Doe Deere: The Makeup Maven Of Our Time

Many people are not aware of the hardships that come along with venturing into the beauty space. Working in the beauty industry, is not simple. Especially, when running a startup. The beauty industry is one of the harshest industries to get into. Securing capital, testing formulas and proving yourself as a trustworthy brand is so complicated for cosmetic companies. But someway Doe Deere found a way to step into this overcrowded industry and carve herself a space that has allowed her to become one of the most well known founders in the makeup world.

Doe Deere stepped into the beauty world before beauty brands were blowing up all over the internet and Instagram. Back in the mid 2000s, the internet was still pretty void of many brands. It was the perfect opportunity for the young beauty blogger. When she created Lime Crime she took a different approach. She took a stand to not test on animals and has kept that promise with fans over the years. She also wanted her customers to know that Lime Crime was for anyone wanting to unleash their inner unicorn and dare to be bold. Her company is fun, exciting, fantasy land driven and one of the most popular makeup brands. Lime Crime offers its customers eyeshadows, highlighters, lip glosses and lipsticks in a variety of colors. There is no holding back with Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Before Doe Deere was a beauty founder, she was an immigrant trying to a make away for herself in New York City. The Big Apple was the location her family settled in when they first arrived in the United States. The family faced a set of hardships that included homelessness, living in shelters, eating from food pantries and adjusting to a new country. But in a matter of years Doe Deere was able to create a life for herself that involved her passions of beauty and fashion. She was able to establish a fashion line and major beauty brand. Her story is inspirational. Her story has caused her to become one of the top makeup mavens of our time.

Southridge Capital for Your Financial Problems

Living with financial problems isn’t horribly uncommon. In fact, most American individuals and families have some type of financial issue, whether it be debt or credit score lowering. If you’re dealing with a myriad of issues and know that you need to get over them, you are going to want to consider contacting a financial solution agency like Southridge Capital. This company works with both business professionals and individuals who simply need help with their finances and know that they are unable to correct the problems on their own. You will find that this company is one of the very best available to you at a reasonable price as well.


When you hire Southridge Capital, you might be wondering what exactly this company is able to do for you and what to expect when they begin to do the debt relief or consolidation that you need. For one, the experts of Southridge Capital work very discreetly, so you can feel confident presenting them with information relating to your financial standing. They will work with creditors and other professionals to ensure that you’re getting the right type of care for what you need, and this is why you are going to want to think about choosing them as the company that you would like to be able to hire for this.


There are lots of people right now who are making use of Southridge Capital and finding them to be a wonderful option for their own personal and professional financial needs. The next thing you’re going to want to do is to visit the Southridge Capital site and find out more about this particular product and offering and what they’re able to do for you. There are tons of different people who are choosing this for themselves and noticing that it is really helping them to get the most out of the situation. This is why you might want to consider the experts of Southridge Capital and know that they are going to consolidate your debt problems and get rid of credit score errors that you might be dealing with right now. For more details you can visit


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Why Choose Waiakea Volcanic Water Over The Competition

Have you ever heard of a bottled-water company named Waiakea? Well, if you haven’t heard, then you’re not alone. The brand is fairly new since it has only been around for six years, but it offers you so many natural qualities. Waiakea Volcanic water’s name says it all. This water comes from a natural source that’s over 14,000 feet in the air. To put things into a better perspective, this water basically comes from rain, and it is then shuttled through a volcano during its decent. That’s right! Waiakea Volcanic water is basically volcanic water to some degree. Since volcanic water is full of porous rock, the water will be thoroughly cleaned.

With its 8.8 pH level, this particular water is very safe to drink, and it would be extremely hard trying to find water that’s more alkaline than this. The average bottled water comes in at a strong 5 pH level. If you know anything about pH level, then you’d understand that anything that’s below a seven is very acidic. Acidic water is definitely unhealthy. In order for your body to stay as healthy as possible, your body should generally remain its healthy state at a 7.4 pH level. This information is 100 percent true and there is plenty of documented evidence that backs-up all claims. Waiakea Volcanic water is crushing the competition in every way. The water has an abundance of natural minerals in it.

