Chris Linkas Shares Retirement Tips for Millennials

Chris Linkas is a well-known financial advisor that offers tips to people that need it in the financial world. Those who are not familiar with investments may end up messing up their financial world so Chris Linkas has recently given them a few tips on how to invest properly and take care of all their financial issues. Here are some helpful tips that Linkas advises everyone to follow.


  • Reinvesting Dividends and Interest. The younger generation which is working longer will allow themselves time to invest slowly. This will allow interest and dividends to compound, allowing them to earn money in two different ways. They will see growth in the investment as well as extra money with interest. They can do this over decades and have a substantial amount of money.
  • Compounding. A small investment at age 20 can quickly grow into a large one over 40 years. A lot of young investors ignore dividends. History has proven though, that this is the right way to go.
  • Risks. Since young adults will be in the workforce for many years, taking a risk is not that big of a deal. Chris Linkas recommends that younger people take some risk but not a ton.
  • Mistakes. Investors should take the time to learn from any mistakes they have made. This will help to prevent future issues and help them to improve their investing strategy.
  • Technology. Using investment tools on computers, financial apps and software programs is important. A good majority of these investment tools are free and will help a young investor learn the world of investing.
  • Abilities. Chris Linkas states that young people will need to pay attention in their own abilities and make sure that they are doing what they can. Having goals is important and making sure that you follow them is the key for success.
  • Substantial dividends. Chris Linkas encourages people who are investing to look for investments that offer substantial dividends. This will help young people be able to make money, especially when the market is going up and down.


The younger generation will be able to do more with their investment if they start now. Starting now will give them adequate time to build a portfolio and have remarkable success.