A Look At Lovaganza

What Is Lovaganza?
Lovaganza refers to a worldwide celebration and exhibit of the diverse cultures found throughout the world. Lovaganza aims to expose its audience to the different cultures of the world through, film, exhibitions, live shows and other forms of entertainment including music. The show is expected to begin in May of 2020 and last until September. This means that Lovaganza will run throughout the entire summer and parts of the spring and fall. It is expected that almost 50 cities will host Lovaganza as the tour kicks off in 2020.

What Is The Goal Of Lovaganza?
The goal of Lovaganza is a simple one. Its aim is to unite people from all over the world by showcasing an assortment of arts, entertainment and spectacles from different parts of the world. Lovaganza also hopes to promote peace and understanding between people who have different languages, lifestyles, races and faiths. The ultimate goal of Lovaganza is to bring people together in a positive fashion that fosters tolerance and an appreciation of other cultures.

What Is An Example Of A Project That Will Be Shown At Lovaganza?
Filmmakers J.F. Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon are working on a project called the Lovaganza convoy. This is a series of films that includes works such as the Sunshine Project. The sunshine project aims to inspire people through faith. It shows that we must never give up and lose hope. It carries a message that we must trudge through despite difficult times and that we can overcame great odds if we try our best and have faith. The Sunshine Project also has a heavy religious element from the Christian faith.

Films at Lovaganza will be presented in high definition Immerscope. There is a wide array of filming locations. They include small towns such as Frigiliana, Spain to large metropolises such as Barcelona also in Spain. Filmling locations do not only include European locations to cast an authentic historical element to the Sunshine Project of Lovaganza. Mumbai, India has been chosen as a filming location to showcase the Indian culture and arts. In California the cities of Lancaster and Lompoc are home to some unique scenes which take in the unique locations and geography of these cities. Lancaster, California for example if found in the sparsely populated Mojave desert. The famous Golden Oak Ranch of Walt Disney studious is also a filming location. It is found in California as well.

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