How Alex Pall Wants To Develop As A True Musical Artist

Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers says he grew up with aspirations of being a DJ. Once he moved to New York City to attend college he started playing at small events around the city. It was while he was still a student that it hit him that playing dance music was his passion in life. He left an art gallery job he had, as well as the university, and got serious about his craft. His manager hooked him up with someone else that he was managing, Drew Taggart, and since that time they have exploded in popularity.

Their first singles release was “#Selfie” and this was followed up by two huge hits which were “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Roses”. They first gained national attention and then went international. The Chainsmokers are a production and DJ band which diverges from others in their genre in a number of ways. Other dance bands, for instance, need to have other vocalists and songwriters in order to do their music. Alex Pall says that they write a good portion of their own lyrics and guide the rest. He says this makes their music a lot more personal as well as revealing about who they are and what they are really thinking. He says that they both want to be recognized as true artists at their craft rather than just someone creating beats behind a DJ booth.

When they first got together Alex Pall says that they swiftly went from working together a few times a week to working together every day from like 9 am to 7 pm. They worked on their music, figured out where they wanted to go with it, and further developed as artists. He says becoming better artists is very important to both of them. This isn’t just to pay the bills, although of course that’s an aspect of anyone’s professional life, but to instead do a lot more than just that. He likes it when people relate to what they are doing on a really deep level and come to understand their viewpoints on the things they sing and produce music about.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime Pushing the Limits with Instagram

Lime Crime Founder, Doe Deere, was a leader of the cosmetic brand business model, the first person to introduce the “on-lip” lipstick swatch, clearly demonstrating that color is not simply pulverized or smacked on a plain piece of paper, but actually on the lips. Doe Deere, popularly known as the “Queen of Unicorns” is displaying her zeal for makeup and unending love for all things in the color spectrum with her highly successful cosmetic brand, Lime Crime.

After eight years, the internet experienced CEO continues to apply that same talent and innate knowledge to create a distinct and captivating social media experience for worldwide audience .

Doe explains that Instagram is one of the tools for innovation of Lime Crime in the field of e-commerce with the purpose of forming the very best reciprocal shopping experience for makeup wannabes worldwide. A majority of companies use Instagram to promote their product, but the Doe Deere’s goal is to actively engage the customers.

A native of Russia & brought up in New York City, Doe Deere is the chief founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. The goal of Doe is to prove that cosmetics go far beyond than just hide flaws, but is the epitome of freedom and expression.

To Doe, beauty is not just what looks natural or is the best option, but rather what is appropriate for the present moment. Keeping that in mind, in 2008, she formed and embarked on her own unique line of colorful, magical, and eco-friendly cosmetics.

The end product: Lime Crime, a profoundly colored, bold, and vivid line of eco-friendly cosmetics brand with an international fan base. The Lime Crime has its roots from Doe’s favorite color and her passion to develop vibrant shades of cosmetic products.

As a person who rose from rags to riches, and is a self made person, Doe is a champion of women-owned ventures. Often she stresses on the importance of finding one’s own voice, and aggressively pursuing one’s ambition at public events. She loves coaching other budding female entrepreneurs, and is quite open for giving advice through social media.
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How Sanjay Shah Left His Financial Empire to Save Kids With Autism

The worst news a parent can receive is that the child is sick a disease they can do little about. It is what Sanjay Shah found himself facing and a reality he was determined to avoid.


In 2011, a routine hospital visit for the sick son of Shah turned to be their biggest nightmare. Their child was diagnosed with autism, and there was nothing they could do about it.Since then Shah has become a full-time philanthropist based in Dubai who spreads the news about the plight of sick kids. He is the founder and current director of Autism Rocks.


Autism Rocks is a foundation that raises money through concerts. The concerts are mainly targeted at specific demographics and mainly deal with raising money for Autism causes.


Autism Rocks has been wildly successful with artists like Snoop and Prince gracing the occasion. Lenny Kravitz has also appeared severally. Sanjay Shah in a recent interview gave an amusing story about how he met Snoop. It was via a mysterious phone call that said Snoop would like to visit him for lunch. Of course, he couldn’t say no, and the rest is history.


Sanjay Shah and his wife have also contributed towards research for Autism cause at the Cambridge University. They have done this through Autism Research Fund.


Sanjay Shah recently bought a website for $ 100000.It was meant to highlight the plight of Autism sick people and has achieved considerable traffic.


Sanjay Shah is the CEO of Solo Capital Markets. It offers consulting services which provide more information about investments, performance and how to employ the right people. It also does Proprietary trading of foreign exchange, derivatives, and commodities enabling it to earn the massive profits


Sanjay Shah is a rich man despite losing his job in 2011.He considered himself as a retiree as of January 2016 when his net worth was estimated at a value of over $ 250 million.


Sanjay Shah recently took over a company known as Old Park Lane Capital that is majorly focused on natural resources Trading.

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Sanjay Shah Explains His Hopes Towards The Success Of Autism Research

Sanjay Shah is a millionaire who has acquired his material wealth through his dedications and commitments in his investments. Shah is also a known philanthropist who has been supporting the health care industry to offer quality and affordable services to patients. He also invests highly in hedge funds, where he gets huge returns. Sanjay is the sole proprietor of Solo Capital Holdings. He is a forty-five years old business person who currently lives in Dubai with his wife and children.


Sanjay Shah enjoyed bumper of returns amounting to nineteen million dollars after his massive investing in the hedge funds. Shah is also a known trustee of the Autism Research Institute, which has been carrying out a study on autism disorder. Executive Shah conducts all individual operations of Solo capital. He is also the president of the financial institution.


