Heather Russell As TransUnion’s New Chief Legal Officer

On June 4, 2018 Heather Russell, will be joining the team at TransUnion as the Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer. Russell is bringing with her many years of expertise. Her most recent position before moving to TransUnion was with the law firm Buckley Sandler, LLP in which she was a partner and had served as the head of their Financial Institutions regulation since October of 2016.

Heather Russell could not be more qualified for the position that she is taking on at TransUnion. She graduated from the College of William and Mary with a Bachelor in Arts with majors in both English and Biology. She then attended the American University’s Washington College of Law in Washington, D.C. and earned her law degree.

Since earning her law degree, Russell has held many different positions in which she has fully utilized her skill base. She has served at the Global Chief Regulatory Counsel while employed with the Bank of New York Mellon and worked for eight years with Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher, and Flom in both their domestic offices and their offices that are abroad in London and the UK.

Heather Russell is replacing John Blenke at TransUnion and Blenke will be assisting her as she transitions into his role before he takes full retirement. TransUnion is one of the three major agencies in the United States and completes work in more than 30 countries that are scattered throughout the world. The company maintains the credit scores of individuals, as well as offering fraud prevention tools to both consumers and businesses. Twitter: @heatherarussell

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HCR Wealth Advisors Offers Interesting Tips to Teach Children About Managing Finances

Throughout its thirty-year history, HCR Wealth Advisors has strived to deliver exceptional service to its clients. The registered investment advisory and wealth management firm offers personalized and tailored financial strategies to help their clients meet their financial goals. The company aims to prevent their clients from making financial mistakes that can cost them dearly. Even though they offer the advice to their clients, the professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors believe that people should also know about their investments so that they can make the right decisions for their portfolio.

When it comes to finances, children today should be aware of ways to manage them properly as it will help them in their adult life. Often parents feel that there is no need for children to know how to handle their money since they are dealing with small change, but any education about money now will help them shape their future. Financial professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors share some great tips that will allow parents to teach their kids about financial responsibility. One of the great ways to teach them about money is by giving them money for doing chores. They should know that money does not come for free and that they have to earn it. Give them allowance for doing chores around the house so that they know that by working hard they can make more.

Once the children start getting an allowance, they should know how to create a budget. You can ask them to create an expense list where they can understand what things they would like to buy with their allowance and if they can afford it. Budgeting skills will be useful to them later in life. You can also open an account for your child where they can save the money that they earn. Get them a debit card so that they know how to use it early in life. You should also impart some investment knowledge to them. You can easily purchase one share for them and allow them to see it while you buy it. HCR Wealth Advisors believes that when children are taught about financial education from their childhood, they become better at managing their money once they are older.

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HCR Wealth Provides Advice on Raising a Child’s Financial IQ

Parents invest a lot in their children’s education. Doing so certainly is a good thing, but is the education truly broad-based? Does the learning process include teaching children about the basics of finance, investing, and savings? Managing finances and putting away money for the future are definitely good habits to have. Parents really should teach their children about important skills, such as financial responsibility.

HCR Wealth Advisors wants to assist parents with their children’s financial education. While the firm’s focus is to provide investment advice and financial planning to its clients, the firm took the time to publish an educational article on the subject of raising a child’s financial IQ. Insights in the article can help parents improve their child’s knowledge about money matters.

One beneficial strategy to employ involves combining payment for chores with a budget plan. The idea behind this strategy isn’t too difficult to comprehend. Rather than just receiving “unearned income,” the youngsters would be paid based on performing specific chores. This way, children learn the value of work at a very early age. The more work they put in, the more they earn. A strong work ethic can be developed this way.

No one should expect weekly income to be unlimited. This is true whether discussing a child’s allowance or the income of a high-earning adult. Teaching a child to work within a budget sets the stage for showing the value of the long-term savings. Who knows? The child may grow up to become financially successful and meet with an HCR Wealth representative as an adult.

Parents could easily teach a child about savings and investing right now. Opening up a savings account with them or purchasing bonds in his or her name shows exactly how money management works. Once the young one sees the way money grows thanks to compounding interest, the true value of savings may be learned.

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Michael Burwell- Riding In High Success

The Wills Towers Watsons recently named their Chief Executive Officer as Michael Burwell replacing the retiring Roger Millay from 2nd October 2017. Burwell has vast experience of knowledge and skills boasting of 31 years of professional dealings and success in the finance industry. Michael Burwell career ranges from management roles in different company sectors with 11 years dealing with auditing roles and 12 years trading in Transaction Services Advisory roles. Michael is well known for his due diligence in a matter pertaining pre-merger valuation.


The Willis Towers and Watson immense interest in the finance industry is dealing with advisory, global broking and solutions organization. It has well equipped and learned management lead by John Haley, the company president. According to Haley, Mike joining the company highest positions will increase its ability to expand since he comes with innovative ideas, experience and also expertise. Michael Burwell is well acquainted with the ability to get results through unique leadership skills and robust focus on the company clients and the global markets. He has expertise in the transaction, transformation and global finance making him the ideal boss to lead Wills Towers and Watson to better growth and increased long-term success.


