Madison Street Capital Foretells a Good Year for the Hedge Fund and M&A Industries

Madison Street Capital recently released its annual edition of the hedge fund industry Mergers and Acquisition overview. The 2016 report is the 4th edition release that highlights all transaction activity in the hedge fund industry as well as M&A opportunities.

In the report, Madison Street Capital found out that there were 42 closed deals in the global hedge fund industry in the year ended 2015. This was an increase from the 32 deals closed in 2014. In addition, the total transaction volume for 2015 was 27 percent higher than 2014. The difference was largely propelled by increased activity within the final quarter of 2015. Due to this increased momentum and high rate of activity, the company predicts that 2016 will be a good year for the hedge fund industry and M&A transactions.

Key Details of the Report

In the report, total assets in the hedge fund industry are currently quite high. This is despite that fact that the industry saw dismal performance in the year ending 2015. In a bid to match increasing liabilities, many institutional investors are divesting their funds with allocations to alternative asset management. This sector provides some hope for higher returns. At the same time, managers are facing higher operational costs and increased pressure to decrease fees. Therefore, many managers have been forced to seek other alternatives to stay in business.

Madison’s senior MD Karl D’Cunha said that there were many hedge fund deals that were closed in 2015 with many more closings expected in 2016. He added that the deal environment is structuring itself to accommodate not only sellers but also buyers with signs of a favorable working environment in 2016. Other transactions that are expected to happen include seed financing and incubator deals, PE bolt-ons and stakes as well as revenue-share stakes. Finally, the hedge fund industry will become more consolidated in 2016 with many opportunistic partnerships beginning to shape up.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital offers financial and advisory services to many private and public businesses. The company operates globally providing clients with strategic advice and alternatives on how to invest their money. It has a lot of experience in various financial endeavors and transactions with a wealth of information about the global financial industry.

The firm mainly assist clients with asset financing, financial restructuring, hedge fund management, portfolio valuation as well as advice on mergers and acquisition deals. Since its inception in 2011, the Chicago based company, has grown rapidly under an excellent management team. Today, it is an industry giant with a lot of experience and authority in the M&A and hedge fund industries.

The company is dedicated to helping clients build strong businesses. In addition, the company has been involved in many philanthropic activities to help build stronger communities locally and internationally. It currently supports United Way organization.


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February Job Market Update: What Are The Wage Growth Expectations?

As the labor market sees healthier days, economists remain optimistic about future job creation. Fox Business News provided a brief commentary based on upcoming projections across key verticals. As the EPI (Economic Policy Institute) revealed in a market review last month; KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), particularly minimum wage will require keen attention as job market conditions improve. Taking into account all these factoring determinants, analysts believe the nation will report as many as 200,000 jobs.

With the monthly jobs report for February expected within a week, market analysts are anxious to learn about upcoming economic calendar highlights. Unemployment rates haven’t seen any significant improvement in recent months, based on the performance data of previous reports. However, the availability of 210,000 jobs this month is surely an impressive comeback compared to January’s unsatisfactory report. Unfortunately, economists reported only 151,000 job creations, which was an estimated 20% lower percentile than predicted. With this, the January report forecasted a 2.5% climb in wage growth compared to the previous year-to-year analysis. Additionally, the month’s unemployment rate saw a significant decline of 4.9%, particularly the lowest reported in the last eight years.

Economists are almost certain the U.S. FED (Federal Reserve) will deliberate on hiking wage interest rates when the board meets in March. While February jobs statistics is pending, it won’t influence their decision, according to analysts opinion. The nation’s central bank decision will remain idempotent irrespective of what the report reads. Another KPI that’ll greatly influence the pricing oil is the pending EIA (Energy Information Administration) Petroleum weekly report due on Wednesday. Car sales performance has seen improvements too, and it’ll greatly strengthen the growing job market.

