IDLife seeks to end obesity and cases of overweight in America

A study conducted on the United States’ population by Centers for Disease Control showed that over 70 percent of men and 65 percent of women are either obese or overweight. This is attributed to the fact that many people consider this condition as just something physical. But the truth is that being overweight or obese poses great health threats.

Besides, being overweight or obese has adverse effects on one’s job experience, relationships, and literally affects ones day-to-day activities. Also, physicians have concluded that overweight or obesity increased the tendency of contracting cardiovascular illnesses, diabetes, cancer, and arthritis, among other diseases.

Such problems could be avoided if there was a provision of personalized prescription of nutrition to help individuals avoid ending up being overweight or obese. This is the reason why IDLife was founded. The founder of IDLife, Logan Stout realized that the health and wellness industry was worth billion dollars, but the problem was the available products were disappointing.

New products hit the market almost daily, but the users were still not getting what they wanted. The results they were promised were not forthcoming. Due to this fact, Logan figured out that perhaps by introducing nutrition services that will be customized according to the customer’s needs, would eventually solve the problem, and so IDLife was born.

Basically, IDLife is a company that offers personalized health and wellness nutritional supplements based on each customer’s requirements. IDLife appreciates the fact that whenever there are two individuals, their needs are unique. And this is what made IDLife penetrate into this billion dollar industry.

The fact that people still experience problems that hundreds or even thousand companies manufacturing and marketing nutritional supplements claim to be solving is enough to show that their claims are not valid. For this reason, IDLife was founded in distinct pillars that have made it stand out in the crowd.

First, IDLife is trying to offer targeted services that solve individual challenges at a time. Secondly, the company is backed by motivated investors and skilled leaders who know what they are doing. The company also boasts of high-quality products, thanks to their extensive research and implementation of scientific findings.

About Logan Stout

Logan Stout is an entrepreneur, mentor, and former athlete. Since his youth days, Logan had nursed a desire to help people achieve their goals and a happy life. Perhaps this led to his creation of IDLife that has perfectly blended with the needs of the masses.

Logan went to Panola College where he earned his degree in business and later topped it with a major in Psychology from the University of Dallas.

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The Early Cassio Audi Music Years

Cassio Audi is doing what he has long desired to do in his role as a financial analyst. This is what he has been striving towards as he has managed to help many people with their investments down through the years. This is a great position for Cassio Audi to hold because he loves the business world, but people are starting to find out about Cassio in a different way.

People that like rock music are going to get a glimpse of the financial analyst that once a rock music band drummer. This seems like a very different path from the business world, but Cassio Audi was actually part of a group called Viper that actually received a 4-star rating 4 the first album that the group released.

Critics that have heard the album have praised this Viper release that was titled the “Soliders of the Sunrise” in 1989. People that have heard this rock metal sound have been elated by the music that was released. Cassio Audi did not actually stick around for a second album with this band, but he has remained in the spotlight when talk about this band comes into play. The reason for the mention of Cassio on such a regular basis has much to do with his songwriting ability. He had double duty when he was part of the Viper band because he was a songwriter and the drummer. His Facebook Profile.

There is yet another recording outside of the debut release that Cassio Audi appeared on. This was a demo set, and this is where most people realized exactly how well Cassio was able to do his job as a drummer. It has been more than two decades ago, but it appears that people are discovering the music that was created by Viper all over again.

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Chris Burch Speaks On Technology And Fashion

Chris Burch is an investor both in the technology and fashion industries. Over the years, both sectors have undergone phenomenal changes and Chris sat for an interview to give an overview of how fashion and technology have developed to complement each other. In the interview, Chris speaks of how over time, technology has become fashionable and how fashion has embraced technology and the factors that have been in play in this fascinating process.


Speaking about the past and the present, Chris notes that in terms of technology, the fashionable trend in the seventy’s was the boom box which excited a lot of people then. In the eighty’s it was made smaller and in the ninety’s, the Walkman was much smaller. Current music player gadgets such as the iPod are much smaller compared to their predecessors. Also, the correlation between technology and fashion has grown over this period with fashion designers using technology to create fashion statements that delight and deliver.


On what the future has in store for both the fashion and technology sectors, Chris is assured that the two will continue experiencing a synthesis. Fashion has for instance utilized the growth of technology use to give us protection. Fashion designers have designed a unique protection specifically for cyclists, the Airbag for Cyclists is worn around the neck and prevents cyclists from head injuries in case of an accident. Fashion designers have also adapted the use of recyclable material in the creation of their products. Chris is also ascertained his belief that technology and fashion will continue working together such that fashion will influence the adoption of technology and technology will continue influencing fashion trends.


About Chris Burch


Chris Burch is the founder and current head of Burch Creative Capital. Burch is an active investor most notably in fashion and technology. The company which is based in New York deals with managing venture investments and also brand management.

The sixty-four-year-old who began his investment career when he was an undergraduate student back in the seventy’s also had investments in real estate. Burch was officially declared a billionaire in 2012.



Norman Pattiz: The Impact of Advertising on Podcasts

Advertising is key when one is trying to increase brand awareness. However, getting the right advertising platform is paramount. From radio, TV, magazines, banners to podcasts, you have to know how to get it right.