Willis Towers and Watson on stock exchange uses initial WLTW. It offers different broking solutions globally enabling clients to minimize their risks turning them into profits. The company was incepted in 1828, and for decades it has grown tremendous having branches in 140 countries with 40,000 workforce’s. The core duty is delivering and designing of different solutions customized to offer their clients comprehensive advice meeting their needs and wants while managing the risk and cultivating on talents. View Related Info Here.


The company also believes in optimizing their client’s benefits by expanding their capital power and ability to protect and strengthen institutions and individuals. The Wills Towers and Watson have unique perceptive skills that allow the company to spot next and critical intersections of various talents and assets while giving a dynamic formula for the driving company to success.


Michael Burwell went to the University of Michigan State where he attained Bachelor of Business Administration degree, and later he became the certified public accountant. He boasts of being named the Persons of the Year by Michigan State University Alumnus, and he believes that a good listener always builds his business to success. Listening is a crucial deal in achieving robust network, and he starts his day very early by making his bed even when travelling and then riding. According to Michael Burwell accomplishment of the morning, assignments are crucial in making the day successful.


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PSI Pay — Major Currency in a Major Way

PSI-Pay is one of the main companies of contactless payments throughout the E U. Though the business enterprise is based within the U K, they will not be stricken by the decision of the United Kingdom to leave the E U. PSI-Pay is happy to inform their clients that their business shall persevere as regular. They’re proud to record that they planned for this taking place and they’re organized for any final results. Their customers are secure and their business is solid. An urgent meeting was held upon the revealing of the choice and the administrators and top executives mentioned numerous contingencies. Their plans are stable and they’re geared up for negotiations with their companions and suppliers.

PSI-Pay is the primary provider of virtual payment options and pay as you go payment alternatives. They have been the main vendor of prepaid cards and virtual debit cards. The benefit of the usage of their contactless payment methods are immediately realized because individuals who are using the virtual cards do now not bring a physical card in their wallet. The price is ideal for protection and precision. The card can’t be stolen and it’s specific for each user so it’s not going to be hacked. PSI-Pay is licensed by using mastercard and they may be the only issuer of the company prepaid options. Agencies attempting to find a way to pay their employees and governments looking a manner to pay can make use of the smooth service. The prepaid cards are an impressive option to protect customers from fraud and theft. If an person would really like to travel, they provide prepaid mastercards distinctive for journey. These cards will maintain the currency trading fee and assist with smooth transactions on the move. Customers can withdraw from any ATM anywhere in the world. It really is the first-class manner to go on a journey effectively and PSI-Pay’s customers are grateful.


PSI-Pay’s future is bright and their purchaser base is continuously developing. They may be the main provider of contactless alternatives and digital debit cards. Their merchandise had been used by governments, agencies, tourists, and those searching out a less difficult way to guide their transactions.

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Learn How To Start Investing Young With Chris Linkas

With the unpredictability of today’s downtrodden global economy, everyone’s become the eager investor. While young adults continue their frivolous pursuits beyond the realm of investing for retirement. World economists emphasize the need to invest young, given the significance of “age,” which coincides with time. Twenty-somethings aren’t intimately informed of the edge “age” gives them to older investors. At this early point in life, one has “time” to always reinvest, even after multiple fails. Then comes an opportunity to learn and develop winning strategies that generate rewarding results. There’s also room for a young investor to overcome hiccups and recover without time becoming an enemy.

Another upside is that twenty-somethings investing in a dream or retirement can always increase human capital. Whether it’s in the form of education or self-growth, opportunities aren’t scarce. Irrespective of the direction, it’s another avenue to earn a higher income and invest more. Technology and machine learning put forward smarter innovations that young investors can easily master. With this awareness and access to real-time educational resources, keeping abreast with the trading world is light work for young investors today.

Having an edge certainly makes an attractive quality. However, having proper guidance can be the design to exact the reward of success to failure. Top UK investment authority, Chris Linkas of 20-person European Credit Group has extensive experience working with amateurs. He’s become a mentor to today’s evolving generation of young investors. He regularly contributes constructive opinion pieces and articles to help steer them in the right direction. Prior to his installation as head of the firm, he assumed key executive positions working for top New York investment managers. His responsibility primarily focused on leveraging high-risk real estate investments. Following his success in the North American credit market, Linkas also found success in Europe.

As the lead European credit strategy authority, he’s developed an impressive resume working with 20-person European Credit Group. Since installation in 2012, he’s spearheaded numerous projects throughout the UK-Eurozone (Companiesintheuk). With special attention to high-risk real estate opportunities, his expertise extends to Greece, Spain, Ireland, Benelux, the UK, etc. Besides real estate investments, Linkas prolific specialization also includes leveraging corporate loans/securities, shipping, leases, servicer/platform trading and more.