New TransUnion CLO, Heather Russell, Brings Over 20 Years of Experience to Her New Job

New TransUnion Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer is Heather Russell and her first day was June 4. She has nearly 21 successful years of financial and legal services which makes her an esteemed member of the TransUnion company. TransUnion offers services and products to businesses and consumers, which includes the provision of crucial credit and financial information that gives businesses and consumers the opportunity to make informed decisions. The skills, experience, and knowledge that Heather Russell is bringing to TransUnion will be a benefit to both their clients and the company.

Heather Russell’s responsibilities as Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Office for TransUnion will include overseeing all legal matters, government relations, consumer privacy concerns, corporate compliance and governance and these will encompass all of TransUnion and its divisions. Heather Russell is under the supervision of TransUnion CEO and President Jim Peck and will be reporting to him about all matters. She will also be a member of TransUnion’s Executive Committee.

Before being hired by TransUnion, Heather Russell has a work history that helped her gain the experience and knowledge for her job as Chief Legal Officer. First, she was employed by Skadden, Arps in Washington, DC, and London, managing corporate finance and M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions), working there for nearly eight years. She moved on to be the Associate General Counsel for Bank of America for five years. Russell followed up with a job, working for Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon) as a Managing Director, Global Chief Regulatory Counsel, Head Office of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs for four years. After working for BNY Mellon, Heather Russell was a Corporate Secretary, Chief Legal Officer, and she also served as Executive Vice President during her employment with Fifth Third Bank for one year.

Finally, Heather Russell moved onto the law firm of Buckley Sandler, LLP, where she became a partner as well as a division manager supervising Financial Institutions Regulation, Supervision, and Technology or known as FIRST. With Buckley Sandler, she managed the global financial services division which consisted of dealing with data privacy and security, consumer financial services, regulatory compliance, and M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions). She was there for over a year and a half. Heather Russell will bring over 20 years of experience to her new job at TransUnion.

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Michael Lacey, Jim Larkin, Joe Arpaio and President Trump: The Political Legal Story For The Books

What the United States has experienced in its timeline of political history is replete with examples of presidential pardons that have dramatically transformed the country’s ethics, codified laws and accepted behaviour of the civil society and its government officials.

One example of such presidential pardon that has been so sensational in United States’ history is the one from President Trump given to Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

It may be appropriate to start the story of the entire saga of the legal battle involving Arpaio and President Trump by going back a decade ago. It was the time when Arpaio, along with his agents of police officers, went to the Phoenix homes of Village Voice executives writing now for Front Page Confidential, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Arpaio had the two journalists illegally arrested for technically a total of 24 days.

The two journalists were featuring the abuses, misdeeds, allegations of corruptions and abuse of power of Arpaio in their articles in the newspaper that they owned. One emphasis of such allegation is on Arpaio’s mistreatment of the women inmates at the Tent City, the facility he was overseeing.

It was in these news reports that Lacey and Larkin instigated the narratives of abusive enforcement tactics that the media saw to be targetting immigrants, especially latinos. Since the position was held by Arpaio, multiple caes were filed against him to the point that even the US District Judge Murray Snow even admonished Arpaio for not knowing how to distinguish between racial profiling and admissable arrest.

The arrest for Lacey and Larkin had been officially seen by the court as a form of wrongful arrest. From a contempt of court that was finalized by the court, Arpaio was sentenced to jail. However, he technically won’t be serving time, as President Trump just pardoned Arpaio.

Arpaio’s pardon is seen by Larkin as a returned favor by Trump. During the presidential elections, Arpaio was an active supporter for Trump, arguably because Arpaio saw that the allegations against him had been bubbling up to its highest peak that he probably needed the best help that he could get, and this was in through the President himself.

When Trump won, Arpaio immediately won the heart and the good graces of the Trump administration. Now that he needed the help because of the incarceration order for him, Larkin argued that Trump saw it to his advantage to give his nod for support to Arpaio.

There are also parallels in Arpaio and Trump’s anti-latino attitudes, and this shared interest may have been what coalesced into bringing the two together as allies.

The Aftermath

Now that Arpaio is still out there and not serving time, Lacey and Larkin would just be using the $3.75 settlement money they won from the lawsuit they filed against Arpaio to start non-profit political movements. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The money would now be used as the main funding both for the Frontera Lacey and Larkin Fund and the Front Page Confidential news portal, which are active ventures today that both help Latinos get the support they need and assist other immigrants get the protection that they badly need as US citizens.