Sustainability is the key to success. Waiakea does a great job of helping others. The company donates fresh water to its Hawaiian community as well as donates water to other countries. Since the water comes from mother nature, it is highly sustainable. In the end, Waiakea Volcanic water is setting new standards, and it’s changing the current status quo for the better.

Sahm Adrangi Releases a Negated Report on Kodak and Its Cryptocurrency Venture

Kerrisdale Capital Management has released a negative report on Eastman Kodak Company. The private investing company explained its short position in the commercial print company. According to t Kerrisdale Capital, Kodak announced the launch of its photo-centric cryptocurrency as well as the blockchain-activated licensing program. While the blockchain is rewarding and has the potential to grow many industries, KodakOne is dishonest about the 187% rise in stock it has registered since the commencement of the cryptocurrency business.

The Kodak Report

Sahm Adrangi, the head cheerleader of Kerrisdale Capital negated the Kodak report for the following reasons:

  • KodakOne’s plan to utilize the cryptocurrency platform to solve copyright issues was not viable. He termed it as flat out silly.
  • His report indicates that hashing the images through cryptocurrency would not protect them from copyright issues. He also added that photographers would instead be paid in cash than in Kodak coins.
  • The new business proposal by Kodak is false investment bait. Despite the cases of assurance from Kodak, the business idea is not economically, viable. The cryptocurrency platform will not detect irregularities.
  • Sahm Adrangi continued to state that the cryptocurrency idea is Kodak’s way of capitalizing on the blockchain. Given that Kodak is already experiencing technical issues before launching the business, it is bound to fail.


It is not the first time Sahm Adrangi has blown the whistle on a large corporation. The chief investment officer of Kerrisdale is used to questioning the sole intention of large corporations. Adrangi first made a name for himself when he blew the whistle on large Chinese corporations. Among the companies he exposed are China-Biotics and Lihua International.


Sahm Adrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC in 2009. He has since been involved in the firm’s development after investing about $1 million. Adrangi’s leadership has grown Kerrisdale’s revenue to more than $150 million. Before founding Kerrisdale Capital, Adrangi worked for Longacre Fund Management LLC, the Deutsche Bank and finally, Chanin Capital Partners. The alumnus of Yale University studied economics and arts. He is well versed in investment skills and hedge fund management.

Stream Energy Lends a Helpful Hand to Hurricane Victims

Dallas residents were proud to be doing business with Stream Energy after the way they handled themselves after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, read more. Some businesses take a neutral stance in crises because they feel as though it has nothing to do with them. Other businesses get down to the customer’s level. Others even contribute funds to the cause. Stream Energy showed its true colors after the hurricane, and it was the color of compassion.

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Stream Donates to Red Cross

One of the first things that Stream Energy did to offer help to Harvey victims was donate a hefty $25,000 to the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross is well known for helping people who survive disasters such as hurricanes, fires and so on. The organization uses the money that people donate to get victims back on their feet ASAP.


Stream Employees Gather to Help

Stream has such a compassionate culture that their employees voluntarily went out and started helping some of the victims in the community. They helped those people find clothing, shelter and other resources.


Stream Reimburses Employees

Stream also made efforts to reimburse the employees and the victims for the time that they lose because of the incident. They started a crowd fund with the employees who helped and the funds from that went well past $100,000. Additionally, Stream gave its customers a break on some crucial services. They did not charge their energy or wireless customers any late fees if they had trouble paying their bills because of the disaster, for example. It’s times like these when people really get to see the heart of a business, and Stream showed its warm heart during these tough times.


About Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a Texas-based provider of a suite of services such as energy, mobile and home services. The company was founded in 2005 and has been growing rapidly ever since. It has received recognition for its contributions to hurricane victims and its overall community-friendly persona. Stream currently operates in eight states and will continue to expand each year.


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