Vijay Eswaran Continues to Make Waves as QI CEO

The CEO and co-founder of the QI Group, Vijay Eswaran has continued his recent successes with the government of India providing his company with a clean bill of financial health. Eswaran is one of the leaders in the world of multi level marketing through his role as the CEO of the QI Group, which sees him head a company that is growing across the globe through a series of linkups with major organizations and a superior range of products. Eswaran and his fellow QI executives are now calling for stronger controls for the multi level marketing industry in India to avoid any problems being caused for his legitimate company by other entrants into the Indian based industry.

Eswaran has always been at pains to point out his company is a legitimate and financially stable entrant into the industry with a long history dating back to the 1990s. The CEO embarked on a number of educational programs and work experience options to make sure he took the best advice about multi level marketing, which included studying the programs of the technology based giant IBM. Vijay Eswaran remains an active CEO offering his own services for training seminars and the meetings organized by QI to make sure all individuals within the company come into contact with him at some point.

There is more to Vijay Eswaran than just the business side of his personality, which has seen the entrant onto the rich list of Malaysia write a self help book detailing the secrets of his success. In The Sphere Of Silence explains the spiritual side of Eswaran that he states helps keep him grounded and focused on the matters at hand each and every day. Eswaran embarks on a period of silent meditation each day, which brings him focus on the issues running through his mind and makes sure he has the chance to only work on the matters that are important to his own world every day.