Jorge Moll’s Research and Creativity Might Have Just Changed The World

Jorge Moll is a member of the board of D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR). He is also the president and Director of IDOR. Jorge serves as a senior researcher at the D’Or Institute for Research and education. He heads the Neuroinformatics and Cognitive Neuroscience Unit at the institute. He was elected to serve as the governor and board member of the International Neuroethics society in 2012-2013.


In 1994 Jorge Moll graduated from the medical school at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He completed a Neurology residence in 1997 from the same University. Jorge Moll possesses a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology from the University of Sao Paulo. In 2015 he received the Visiting Scholar Award from the Stanford University under the Stanford Neuroscience Institute. He was also awarded an Award and distinctions of NIH award in 2004-2007. In 2008 Jorge was elected as a member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.


Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman researched people involving scanning brains of volunteers to think of scenarios where they keep the money for themselves or donate to charity. The experiment suggested that generosity lights up the brain to be more responsive to pleasure. Their finding in 2006 was that unselfishness could lead to people feeling good. They have invested more in psychological experiments and brain imaging to determine whether the brain has a moral compass built in it. What this research has revealed is that the morality of the human brain has biological roots. It has led to the learning that the foundation of morality is empathy.


Imagine if a doctor using a device that retrieves information using one voice command when you attend an appointment. Nowadays technology is playing an essential aspect of medical progress. Jorge Moll recognizes this importance, especially in healthcare. He states that the technological advances in the US have extended into the health industry. Jorge reports of how Dr. Albert Chan the Vice President of innovation at Sutter Health paid a visit to D’Or Institute in Brazil. Chan’s goal is to have people educated on the implementation of technology in transforming the patient experience.

Award Winning Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi was born in the Persian Jewish region in Iran, where he lived until age 15. At this age, David and his younger brother moved to Belgium. David always had aspirations of becoming a doctor. When arriving to America, David finished high school in Roslyn, NY and had a full scholarship to The State University of New York at Stony Brook. He received a degree in biochemistry.

Dr. David Samadi came up with the SMART surgery in 2007. SMART stands for Samadi, Modified Advanced Robotic Technique. This is a robot-assisted, minimally invasive surgical procedure to treat prostate cancer. Dr. Samadi has a website which features live video streaming every Sunday at 12:30pm. The live streams are called “Sunday Housecall”. Each live stream has a specific topic. Viewers are able to submit a question before the actual stream and have them answered live.

Dr. David Samadi has a verified Facebook page with a very large fan base of over 500,000 likes, and over 500,000 followers. Even though Dr. Samamdi is well known for his work with prostate cancer, his posts range from hysterectomies, to dieting. Dr. Samadi is also present on Twitter, although it seems his Twitter and Facebook are linked.

From 2006-2011, Samadi was awarded with the Best Doctors in Cancer award and New York’s Best Doctors award. In 2013, he was awarded with the Patient Satisfaction award and the John Kingsley Lattimer award. More recently, he received the Best Urologist in New York award. Samadi was featured in Forbes Magazine and in 2009, he was acknowledged in New York Magazine’s Best Doctors issue.

Dr. Samadi recommends surgery over radiation when treating prostate cancer because of of certain risks associated with radiation. Samadi says that Mitt Romney is not the only politician who has suffered from prostate cancer. Colin Powell and John Kerry also suffered from this. Samadi reports that Romney’s prognosis is good after a successful surgery.

In an interview with Ideamensch, Samadi discussed his SMART surgery when asked what ideas he has brought to life. He states that he wake up before 5am and gets his day started, making it to the office by 6. Dr. Samamdi tells Ideamensch that he is more concerned with quality than quantity, when it comes to his patients. Samadi persuades the readers to invest in technologies because the area of robotics will improve in the future.

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Futurist, Entrpreneur & Philanthropist Dr. Mark Mckenna

Have you ever heard of a guy named Mark McKenna? If you haven’t heard, then just know that this guy is doing his part to better mankind. Dr. Mark McKenna is a natural-born leader to a certain degree because he has taken his own destiny into his hands. Dr. Mark McKenna is a prominent doctor from the city of New Orleans. He has been the owner of multiple successful businesses such as Uptown Title Inc., Universal Mortgage Lending and McKenna Venture Investments. McKenna Venture Investments helped to put McKenna on the map in a sense. Even though he was already a successful doctor, being a part of the real estate industry sent him to another level.

