Doe Deere: The Makeup Maven Of Our Time

Many people are not aware of the hardships that come along with venturing into the beauty space. Working in the beauty industry, is not simple. Especially, when running a startup. The beauty industry is one of the harshest industries to get into. Securing capital, testing formulas and proving yourself as a trustworthy brand is so complicated for cosmetic companies. But someway Doe Deere found a way to step into this overcrowded industry and carve herself a space that has allowed her to become one of the most well known founders in the makeup world.

Doe Deere stepped into the beauty world before beauty brands were blowing up all over the internet and Instagram. Back in the mid 2000s, the internet was still pretty void of many brands. It was the perfect opportunity for the young beauty blogger. When she created Lime Crime she took a different approach. She took a stand to not test on animals and has kept that promise with fans over the years. She also wanted her customers to know that Lime Crime was for anyone wanting to unleash their inner unicorn and dare to be bold. Her company is fun, exciting, fantasy land driven and one of the most popular makeup brands. Lime Crime offers its customers eyeshadows, highlighters, lip glosses and lipsticks in a variety of colors. There is no holding back with Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Before Doe Deere was a beauty founder, she was an immigrant trying to a make away for herself in New York City. The Big Apple was the location her family settled in when they first arrived in the United States. The family faced a set of hardships that included homelessness, living in shelters, eating from food pantries and adjusting to a new country. But in a matter of years Doe Deere was able to create a life for herself that involved her passions of beauty and fashion. She was able to establish a fashion line and major beauty brand. Her story is inspirational. Her story has caused her to become one of the top makeup mavens of our time.

Ara Chackerian, a rare combination of entrepreneurial skills and philanthropy

Ara Chackerian is a well-known entrepreneur angel investor and philanthropist. He is also the incumbent Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings, a privately held, limited liability company that finances health-related organizations, especially those that are in their early stages. He targets small companies with a demonstrated commitment to revolutionize health care services in the United States. Chackerian is also one of the founders of BMC Diagnostics, a firm that deals in imaging products and related services. BMC Diagnostics is long-time supplier of medical and health products.

Ara Chackerian is an richly experienced business person in the health industry. Before he joined ASC Capital Holdings, he had served in management positions in healthcare oriented companies. He served at Health Diagnostics LLC as the Executive Vice President, Research and Development. He was the Chief Executive Officer President of BMC Diagnostics. He is remembered for negotiating through the acquisition of BMC by Health Diagnostics in 2007. He was the founder of Embion/ProviderLinks and, served at Pipeline Health Holdings, LLC as the Executive Chairman. Chackerian holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business Management, Florida State University.

Ara Chackerian is also well-known for his philanthropic efforts. Much of his humanitarian work is focused on education projects for the youth, environmental initiatives and, community-owned programs. One of his signature charitable projects is the Limonapa Teak. The project utilizes agricultural practices that are environmentally friendly, in a bid to enhance, rather than spoil the environment. The farm is a vital source of employment for the local community.

Chackerian explains that the idea to establish ASC Capital Holdings was a result of the inspiration to extend his health care experience. This desire was actualized by the opening of an outpatient center for diagnostic radiology in another healthcare field. He and his partner spent over a decade to establish network centers in California. It was upon the advice of long-term friends that they developed a keen interest in outpatient psychiatry space. They narrowed in on a new device-based depression known as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Chackerian believes that TMS is the third pillar in psychiatric care and treatment. TMS supplements talk therapy and medication. You can follow their Twitter page.



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Jason Hope: American IOT

What we perceive today as “smart” technology will be a thing of the past very quickly. It was not too long ago actually that we saw the advancement of phones basically overnight in terms of technological advancement. One day in 2005 we are awing at an incredible reversing selfie camera, today just a decade later, along with the aid of Bluetooth technology embedded in most devices, we practically run our homes through our mobile devices. Many share their vision of the future but only a few hold credibility in this particular field. Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and self-proclaimed “futurist” who often shares his vision of the future and the key component IOT. More about of Jason Hope at City Scene.

It is crucial that technology doesn’t only provide us with fun toys, but chances our safety as well. Jason Hope sees a near future where airliners will be continuously connected to ground supervision in a mechanical sense. Any small or serious issue dealing with a airliners parts would signal a quick response from mechanics on the ground to collect the necessary parts as soon as possible.

While safety is a key goal for many airliners, Jason hope understands that their focus will also be on the probability that IOT can bring. Air Asia is already implementing this technology to understand exactly how much or how little fuel they need to meet their bottom line, and he sees many of the American airliners to take notice and implement them in the near future.