On a positive note other financial markets, including real estate remain productive. Madison Street Capital has turned in an impressive financial report which gives it an edge on the competition. The powerhouse hedge fund boutique actually closed 42 transactions, a masterly accomplished 27% higher compared to 2014. AUM Research conducted a comparison analysis, which thoroughly looked into the month-to-month performances of both reports. It concluded Madison Street Capital performance was as a result of the slew of M&A (Merger and Acquisition) transactions it closed during the last quarter. Madison Street Capital commands an eclectic team of financial experts, know for their comprehensive knowledge of the industry and experience.

As a consultancy, Madison Street Capital provides precise recommendations on M&A opportunities after reviewing detailed analysis. It handles every aspect of financial services ranging from reporting, consulting, asset management, evaluation, private equity/hedge fund administration, investment banking to corporate advisory decisions. The Chicago-based financial services consultancy employs the best business practices to create an attractive, profitable market for its investors. While its competitors continue to face tough times, Madison Street Capital manage portfolios that are grossing high returns.

With the heavy weight of regulation fees and exorbitant operating fees; coping with the dynamics of the market has been extremely problematic for other financial services manager. With divisions spread across Africa, North America, and Asia, Madison Street Capital manages a conservative operation. Additionally, it remains committed to helping communities especially disaster relief initiatives organized by the nonprofit, United Way. Madison Street Capital continues a time-honored alliance in aiding needy nations worldwide to recuperate.

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Madison Street Capital Reveals Hedge Fund Report

Madison Street Capital is a very busy firm. The company may end up becoming even busier in 2016. Per its report, the hedge fund world is poised to experience a resurgence.

Recently, Hedge Week published an article about a report produced by Madison Street Capital on the 2016 outlook on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) related to hedge funds. (The official title is the “Madison Capital’s hedge fund industry M&A overview”) The prior years for hedge funds revealed some interesting figures. 2015 saw a tremendous increase in transactions over 2014. The increase was 27% higher than the prior year, and this is an impressive number.

A tremendous number of transactions occurred in the final quarter of 2015. This means quite a bit of momentum may carry right into 2016. Interestingly, 2015 was not a banner year for hedge funds. The final months of the year did show more activity than was expected. As a result, many are primed for a great 2016.

The words put forth by Madison Street Capital should be taken seriously. The Chicago-based company has been a major player in the investment banking world since its founding in 2005. The M&A advisory services made available by Madison Street Capital are highly regarded in the industry. Upon learning this information, many are going to look at that Hedge Week article very closely. It highlights a number of interesting points presented in the report.

In the report, it was noted that the hedge fund industry maintains assets at a supremely high level. This is the case even those most hedge funds did poorly in 2015. A shift to the alternative asset management sector by institutional investors is being undertaken with the hopes of overcoming perceived and actual liabilities.

Madison Street Capital is poised to make news in 2016. Some of the news may turn out to be how brilliantly prophetic the report was.

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Madison Street Capital Provides ESOP Advice and Guidance

Madison Street Capital is working very hard at developing a solid YouTube Channel. As most realize, the purpose behind a YouTube channel is to promote an effective marketing and promotional campaign to reveal what exactly it is the company does. Madison Street Capital does handle quite a number of different tasks and services. “ESOP Advisory” is one such option clients can explore and the short YouTube Channel does a fine job of covering the main points associated with the advisory capacity.

Here is the full video:

What does the video mostly get across?

ESOP refers to Employee Stock Ownership Plan and the name basically tells the entire tale. Employees are given a chance to own a portion of a company’s stock. The obvious benefit here is employees could find their net worth and personal savings grow tremendously as the stock price does well.

Employees are not the only ones who would benefit from an ESOP deal. The company could take advantage of tax breaks and other “perks” upon instituting an ESOP strategy. Is instituting one fairly simple? In truth, it is best to leave all the steps to an experienced manager who understands all the different components required for setting up the plan.