This man is one of the most ambitious persons on the planet. While in medical school, McKenna started buying real estate. At the time, providing physicals for inmates was his money-maker. By saving 100 percent of the cash-flow, he used the capital to invest in the real estate market. Shortly after he graduated from medical school, he would go straight to work as a practicing medical doctor. Yes, Dr. Mark McKenna worked along side of his father who just so happened to be a medical doctor. He worked at his father’s practice for five years, but he had other plans in the works. By investing in properties, Dr. Mark McKenna was generating large amounts of income of over $500,000 a year.

ShapeMed was one of his best businesses because he actually lived a healthy lifestyle. This medical-aesthetic practice was located in Atlanta, and it offered a plethora of services such as hormonal therapy, weigh-loss management treatments, Botox, Juvederm and more. The company became so successful to where it was listed at “Black Diamond” status. Dr. Mark Mckkenna would soon sell the company for an undisclosed amount, which resulted in him launching an updated version of shapeMed that is known as OVME. Mark Mckenna

Austin’s Top Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an extremely talented board certified plastic surgeon based out of Austin, Texas. She is known for having an absolutely huge variety of procedures she has mastered including breast augmentation, rhinoplasties, “tummy tucks,” implants in the cheek, chins or forehead and even botox and wrinkle reduction.

Dr. Walden chose to go into plastic surgery after taking numerous psychology and women’s studies classes in college and seeing that although her calling was to work in the medical field, working as a plastic surgeon could allow her to help women improve themselves in ways that may be beyond the means of typically working out. She feels great empathy for her patients and sees herself in them. Her goal is for women to not hav eto life with an issue that causes them grief or self doubt but to give them the ability to utilize Walden’s surgical skills to give them confidence and happiness with their physique. For Dr. Walden, going to the doctor is all about feeling better, and plastic surgery is an extension of why anyone goes to the doctor – to feel better.

Dr Jennifer Walden Reviews worked as a high power Upper East Side doctor in New York City for over seven years before she moved back to her hometown of Austin, Texas. She gave birth to twins and wanted to relocate back to her hometown for the lifestyle she grew up experiencing in Austin. She admits that when she first moved back she was quite concerned about building up her book of business. Unlike cities like Dallas, Texas where plastic surgery is extremely common, Austin is a more “outdoorsy” town. However, Walden rapidly booked patients from all across Texas and beyond, she even had two procedures booked by the time her plane from New York City to Austin landed.

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Dr. Rod Rohrich unending passion for Plastic Surgery

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a native of North Dakota, staying in Dallas with two children. He is married to a plastic surgeon, Gibby Dianne. The doctor is well known for his pronounce expertise in the field of plastic surgery. He took his early education I Dakota before advancing to Baylor school of medicine. He completed his residencies at the Michigan University and his fellowships at the Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard (hand/microsurgery) and Oxford University (pediatric plastic surgery).
He is the editor-in-chief for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery magazine. For decades, this magazine has been respected and trusted because of the doctor’s influence. Dr. Rod Rohrich has been a leader for many medical organizations. His expertise and good leadership skills has made the organizations to be popular and trusted. He has also received so many awards for his selfless efforts to improve the field of plastic surgery.
The doctors has conducted many researches on rhinoplasty, breast implants and facial surgery. His deep knowledge concerning the skin dynamics and aging process enables him come up with discoveries on safer ways for the surgeries. He is dedicated to teach on these safer ways and on treatment and care for the patients. He is a great teacher, with a vision to make more doctors like him, for taking care of the next generation. His proficient ways of handling the patients makes his patients to trust and feel safe with him. He handles them with utmost care and professionalism. He considers himself as the advocate for the patients.
His research team works hard to discover effective more ways for the surgeries and post-surgery care. He selects his team based on their vast and solid experienced in the surgery, accompanied with great academic papers. He explains that the surgery is like molding the skin to be what it is desired to look like. His unending passion for his work has made him to be recognized worldwide. His procedure are consistent and exceptional. He has led the research on potential blindness after the surgery. This was discovered to be a result of wrongly injecting the facial filers. It is because of these severe risks that the doctor insist on choosing a trusted and professional plastic surgeon for the treatment. Dr. Rod Rohrich also researched on the ways to prevent occurrences of such risks. He is known to provide equal treatment and care to his entire patients. He is a doctor to people of varied professions, ranging from musicians, sports men, and politicians to corporate persons.