Heather Russell: The Next Financial Chapter

Heather Russel has been in the global finances field for over 20 years. Her experience includes, but isn’t limited to, mergers and acquisitions and compliance. Working in TransUnion will provide Heather Russel with more experience in the financial field. She will gain experience in the legal and governmental sectors for TransUnion by helping with assessing financial risk and their privacy sector.

Prior to joining TransUnion, as per Bloomberg, Heather Russell gained experience through her education and experience in a variety of companies. She received her BA degree from the College of William & Mary, and her Juris Doctor Degree (JD) from American University’s College of Law. After this she spent 8 years working in Washington DC where she gained experience with acquisition and mergers. After this experience she worked in a variety of Banks providing financial services as Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, Corporate Secretary, Managing Director, Head of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs, and Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel.

TransUnion has been working on providing individuals with financial risk assessment both for the credit card companies and the consumers that use them. Consumers can better assess their credit. TransUnion uses their own research and data to provide accurate solutions for creditors and consumers. TransUnion leads the financial global field with their presence in over 30 countries including North America, Africa, Latin America and Asia. Adding Heather Russel to the team will aid in providing a better economy, assessing financial risk for creditors, and a safe community for all consumers. Connect with Heather Russell on Twitter.

Why Choose Waiakea Volcanic Water Over The Competition

Have you ever heard of a bottled-water company named Waiakea? Well, if you haven’t heard, then you’re not alone. The brand is fairly new since it has only been around for six years, but it offers you so many natural qualities. Waiakea Volcanic water’s name says it all. This water comes from a natural source that’s over 14,000 feet in the air. To put things into a better perspective, this water basically comes from rain, and it is then shuttled through a volcano during its decent. That’s right! Waiakea Volcanic water is basically volcanic water to some degree. Since volcanic water is full of porous rock, the water will be thoroughly cleaned.

With its 8.8 pH level, this particular water is very safe to drink, and it would be extremely hard trying to find water that’s more alkaline than this. The average bottled water comes in at a strong 5 pH level. If you know anything about pH level, then you’d understand that anything that’s below a seven is very acidic. Acidic water is definitely unhealthy. In order for your body to stay as healthy as possible, your body should generally remain its healthy state at a 7.4 pH level. This information is 100 percent true and there is plenty of documented evidence that backs-up all claims. Waiakea Volcanic water is crushing the competition in every way. The water has an abundance of natural minerals in it.

Sustainability is the key to success. Waiakea does a great job of helping others. The company donates fresh water to its Hawaiian community as well as donates water to other countries. Since the water comes from mother nature, it is highly sustainable. In the end, Waiakea Volcanic water is setting new standards, and it’s changing the current status quo for the better.

Backpage Gets Seized and Its Former Owners, Michael Lacey And Jim Larkin, Arrested

As Michael Lacey and his wife were preparing for a celebration party for their marriage, law-enforcement officers went to their Paradise Valley home and arrested Mr. Lacey. The federal agents also arrested Jim Larkin, a longtime business partner of Lacey. In 2012, the two men sold the chain which is currently referred to as Village Voice Media. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

However, they made an agreement that would be separated for the deal thus retaining the interest. Alongside the raids, Backpage was also seized. This was a result of accumulated allegations that the company is an online brothel that promotes and simplifies sex trafficking. In 2015, they sold their Backpage interest to Carl Ferrer.

In 2017, Larkin and Lacey founded the Front Page Confidential with the aim of providing information on First Amendment analysis and news.

The government’s attempt to destroy the website, as well as their arrests are assaults on the freedom of the press. Paul Cambria, Lacey’s criminal defense lawyer, shared with Front Page Confidential that Mr. Lacey would be going to court for a hearing. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The following week, Larkin was going to see a magistrate. As a professional in First Amendment jurisprudence who constantly defended Larry Flynt and succeeded, Mr. Cambria stated that his client would not plead guilty to all the charges. He continued to say that he was going to seek his immediate release as the detention was inappropriate.

Cambria also condemned the FBI for facilitating the takedown of Backpage as it once hosted advertisements for antiques and yard sales. Each time the government closes down a significant form of speech, Paul Cambria said that it causes a chilling effect. He believes that the actions adopted by the government are not constitutional thus willing to put up a fight with them in search of justice.

