Visual Search is The Next Step In Search Technology

One of the original components of the Internet that has passed the test of time has been the search engine. Even though the names of the search engines have changed over the years. Since the introduction of the modern Internet, the basic premise of the search engine and its role on the Internet has remained the same.

The main function of the search engine is to provide useful information to the people conducting searches at search engines. The core use of the search engine has been a mainstay of the Internet. Millions of people search online on a daily basis regarding a wide variety of topics.

Although the technology used by search engines has changed over the years. One area where technology has not changed much since the early days of search engines is online products. The search results provided concerning online products tend to provide the same search format. The results usually provide text based information with a few images. However, online products are much more than text based information. There is a visual element to online products. This visual element is very important.

The lack of visual and image recognition technology concerning online products has resulted in many poor online shopping experiences. The reason is because the search is normally the first phase of the online shopping experience. Once the online products are found, research and review is done related to the online products. The lack of visual technology capabilities make it hard for many people to accomplish a satisfactory online product review, which can affect the online purchase decision tremendously.

In recent years, there have been many tech startup companies that have developed technology to help the online product experience. One of the primary aspects of the technology revolves around visual search. Concerning online products, the ability to improve the visual appeal and visual simulation is very important.

One of the tech startups that has been receiving favorable comments concerning visual search technology is Slyce. The company uses a unique blend of recognition software and real world objects to present online products in a more real life manner

Slyce provides the software they developed to retailers and e-tailers. The software can be used on desktop and mobile devices. Moreover, the software is helping to change the way many people view online products.