Madison Street Capital does employ a host of experts who are quite capable of managing this type of strategy. The company is headquartered in Chicago and has become a very well-respected international investment banking firm. Madison Street Capital is able to help businesses in a number of ways. From mergers to acquisitions to valuation to bankruptcy advice, Madison Street Capital can and does provide advice, counsel, and even a direct role.

With ESOP decisions, a lot of careful steps have to be performed. The failure to do so could cause untold scores of problems for all parties involved. Hence, it is very prudent to hire a firm that is truly capable of doing what is required to help guide a company through the various necessary steps. Please review the YouTube video for more information.

The US Money Reserve And You

Everyone has heard about what the US Money Reserve can do. You may wonder what it can really do for you and the coins you may want in your collection. This is surprisingly easy for most.

How Can The Reserve Help You

The Reserve has access to any kind of coin you may want in your collection. They offer new coins each year that you can purchase and have for yourself. These coins are normally silver and gold plated and offer a cool design on one side and a meaning on the other. This will vary from coin to coin, but most carry this interesting thing. They provide top quality services to the clients.

These coins can be collected and saved for years to come so you can earn money from them or so you can enjoy them in your collection. They are usually only a limited amount of these coins created so the value stays rather high for them. This helps you if you plan to keep the coins for a long time to come.

What Can they offer You?

US Money Reserve coins are a good investment if you are interested in keeping them around. They can increase with value over time and they also can keep the original value you purchased them for. This will all be a matter of what happens over the years. The price of silver or the price of gold will impact them in some ways as well as help you to know what to expect in the way of value for your coins.

Why Buy Coins?

There are several reasons you should consider buying these coins for your needs. One of the most common is financial, but you may want them to just add to a collection you already have. This is great if you are buying these coins to just make them more valuable as a set. You may also want to pass them one to your children someday. This is a great way to make that happen for your family.

There are a lot of reasons you may want to have coins like this in your collection. You may not know what you are going to do with them in the long run, but you can do something great with them. If you are unsure about what coins to get started with, you may wan to look into what the Reserve has available. Contact US Money Reserve and they will help you to know what you can get and how much you can spend.

Madison Street Capital’s Anthony Marsala Receives Award

As reported in the Chicago Tribune, the N.A.C.V.A. has recognized Madison Street Capital’s Anthony Marsala. He is being given recognition under the N.A.C.V.A.’s 40 Under Forty programs for the current year. They looked at numerous candidates all under the age of 40, which had made extraordinary progress in corporate valuation, monetary forensics, legal process consulting, skilled witness verification, mergers and acquisitions and connected occupations.

The candidates were selected by the Management of the N.A.C.V.A. According to the judges, the quality of candidates that they were handed this year made the decision-making process increasingly difficult. Both N.A.C.V.A. and the C.T.I. (Consultants Training Institute) are both founded upon excellence. They have pioneering and spirited leaders who are visionary and are from all spectrums in the financial world. This program was designed to allow the next generation in the business world, the mavericks if you will, to be recognized for their contributions to society.

Brien Jones is the CEO and the Vice President for both N.A.C.V.A. and C.T.I companies. He stated that they want to see the best candidates out there to have a nice selection of experts and leaders. The pool they had to select from had 125 nominees. These were all chosen by executive staff members in both companies. Throughout 2015, there will be a series of press releases that will feature these rising stars.

Marsala is honored to be nominated as the CEO of Madison Street Capital. He has been the key to taking the business from the US soils and spreading their business ventures across the sea to Africa, Asia and also into Europe. He is in charge of the firm’s analytical teams that perform both corporate finance, as well as their merger and acquisition projects. His specialty is business valuation. He has been responsible for both the valuation and transactional engagements over the past decade. As a graduate of Loyola University, he studied both finance and information. He has a Master’s Degree in Strategy and is a member of the N.A.C.V.A., as well as the ASA (American Society of Appraisers.)