Philanthropist Shah was recently faced with a personal crisis after his youngest child was admitted due to the autism disorder. Nikhil was diagnosed with the disorder, a state that led Sanjay to pioneer a charity function known as autism rock trust. Sanjay is a person who has the influence to the public figures, so he knew the charity move would collect enough funds to support the autism research institute which is based at the University of Cambridge. Mr. Shah has been actively contributing to the Autism Research Centre developments.


Autism Rocks has a primary goal of creating awareness to the public and enhance the continued carrying out of research on autism so as to understand the causes of the disorder and the early symptoms that can be checked to prevent the disease at an early stage. Mr. Shah implied that his aim was not identifying the cure but having a greater understanding of how the disease occurs. To mobilize the citizens and natural awareness creation, he is using live concerts in partnership with the key figures in the artistic development such as the famous rapper, Snoop Dogg. Shah has also signed a deal with artist Drake and Kravitz.


Through the global citizen news, Shah implied that he had high hopes in the charity move. He explained how Solo Capital business firm started, a factor that made him the best investor ever.

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How to Get Rich Like George Soros

“Well, you know, I was a human being before I became a businessman.” -George Soros, via Wikiquote



There are many people who are interested in building wealth. However, few people truly have success in this area during their life. Many people who live in countries like the United States are more interested in material items than building up a large sum of money. George Soros is someone who has been able to amass a huge amount of wealth during his time in business and is listed as one of the highest earning hedge fund managers and traders by Forbes. Here are several of the business tips that we can take away from the life and career of George Soros that can be applied to building wealth over time.


Education Pays Off

One of the best investments that anyone can make is in themselves. There are many people who do not understand how important education is to their future career earnings. George Soros graduated from the London School of Economics. This is one of the most prestigious institutions in the whole world. He was able to use this education to better himself and his family over the long term. When evaluating educational options, always look to the long term to determine which school to attend. Many students today are graduating from school with large amounts of debt in subjects that do not pay off. If you are interested in getting rich like George Soros, spend some time on the front end evaluating your educational options.


Start Investing Early

Another important trait to follow from George Soros is to start investing early. This is one of the best things that anyone can do to build a significant amount of wealth. Starting from your early life investing makes a huge difference over a span over forty or fifty years. Anyone who is interested in getting rich like George Soros needs to make sure to start investing early. At the end of the day, there are so many great investment options today that there is no excuse not to.


Work Hard

George Soros continued to work hard even when he started to build up some significant wealth. This is an important point to remember because many people would have taken it easy at that point in their life. George Soros continued to invest aggressively in order to build wealth over the long term so he could fund his philanthropic efforts including voters’ rights in America. If you are going to get rich, you have to have the work ethic that is necessary to follow through on your plans. Having a lot of dreams without the work ethic to follow through simply leads to long term depression.


Final Thoughts

The life of George Soros is a good example of someone who started from nothing and was able to amass a large amount of wealth. Anyone who wants to do this in their own life needs to take several lessons from the life and career of George Soros. Over a period of many decades, he was able to become one of the richest men in Europe. Always start early in your dreams to become rich and it will be much easier to accomplish your goals.

George Soros Is An Integral Figure In Society

One of the most influential businessman and philanthropist George Soros is on a mission to promote democratic communities in many countries worldwide. His sustained interest in globalization, politics, economics, and altruism is fueled by his former childhood memories that involved strategically surviving the Nazi invasion during World War II as well as escaping a communist dominated society in 1947. His early challenging and inspiring experiences supported his desire to attend the London School of Economics during which he obtained the necessary knowledge to advocate for basic human rights. Many years after he completed his college studies, he launched Soros Fund Managers and Open Society Foundations. As the founder of two distinct yet interchangeable entities, Soros strongly believes that his profound success in the financial markets has empowered him to resolve complex controversial issues. Soros’s stance on a variety of economic and investing matters is quickly gaining much attention from different regions across the globe. Although the world encompasses many prominent financiers and benefactors, his acclaimed success is influenced by his impressive desire to develop democratic societies whose administration considers the needs of their citizens. Notably, he has written many best-selling books concerning his widely followed political beliefs such as The Age of Fallibility, The Bubble of American Supremacy, Opening the Soviet System, George Soros on Globalization, The Crash of 2008 and What it Means, and The Tragedy of the European Union. He has also published noteworthy essays expressing his viewpoints including “The Crisis & What to do About it,” Remarks Delivered at the Global Economic Symposium,” How to Stop a Second Great Depression,” “How Germany Can Avoid a Two-Speed Europe,” and “Do Not Ignore the Need for Financial Reform.” His many award-winning and popular resources illustrate his profound commitment to tolerant communities where the ideas and rights of the citizens are respected and honored. Since 1979, Soros has actively participated in many admirable community initiatives in various countries around the world. One of his first charitable acts involved assisting African students with their college expenses at Cape Town University. He continued his educational engagement by founding Central European University, which is a private Hungary-based institution that offers degrees in the humanities, business management, mathematics, law, public policy, and environmental sciences. Perhaps his most renowned philanthropic pursuit was the creation of the Open Society Foundation. With operations in over 100 countries, this leading organization strives to encourage democratic societies that focus on human rights. In addition to overseeing Open Society Foundation, Soros often supports many independent organizations including the International Crisis Group, the Institute for New Economic Thinking, the European Council, and the Global Witness. Alongside his admirable volunteer endeavors, Soros is the chairman of Soros Fund Management. This well-respected and profitable alternative investment firm is one of the most lucrative hedge funds in the industry as the company averages a rate of return of roughly 20 percent. Currently headquartered in New York City, the company expertly assist clients in a variety of sectors like energy, retail, transportation, and financial.