Although he likes to look to the future, Jason Hope doesn’t just talk the talk, he also makes sure that his words have action behind them. In 2010, Jason hope donated $500,000 dollars to the SNES to push further research in ant-aging. When asked why the donation, Hope commented that SNES does more than just study anti-aging creams, but look into preventing diseases that speed aging and cause early death.

Hope continues to inspire us to look forward and allows us to partake in that endeavor with him if we wish to have a future and past to be proud of.



The Road to Recovery with Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus is an addiction and recovery expert who shares her story and personal experiences with the world. She inspires so many who are overcoming their own struggles to find the beauty in recovery.

In 2011, when Victoria Doramus was twenty-six years old, she went to rehab for the first time. She knew her life was going downhill, but knew nothing about the disease of addiction. Victoria spent 45 days in a rehab facility in Tuscan, Arizona and then moved states several times, hitting rock bottom and desperate to do whatever it took to get her life back together.

Five years later, she moved back to New York City determined to prove to her dying mother that she could overcome her addiction, but fell deeper and deeper hitting rock bottom. She reached a point where she was homeless without family or friends and would visit doctor after doctor doing whatever she could to stay high. She was consuming over a bottle of amphetamine pills a day and didn’t see a way out of it… she felt imprisoned.

In 2016, Victoria Doramus was desperate with no family or friends and got arrested. She was willing to do whatever it took to get sober, which was when she flew to Austin, Texas to begin a long-term treatment program. This new program was unlike the others she had been to, in that it was similar to a boot camp, where you wake up early each day for prayer and meditation, then complete your chores and then head to mandatory group sessions. At night, there would be AA meetings that forced her to acknowledge her behaviors and choices and become more self-aware.

Victoria, the fashion expert, spent 8 months at this twelve step facility, when she left and went to live in a halfway house in Dallas where she was required to work 30-40 hours a week and attend at least 5 meetings a week. She got a job waiting tables where she soon became self-sufficient. After four months, she was able to afford a plane ticket to Nashville, TN to see her mother who was now living in assisted living.

Currently, Victoria Doramus lives in New York City where she is involved with several non-profit addiction organizations. She is still actively involved in AA and works hard every day to stay on track, helping others with the same problems she experienced. Victoria hopes to start a halfway house in New York City that caters to people who struggle with addiction and who want to have a new life. She plans to follow the same principles she learned from her previous treatment center.

The best advice she would give to others, is that “you are the only one who can change your life and that change is possible, no matter how far you’ve fallen.” She says that once she stopped playing the victim and acknowledged her mistakes, she was able to heal and learn from them.


New TransUnion CLO, Heather Russell, Brings Over 20 Years of Experience to Her New Job

New TransUnion Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer is Heather Russell and her first day was June 4. She has nearly 21 successful years of financial and legal services which makes her an esteemed member of the TransUnion company. TransUnion offers services and products to businesses and consumers, which includes the provision of crucial credit and financial information that gives businesses and consumers the opportunity to make informed decisions. The skills, experience, and knowledge that Heather Russell is bringing to TransUnion will be a benefit to both their clients and the company.

Heather Russell’s responsibilities as Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Office for TransUnion will include overseeing all legal matters, government relations, consumer privacy concerns, corporate compliance and governance and these will encompass all of TransUnion and its divisions. Heather Russell is under the supervision of TransUnion CEO and President Jim Peck and will be reporting to him about all matters. She will also be a member of TransUnion’s Executive Committee.

Before being hired by TransUnion, Heather Russell has a work history that helped her gain the experience and knowledge for her job as Chief Legal Officer. First, she was employed by Skadden, Arps in Washington, DC, and London, managing corporate finance and M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions), working there for nearly eight years. She moved on to be the Associate General Counsel for Bank of America for five years. Russell followed up with a job, working for Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon) as a Managing Director, Global Chief Regulatory Counsel, Head Office of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs for four years. After working for BNY Mellon, Heather Russell was a Corporate Secretary, Chief Legal Officer, and she also served as Executive Vice President during her employment with Fifth Third Bank for one year.

Finally, Heather Russell moved onto the law firm of Buckley Sandler, LLP, where she became a partner as well as a division manager supervising Financial Institutions Regulation, Supervision, and Technology or known as FIRST. With Buckley Sandler, she managed the global financial services division which consisted of dealing with data privacy and security, consumer financial services, regulatory compliance, and M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions). She was there for over a year and a half. Heather Russell will bring over 20 years of experience to her new job at TransUnion.