Madison Street Capital is a global investment firm that is dedicated to truthfulness, brilliance, management and service in bringing monetary advisory services. They view developing markets as the fundamental element driving the global development of our clients. They continue to place emphasis on assets and gain the trust of clients around the world. With unwavering dedication and the highest levels of professional standards, it’s no wonder they are a company on top.

Madison Street Capital Is A Finalist For The Cross-Border Deal Of The Year Award

Chicago-based merger and acquisition firm Madison Street Capital has been nominated for several awards over the years, according to Charles Botchway, the CEO of the firm. The company has just been nominated as a finalist for the 14th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. Those awards are considered the highest honor in the financial industry. Madison Street Capital has always been known throughout the industry as a master deal maker that can restructure and finance mergers and acquisitions better than anyone in the industry.
According to an article published by, Madison Street Capital was nominated because of the acquisition of FabTrol Systems by AVEVA. Madison Street Capital played a key role in that transaction thanks to Senior Managing Directors, Jay Roberts, and Karl D’Cunha. Both men were instrumental in making the transaction a reality for those two companies, according to the article.
The CEO of Madison Street Capital praised both men for putting the deal together in an industry that has huge growth potential. FabTrol is considered a mainstay in the fabrication management software business. AVEVA will benefit from the merger because FabTrol will enhance the company’s product offerings.
M&A Advisors have been around since 1998. The group is the force behind insightful and intelligence information on the various mergers and acquisitions that occur in the industry. The group consists of finance professionals that have established a network of merger and acquisition specialists. Winners of the awards will be announced November 17, 2015, at the New York Athletic Club.
Madison Street Capital is a leader in the worldwide merger and acquisition industry. The firm focuses on emerging market transactions as well as transactions in Europe, Asia and North America. Thanks to the dedicated service of Anthony Marsala, the COO of Madison Street Capital, and the other financial professionals that work diligently to put productive deals together around the world.
Other finalists include Deloitte; Ernst & Young, Goldman, Sachs & Co., Apollo Capital Management, General Atlantic, Bain & Company, Generational Equity, The Blackstone Group, ; Bertram Capital, Huron Capital Partners, Alvarez & Marsal, Seward & Kissel, KPMG Corporate Finance as well as several other respected merger and acquisition firms. The M&A Advisor put out a statement that said: “The industry has undergone a major transformation since the first award winners were announced, but we are convinced that merger and acquisitions are the driving force in our ever-changing industry and the economy.

About Madison Street Capital

The field of investment banking has one name that stands apart from the rest and that is Madison Street Capital. The firm is internationally acclaimed and has introduced innovation and excellence to the industry, while upholding the highest standards of leadership, integrity and transparency at the same time.

Customized Services – The client base of Madison Street Capital is a satisfied one and the firm has helped many businesses make their mark on the global scene with the help of these services. Madison Street Capital has a unique way of functioning and this becomes even more important because the industry is still sticking to its cookie cutter ways. Instead of assuming a “one size fits all” approach to the financial requirements of companies, Madison Street Capital treats every client like it would treat its own business. Thus, special and customized solutions are offered to clients based on their specific requirements, business history, organization style, management, and so on. The professionals at Madison Street Capital spend ample time researching about clients and analyzing their requirements before they offer advice.

Growth Of Emerging Markets – One thing that has set Madison Street Capital apart from others is its attitude towards emerging markets. Having one of the best financial professionals in the industry, the firm has always been a huge supporting of tapping into emerging markets and has frequently advised the same to its clients for a number of reasons. Because of the great results that clients of Madison Street Capital have enjoyed with emerging markets, under the guidance of this investment banking firm, the industry standards have also shifted dynamically and the world is a much profitable place for businesses, particularly small sized ones.

Collaborations and Partnerships – The professional standards of Madison Street Capital have been the strictest and yet, the most beneficial for the firm and the industry at large. Madison Street Capital has constantly tried to improve itself and stay in top shape for the changing corporate scene. For instance, the firm has not shied away from reaching towards perfection by partnering with various middle market organizations during its life. This has allows the clients of Madison Street Capital to get the best service they can possibly have and it has also improved the credibility of both this investment banking firm and its partners.

