It’s Here! EOS Crystal Launches Everwhere

EOS lip balm first hit the scenes after an incredibly successful influencer marketing campaign. It was relatively unknown and the concept of a sphere shaped lip balm was brand new in a world full of tubes that tasted more like medicine than anything luxurious. All of the sudden, almost overnight, celebrities and beauty bloggers everywhere were talking about EOs were talking about the little spheres and being photographed being used on the red carpet. Check out more interesting news here on

Since then EOS, which by the way stands for Evolution of Smooth, has been an undeniable beauty staple and had surpassed all competitors in the market with both popularity and smooth lips. One thing EOS is known for is for sticking to what works and remaining a classic brand.

That is one reason why the announcement of the launch of EOS’s newest line, EOS Crystal, has caused such a huge stir in the beauty world. It’s known by now that EOS never launches a new line without basic knowledge it will be received in a roar of excitement by its extremely loyal base of fans.

For the first time, EOS has upgraded the shape of its balms, which have always been perfectly round in shape. The new line of EOS Crystal have been altered to have just the slightest curve to help consumers apply it a bit more smoothly. This has been a potential request from fans for a while and EOS is a company that is known for listening and responding to what its fans want. Listen they did and the new line of EOS Crystal is smoothly rolling out across the world. The rollout started in early August 2017 and should be completely in a short time.

EOS has always been known for providing a wonderful value of a product and as with its earlier lines, the new EOS Crystal will be available for just $4.99 in stores everywhere, shop here!

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