Podcast is one of the most effective platforms for creating and improving brand awareness. This is true according to a research that was done by Edison Research. During the research, Edison used PodcastOne and studied 5 of its major brands. This was the first research of its kind. The aim of it was to determine the lift for podcast advertisers. It would study the impact of podcast adverts on intention to purchase, brand recalls and recalls of specific messages.

The research found out that brand awareness significantly improved after advertising on podcasts. They study found out that 60% listeners of the podcast would mention a specific grocery brand. This was an increase from the 16% pre-study. Automobile products brand awareness was also surveyed and the results showed an increment in awareness after being featured on a podcast.

When the findings were released by Norman Pattiz, founder and executive chairman of the company, and Tom Webster, VP of Strategy at Edison Research, the duo seemed to be pleased with the results. Norman Pattiz stated that he had always desired to have an independent study done to prove that podcast advertising methods were well effective beyond traditional advertising methods. Webster also seemed to be pleased with the study’s outcome. He said that it was a great pleasure suing methodologies to show the effectiveness of podcasts advertising.

About PodcastOne

PodcastOne, formally known as Launchpad, is owned by Norman Pattiz. This podcast is a market leader, when it comes to advertising. Offering their partners over 400 million impressions, they guarantee them of great brand awareness. These impressions come from the over 200 shows produced and broadcasted by the network.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is a prominent name in the broadcasting industry. He is an award-winning entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the founder of Westwood One, the largest media broadcasting company in the US. He also the founder of PodcastOne.

About Edison Research

Edison Research is a reputable research company in the podcast industry. Their main business is research and the provision of information to their clients. Some of their leading clients include Samsung, ABC, CNN, CBS radio and Yahoo- just to mention a few.

Eric Pulier: Business Mind, Hear of Gold

When it comes to doing great things for society the real true heros never seem to get the recognition they deserve. Some of the most popular people in the world are entertainers and professional athletes. These people are great at what they do in heir own rights, but unfortunately many of them never contribute to society in-general. I’m sure you personally know of someone who does good deeds, but never gets the credit. These situation are all too common and a guy by the name of Eric Pulier demonstrates this perfectly.

Eric Pulier is one of the most educated, talented, and ingenious person’s in today’s society. You may be asking yourself, how so? To simply put it, Pulier has done work in many different fields such as technology, healthcare, technology, and healthcare. He’s come up with some of the best solutions to fight the issues of these industries. Did you know that Eric Pulier had a hand in Bill Clinton’s 2nd Inauguration? That’s right! Pulier was specifically chosen to develop and operate the “The Bridge To The 21st Century” project. This multiple day event was broadcasted nationwide as many senators and congressmen attended this prominent event. Pulier also put together a showcase for the space shuttle. This event was very innovative at the time as Pulier used advanced technology that provided real-time situations/interactions with astronauts in the space shuttle. The world was finally taken notice of just how great this guy was and Pulier started receiving the credit that was long overdue.

Mr. Puliers business savvy mind has allowed him to take his business to the next level. He has raised funds for charities, donated funds to those in need, and has invested in numerous small projects that have went on to become a huge success. There just isn’t anything this man can’t do and is body of work is self evident. As of today, Eric Pulier is a loving father of four who is consistently changing the status quo with his ideas, technology, and determination.

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Sanjay Shah Is a Successful Businessman and Philanthropist

Today, Sanjay Shay is respected in the business world and supports good causes. He comes from England and is now in his mid-forties. Although, he changed his career goals once or twice and has had some personal obstacles to overcome, he is definitely considered to be successful with an income of $280 million in 2016. Let’s look at some contributing factors that helped to shape Shay’s life and wealth.

Shay actually completed his biomedical studies for becoming a doctor, but he realized he was more interested in investments and finance. With this new found knowledge, he went to work for Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch.

After working for some of the top investment banking firms, Sanjay had gained the knowledge and skills needed for starting his own investment company. He became the owner and CEO of Solo Capital.

Today, you may know this company as Solo Capital Markets, Solo Capital UK or Solo Capital Limited. The headquarters is located in England, and it became incorporated by September of 2011.

Amazingly, this is one company that has been strong and successful since the day it was founded. The company focuses on sports investments, consulting and proprietary trading. In addition to Solo Capital, Sanjay has some ownership rights in another 38 companies scattered all over the world.

Besides his business interests, Sanjay Shah is heavily involved with his charity organization in London. He is the founder and owner of Autism Rocks, which opened in 2014. Sanjay was seeking some way to help children with autism shortly after his own son Nikhil had been diagnosed with this disease.

Creating Autism Rocks was a way for Sanjay to capture his love of music and help to make people aware of Autism while raising research money. This unusual company produces live concerts that are invitation only.

According to PR Newswire, Sanjay Shah has made arrangements to bring on Pete and Will Best as board trustees. Sanjay is pleased with the team of brothers and believes their experience and professional skills will be beneficial when providing support for musical events, raising funds and dealing with managerial processes to make Autism Rocks a success.