Back in 2007, Lacey and Larkin had been illegally detained following the orders of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The final ruling of the case concluded that Arpaio and his department arrested the two as a result of criticizing their deeds in the Phoenix New Times.

Therefore, Maricopa County paid them $3.75 million to settle their lawsuit with the sheriff. Using these funds, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin founded the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The fund’s objective is to provide migrant grants to related organizations in Arizona. They support non-profit groups which fight for the rights of Latinos and Hispanics.

Since President Trump pardoned Arpaio even after all the damage he caused, corporations such as the Frontera Fund are playing significant roles in fighting against his atrocious legacy.

Jim and Michael are also returning to the journalism industry with the Front Page Confidential website which covers free speech threats, as well as the First Amendment.

Talos Energy widens its base

Tim Duncan worked for close to four months to broker a merger deal between Stone Energy and Talos Energy. The merger was going to cost up to $2.5 billion. Talos Energy’s CEO hoped to have the private company join the public sphere without being involved in a public offering. Tim was among the co founders of Talos Energy when the company saw the light of day in 2012.

Duncan will soon be incharge of a $2.3 billion company. The oil company raises revenue that amounts to $900 million every year. The listing belong to Stone Energy will get new owners and it will be represented as TALOS.

With a current production of 48000 barrels of oil on a daily basis, Talos Energy seeks to increase and probably even double its proceeds. This is despite venturing into the unfamiliar Mexican territory. They are hopeful of drilling a lot of oil from the gulf.

Having been raised by an oil-company man, Duncan knew a lot about drilling and value addition of oil at an early age. In 1996 he officially began his own career in the oil industry. Zilkha Energy gave the young engineer an opportunity to start off.

Over the years he has garnered sufficient expertise to provide solutions for different clients. He thrives in the midst of crises something that his advisor,Jerre Schretrr, has discovered over the years. He has developed a habit of using tough conditions to benefit greatly.

Talos’ equity owners along with the Apollo Management team joined him at the negotiation table. Prior to the merger Talos Energy had invested heavily in the Phoenix field making it its greatest asset. They did this in 2013 after parting with $620 million. Chevron was its first developer and 6 wells were drilled as a result. In 2005, Hurricane Rita briefly halted the operations of the Typhoon platform.

Helix Producer is the the ship used by the firm when barrels are drawn from Phoenix. Its usefulness was most appreciated back in 2010 after the Deepwater tragedy. With the merger deal falling through, Talos energy has reviewed their operations with a view of increasing production. They will gain heavily from the Pompano platform that has been under the management of Stone Energy. The platform brings along great infrastructure that the firm can exploit.

HCR Wealth Advisors Helping People with Their Finances

People these days are having a tough time meeting the increasing living expenses, starting from tuition fees of children to groceries and from utilities to taxes. It is primarily because the people these days are living longer, and the retirement planning of the old people is failing. Middle-aged people not only have to look after their parents but also raise their children and at the same time, save for their future. It is becoming difficult for middle-aged people to keep a financial balance. However, with the help of experts, it is very much possible.

HCR Wealth is a registered investment advisory firm that helps people with their retirement as well as financial planning in a comprehensive manner. The amount of investment options available these days can be confusing to everyday people, but with the help of financial guidance, it becomes much easier to invest wisely for long-term wealth creation. HCR Wealth Advisors has years of experience in providing financial advice. The financial planning offered by experts at @HCRwealth is customized as per the financial situations and expectations of the clients.

Understanding market volatility can be difficult for the layman as many factors need to be considered when investing or making any financial decisions. HCR Wealth Advisors says that there are certain principles about long-term wealth creation and investment that people should follow. One of the first tips given by the experts at HCR Wealth Advisors is that people should ensure that they invest on a regular basis, even if the amount is small. Any amount is a good amount as long as it promises returns and is put away to mature. One of the tips given by HCR Wealth Advisors is to make retirement planning a top priority. When retirement planning becomes a financial priority, it becomes easier to secure financial future and achieve long-term wealth creation goals.

