The Future of Venezuela Is Leaving – No Guarantee They Will Return

A recent study from a business school (IESA) in Caracas, Venezuela has determined that the greatest impact that the current economic situation will have on Venezuela is the loss of young talent and the education of current and future generations. Her thesis reviewed the migration of the Venezuelan people between 2010 through 2015.
Because of the political and economic situation in more and more Venezuelans like Jose Manuel Gonzalez choose to leave the country every day. The people leaving are searching for new opportunities and a life that will allow them the basic well-being that every human deserves, and a chance at a better financial future than Venezuela can offer right now.

Currently, the extensive number of Venezuelans leaving their country has become a facebook trending topic. It has become a tradition for the people leaving to take a picture of their feet as they are standing on the floor of Simon Bolivars Airport.

The study also revealed through a questionnaire, whether the people who are leaving due to the current situation would return if the economic and political situation were to improve. Nearly 80% of citizens questioned say they would return if the situation improved. The questionnaire also revealed that the average age range of people leaving is between 25-year-old to 36-year-old range. At least 54% of those who filled out the questionnaire held a degree in a much-needed specialty. This means that the generation that could bring Venezuela back to its glory make up the majority of the people who are leaving to go to other countries.

Because of the politically hostile situation, no guarantees of social status, and an economy too corrupted to save, most people leaving are going to Colombia, Mexico, Chile, and Panama where these situations are more stable.



Caught in a Hoax

Current news and social media outlets are on fire when it comes to one NAACP member and President who has deceived everyone around her for a number of years.  Brad Reifler suggested that the news broke last week about Rachel Dolezal who kept up the appearance of being African American for a number of years. A few weeks ago, her parents went on Huffington Post Live to out Rachel and tell the world and their daughter’s colleagues that Rachel was not what she seemed. Members from different races took to the internet and newsrooms to sound off on what they thought of the situation. Many have taken to ostracizing Rachel while few are standing in her corner. For those who oppose what Dolezal has done, the problem isn’t with the perception of how she sees herself, rather, how much she deceived everyone around her.

Those who are in support of Rachel are trying to understand why she did what she did instead of criticizing it. Rachel came from a very rough background and spent years waiting to get away from the same pair of parents who revealed her secret. Those who don’t understand what Rachel went through are upset at the possibility that her deception got Rachel the position in the community that she had. Dolezal wasn’t just the President of her local NAACP, she was also the chair of a police oversight committee that would monitor fair treatment during investigation. Since the outbreak of this news, Dolezal has resigned as NAACP president and chair of the police oversight committee. Dolezal is expected to release a statement sometime this week in response to the media’s questions.