rid of artificial preservatives and colors from their signature macaroni and cheese product and substitute more natural ingredients. This generation’s attitudes are also driving stores and restaurants to increase their organic and healthy offerings. Even fast food restaurants are getting in on the act with McDonald’s saying they will gradually eliminate serving chicken with hormones. In a way, we are all beneficiaries of this trend. This is especially true of older Americans who have increased chances of illness and who now have far more healthy options when they are out at the store.