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Heather Russell: The Next Financial Chapter

Heather Russel has been in the global finances field for over 20 years. Her experience includes, but isn’t limited to, mergers and acquisitions and compliance. Working in TransUnion will provide Heather Russel with more experience in the financial field. She will gain experience in the legal and governmental sectors for TransUnion by helping with assessing financial risk and their privacy sector.

Prior to joining TransUnion, as per Bloomberg, Heather Russell gained experience through her education and experience in a variety of companies. She received her BA degree from the College of William & Mary, and her Juris Doctor Degree (JD) from American University’s College of Law. After this she spent 8 years working in Washington DC where she gained experience with acquisition and mergers. After this experience she worked in a variety of Banks providing financial services as Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, Corporate Secretary, Managing Director, Head of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs, and Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel.

TransUnion has been working on providing individuals with financial risk assessment both for the credit card companies and the consumers that use them. Consumers can better assess their credit. TransUnion uses their own research and data to provide accurate solutions for creditors and consumers. TransUnion leads the financial global field with their presence in over 30 countries including North America, Africa, Latin America and Asia. Adding Heather Russel to the team will aid in providing a better economy, assessing financial risk for creditors, and a safe community for all consumers. Connect with Heather Russell on Twitter.

Newark New Jersey Welcomes Shaquille O’Neal And Boraie Development To Build High-Rise Luxury Apartments

The Boraie Difference



For many Real Estate Development Moguls, the risk of building in areas that are far less than ‘prime’ locations is too high. Many investors aren’t willing to wager their deep pockets on something that could essentially fail. This is where Boraie Development deviates from the typical developer. In the real estate arena, there are many areas that are failing due to the lack of new builds. The Boraie Team changed that, with deliberately seeking out build sites in distressed areas, to hopefully encourage growth in the local economy. Atlantic City, for example has many casinos, but 85% of the employees live outside of the city. Boraie has made the move when others refused, soon opening their brand new luxury residential Apartment Homes they hope to fill inside Atlantic City. For more details visit Crunchbase.



Urban Development At It’s Finest



Boraie Development is a large, privately owned real estate company that encompasses property management, new multi-level builds, as well as sales. Based in New Jersey, they focus on the the distressed areas in urban communities. By offering these beautiful homes, Boraie intends to promote economical stimulus. Areas like Newark and New Brunswick are notably struggling, and building large units for multiple residents this gives potential renters desirable options within the cities.



Shaquille O’Neal Proudly Dubs His $79M High-Rise “Shaq Towers”



One celebrity in particular has an absolute connection with Newark, New Jersey. A Legend in Basketball, Shaquille O’Neal is commonly referred to as the greatest player of all times. Now, he will be a legend in the Real Estate sector, with a 79 Million dollar high-rise going in that he himself invested in. The high-rise titled “Shaq Towers’ is the first of it’s kind to be built in the area in over fifty years. Shaq remembers the city he grew up in as a beautiful place, and he intends to recreate that beauty with this luxury apartment development. Partnering with Boraie, the future of Newark is optimistic with buildings such as this going in, and Shaq is proud to be a part of developing this site. Nearby is the newest addition to celebrity chef, Marcus Samuelsson’s cache of restaurants. Additionally the apartment homes will be within walking distance from major shopping centers, Whole Foods, and New Jersey Performing Arts Center. Check out pressofatlanticcity for more.




Going Once, Going Twice, GONE



Applications for leasing become available as early as September, and with Shaquille O’Neal and Boraie Development behind the magic, chances are the building will not stay vacant long. Due to the gorgeous homes that will be available, and the celebrity status of the investor, there will be no shortage of potential residents.



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DAMAC Property Owner Hussain Sajwani Partners With Donald Trump

Hussain Sajwani is the chairman, founder and chief executive officer of DAMAC Properties, an international luxury real estate developer based in Dubai. The company deals with the construction of infrastructure, residential apartments and office units. Hussain is one of the most respected businessmen in the UAE and has a proven track record of constructing magnificent buildings across the Middle East. His journey as a successful entrepreneur was not smooth; he had to overcome obstacles before he could finally settle on the real estate sector. Hussain Sajwani comes from a middle-class family, and as the firstborn son, his father did not want to educate him. His father wanted Hussain to join the family business so that he could take care of his siblings too.

Hussain Sajwani was born and raised in UAE and comes from a business-oriented family. He slowly developed an entrepreneurial spirit and his mission was to work hard and become a successful entrepreneur. His father owned a watch and pen shop, and Sajwani started working at his father’s workshop at the age of three.