The primary services of Madison Street Capital include offering financial advice to corporate organizations, expertise in mergers and acquisitions, expert and professional financial opinions, and business valuation services for both private and public companies.

When It Comes To Investing In Brazil, Who Can You Trust?

Investing is always risky if you don’t have a propper plan in motion. This is very true when you are dealing with investing in places like Brazil. If there is one person who understands investing and investments in the Brazilian market, it would be Igor Cornelsen on flickr.

Managing you portfolio is always the top of the mind when it comes to Igor and successful investors. Investing is a long term game. There are not many short term strategies. Igor always tells investors to play the investment game and be in there for the long haul.

When it comes to investing in Brazil, you do much better with your return on investment of you learn to make profits that last a lifetime. Mindset is very important with investing. You need to think of your investments like a move in your career. You want to do things that make it better for you and continue to do these simple steps over many years.

If you follow the advice that is available from professionals like Igor, you have the greatest potential for long term success with your investments. You have to plan your investment goals and take steps to work toward obtaining them. It’s not as hard as it sounds when you are following the model and lead of someone who has done it time and time again.

As you might be aware, someone has done it several times before already knows what to do, based on what has worked and what to avoid doing, based on what did not produce the desired results. It gets easier once you have the success and the knowledge that helps you to achieve those investing goals.

Igor suggests you make small investments and not just one, huge, lump sum investment. The old saying about putting all of your eggs into one basket seems to hold true with investments too. By doing this you are going to diversify your investments and make it easier to keep ahead of the curve if something happens to the market. Another important aspect of investing is getting the right company to invest with, at the right time. A proved company that has a long history of return on investment is a much safer bet that a new start up company or a company who has never provided return.

There are many factors that make up the pattern of a good or bad investment and you need to understand the whole game when it comes to investing. The good news is, by listening to people like Igor Cornelsen you are on the right road to successful investing. Learning the ropes does not have to be hard, just follow the proved system of someone like Igor and you will see firsthand that investments work.

Let’s Know More about Sultan Alhokair

Do you need to know more about Sultan Alhokair? If yes, keep reading. Sultan Alhokair is not only a business student but a twenty-two years old financial analyst and angel investor, who resides in Boston. He works with Retail Group of America where he serves as the major project manager. is also a venture partner with Valia Investment.

Sultan Alhokair studied Financial Accounting, Business Management and Family Business Management at Northeastern University where he graduated in 2009. He has a passion towards helping individuals start their business; this led him to join Valia investment.

Sultan works with the Retail Group of America, one of the largest retail chains where he serves as the major project manager since January 2014. His work entails seeking out new retail opportunities, advising business managers on branding and sales and providing retail services to fashion companies.


Alhokair is the financial and business analyst and a partner with Valia investment. At Valia Investment, Sultan Alhokair seeks new business start-up that qualify as ideal contestants for seed funding and backs them financially with resourceful business guidance. He is able to manage the seed funding through the partnership with Valia investment that allows his interest in finance and investment a chance for development. He studies start-up business models at every angle keeping the key factors in mind to know the best consumers.

Alhokair recently told that for a company to be successfully, sultan emphasizes on the long term draw. The long term draw is like a business plan for about five years and over. For a company to achieve its objectives a plan is drawn this includes creating a 5-year plan with a clear-cut system of predicting of where your company will be at any given point of time within the 5 years. The plan follows a predicted path including operation costs, human resources, time and profit. For him, this plan allows business owners to predict the future and have an outlook of success which sets them up for profitability and sustainability.

At such a young age, he has achieved a lot earning trust from his clients and fellow investors. Sultan Alhokair is the new talk of the town. Having a background experience and working with real estate developers and retailers the world of business is not new to him. He has brought changes on Angel investors through the uses of microfinance and the internet. You can follow Alhokair on Twitter, and Vimeo or check out his Facebook page.