SKOUT: An App for All the Superheroes at Heart


Arguably, one of the most significant quotes of many superhero films is, “with great power comes great responsibility.” The line came from one of the Spider-Man movies, but it is a line that is true about any human being. Everyone has power, and it is up to that individual to wield it for the greater good or not.

How SKOUT is Giving People a Chance to be Superheroes

PR Newswire just published a piece regarding real-life superheroes and an effective app that is giving people a chance to change the world.
SKOUT conducted a survey where it showed that three out of four people think that helping others and showing compassion is what makes someone a superhero. A group of people were adamant about what superhero work is all about, and they believe it is about being selfless. That number of people was 44 percent of all the individuals that participated in the survey.
The survey also showed that many people are hoping to someday be superheroes. The number of people who aspire to someday do something heroic is 80 percent. These numbers helped propel SKOUT into the spotlight.
What the SKOUT app does is give people an opportunity to give a superhero gift to a friend. The gift can be bestowed on anyone that you want, and it could be done more than just once. The great thing about endowing someone with the superhero gift is that SKOUT makes a financial contribution to organizations like SF-Marin Food Bank, Muttville and Cat Town.
SKOUT app has actually brought awareness to the people about things like the 30,000 people who are suffering from hunger in the San Francisco Marin Area.
The app itself is just a social media platform that connects more than 180 countries and can be translated for up to 16 languages. The company was founded back in 2007, and it already has seen some great results. The people who participate in SKOUTS also have the opportunity to meet like-minded people who understand the responsibility that they have towards their fellow human beings.
And, if for no other reason, try to use the app to give a gift to a deserving friend who might want to know about SKOUT and their efforts to help people all around the world. Perhaps, there is a reason why superhero movies are on the rise in American cinema, and it could be because people have a hunger to change the world. Thankfully, SKOUT is giving people that venue they hunger for.


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The New Face of Social Media: Skout

Skout. No, I didn’t spell that wrong. Skout is a new app that is taking on the world like a social media wildfire. Almost like a hybrid between Tinder and Facebook, Skout offers everything from posting pictures and chatting to getting notifications from local friends. I’m here to discuss all of the features that Skout has to offer, and why it is a great app to choose for all of your social media needs.

What’s New?
Although Skout shares similarities with other social media platforms such as Facebook and Tinder, Skout has a lot of new features that these other apps have yet to offer. The first major difference is the ability to be placed in a group correlating with your age. There are two groups: teens and adults. Parents love this feature because it gives them peace of mind that their teens are talking to other teens, rather than adults. Another cool feature is the geographic notification. This feature allows users to receive notifications when other users are near their location and online. However, you will not be limited to just your local geographic area; you have the option of searching other areas. This could come in handy if you have an upcoming trip and you want to meet new people, you can search the area beforehand and get to know people in advance, so that you’re prepared when you take your trip.

What’s Familiar?
Skout, like any other social media platform, is a way to connect with new people and expand your circle of friends. Posts can be made to a feed, as well as comments, pictures, and the ability to chat. These are all familiar features for those of us that use anything like Instagram, Tinder, Facebook, and Twitter. Skout also offers the ability for a user to see who has been viewing their profile, which is an interesting perk. Similar to Facebook, you can “add friends” and upload any kind of post or picture. Because of the similarities that Skout shares with other social media apps, it is easy to use and quick to learn.

Why Skout?
So why choose Skout when there is a plethora of other apps just waiting for you to sign up? The Travel Feature. The Travel Feature is the one feature that is most utilized and the most well-known. Along with allowing you to see people who are close to you in location, the Travel Feature is able to take you on virtual tours of almost any destination you can think of. Because you can search for people in specific locations, which means that you can make friends there. Many people have used this to their advantage, even going to far as to plan a trip to that destination to tour with the friend that was made through Skout. This travel feature allows you to do many things including experience the world through the eyes of a local, and make friends all over the world. That is why Skout is worth trying