In his bloomberg profile, upon finishing high school, Sajwani developed an interest in the medical field, and he joined a medical college in Baghdad but unfortunately dropped out. He, later on, moved to the United States as a student and attended the University of Washington where he obtained his degree in economics. The DAMAC Property owner first worked at GASCO as contracts manager and then left to join Abu Dhabi National Oil Company.

DAMAC owner became tired of working for other people and eventually he established his first company which was a fast food outlet in 1982. In 2002, he founded DAMAC property, which has grown to become one of the biggest developing companies in the world. The DAMAC owner and President Donald Trump seem to be a having a good relationship. Recently, DAMAC Properties partnered with Donald Trump to construct the Trump International Golf Course. During the 2016 New Year’s Eve, President Trump mentioned Hussain Sajwani as one of the successful businesspeople in the Middle East. Mr. Sajwani also shares his resources with the less fortunate in the society. Through DAMAC properties, he gave over two million AED to provide clothing to the needy children.

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How SENS Foundation is using the donation provided by Jason Hope

Jason Hope joined the SENS Foundation to help continue the ongoing research on anti-aging medications. SENS Foundation started working on AGE-breakers, which are medications that help to eliminate the end products of advanced glycation. Since the AGE-breakers were only discovered in animals, researchers have made a discovery of the most common glycation end product in the body of a human. What was discovered was that glucosepane promotes aging and other several problems. More efforts are being put in place by SENS Foundation to find efficient ways of eliminating the substance from the veins and skins. Although further research has not been supported by the medical industry, Jason Hope has helped SENS to undertake more research through his donation.

Donations from people like Jason Hope is going to ensure the right talent, research and equipment are in place to enable the discovery of a way to eliminate glycation end-products. This is with the goal of changing how we age and extend the average lifespan of humans. Along the journey, there are obstacles that SENS are facing, and one of the obstacles is what De Grey refers to as the “pro-aging trance.” The idea behind this term is grounded in the fact that aging is a natural process that should be respected and desired. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance On the Internet of Things.

De Grey believes that “pro-aging trance” originates from the fear of growing old, such that it is seen as an unavoidable event. If we perceive it this way, then we will not be afraid of it as we move closer to death. But if you ask De Grey, he sees this process as counterproductive since it keeps the human race from finding ways to combat aging. The SENS Foundation and De Grey view aging just like any other condition that lowers the quality of a long life. What should happen to the medical field as De Grey resolves is to learn more about aging, and find alternative ways of preventing it.

Jason Hope jumped on the bandwagon by contributing $500,000 of his money to establish a lab program in the UK alongside expanding research on the anti-aging medication drug. SENS has made great partnerships with other organizations to work together to build a richer scientific community that will help to fight aging in a much better way. Other donors have also been following the developments in this field and they have also injected some donations for this research to stay alive.

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Graham Edwards Goes from Telereal to the Centre of Policy Studies

Graham Edwards is a businessman out of London, United Kingdom. He has been the CEO of a company called Telereal Trillium since 2001. Due to his innovations and success in business, he has become a top finance expert in the country. He acquired Trillium from the Land Securities Group Plc. in 2001. After doing this he soon put Trillium at the head of the industry. Edwards has had a lot of success in business. He acquired the Pears FSA while he was at Talisman Global Asset Management. He was the chief investment officer at the company. He has had many other positions in business before this. These include companies like BT Group Plc’s, Merrill Lynch and more. To this day, he is part of the Association of Investment Professionals, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the Association of Corporate Treasurers, and the Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. He received his Masters in Economics at Cambridge University. He continues to strive and his sought out for his expertise and knowledge in finance.


Recently the Centre for Policy Studies has announced that they are starting a new branch. This new branch of the company will bring fresh faces to the forefront. The branch will contain four different programs. These different programs include housing and planning, welfare, business and enterprise, and tax with the cost of living. This is a new way for them to speak on behalf of voters and their needs. Each department will have a head that will oversee everything within that organization. Graham Edwards announced that he will be joining this new program. He will be overtaking the department of housing and planning. His responsibility will be to help come up with new innovations in regards to housing. They will work to find ways to help with housing and home ownership. Edwards is joined by other financial experts such as Tom Clougherty, Rachel Wolf, and Alex Morton. Edwards will be in charge of what’s called the Housing Policy Group. It is a group devised to help bring new ideas and policies to the housing department.