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How Equities First Holdings Generate Transactions that Exceeds $1 Billion

Equities First Holdings (EFH) provides equity-loans to everyone. It has been a primary product from the beginning in 2012. EFH has good performance record. A record that shows they are responsible for over $1 billion dollars in transactions. EFH has an office in London. It has done well. The 700 transactions is a good sign of EFH’s good performance. The London office’s performance helps grow to new markets in Australia and in China. Businesses like the versatility of an equity-loan. It can be used for any purpose, and the loan is easier to gain approval for than a traditional loan. A good example of equity-loan involved the CEO CEO of PaySafe Group PLC (PSG) Joel Leonoff.

EFH allowed Leonoff to use 1.5 million shares as collateral for a loan with a three-year term. After he repaid the loan, Leonoff received over 9 million shares. Business sees it is simple process of good product.

For details:

Larkin and Lacey Help People With Different Opportunities to Be Successful

Larkin and Lacey work as activists and have been in that role for years. They started their career working as journalists and quickly learned they could help people with the options they had available to them. Since Larkin and Lacey know how to help, they are confident in all the opportunities they have.

They spend time giving back to the communities they work with so they can rely on all the options that help them grow on their own. As long as Larkin and Lacey are doing a good job with the charitable giving they offer to other individuals, they’re prepared to give the communities what they need.

Minorities often struggle to get the resources that help them through difficult times. Larkin and Lacey knew that and also knew things would get better for each minority they worked with. As long as Larkin and Lacey can count on helping people, they feel good about their own lives.

They also feel as though there are chances they can succeed with the business opportunities they’ve given to people through their own organization. The organization was a dream for them and was something that came as a result of Joe Arpaio doing them wrong.

Joe Arpaio arrested both Larkin and Lacey for simply publishing information about him on their website. He saw it as slander and violated their freedom of the press. He also violated their freedom of speech when he arrested them the wrong way.

He didn’t want people to know they had to do things that would make it more difficult for them to bring change to different opportunities. Even though there are opportunities people had, they didn’t know what would happen when things got hard on them. They also didn’t know who to turn to. Larkin and Lacey had the answer to that, but they had to get out of the illegal charges they had against them.

The men fought hard to get rid of the charges. They were climbing uphill when it came to fighting against Joe Arpaio. He had a lot of people on his side and that made things harder for Larkin and Lacey. They fought him and won because of their constitutional rights. Larkin and Lacey won a lot of money from the settlement. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Twitter

They used the money to help them start the Frontera Fund. The fund was available for those who needed it. Minorities have always had a hard time, but Larkin and Lacey’s Frontera Fund allowed them to feel better about things.

After everything happened, Joe Arpaio received a pardon for the crime he committed against Larkin and Lacey. While he should have never been given the pardon, the men are learning how to live with him in their city. Learn more about Jim Lacey and Michael Lacey: and

He has certain guidelines he must follow and Larkin and Lacey are hoping he continues to follow those guidelines. He also has to be sure he’s doing things right so there are no problems with the other minorities in the area that he could do crimes against.

The contribution of Larkin and Lacey in the Human rights Sector

The United States is among the areas that have been affected greatly by the matters related to discrimination of the immigrants. The place that most of the people became the victim of the situation was the city of Arizona.

Larkin and Lacey are among the people who have been compelled to act against the state of oppression of the refugees through the promotion of the human rights spirit in the community.

The two were taking the role of journalism before setting their foot in the arena of human right. The factor that made them take the decision was to allow the immigrants enjoy their rights and create a society that can be defined by equality.

Larkin and Lacey have been on the frontline in criticizing the matters affecting the society. Recently, the two came to a position where they criticized the step taken by president Trump in pardoning the leadership of sheriff in the county of Maricopa. The leadership of sheriff had a various incident of corruption and atrocities.

Furthermore, most of the advisers of the sheriff were ant-immigrants, and most of the practices that were taking place within the administration of sheriff were aimed at oppression the immigrants in the community.

Larkin and Lacey made a move to set up a non-profit organization that was meant to foster the mission of the human rights in the community. The name of the organization was Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. The primary reason behind the formation of the agency was to make all the operations of the small organizations in the circle of human rights flow along the line of expectation.

The move of the two in the community was lauded. The other mission of the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund was to make the refugees get informed on various issues pertaining their rights and use the right avenues to fight for them.

The matter of the bad blood between the leadership of sheriff of Larkin and Lacey started ay back in the year 2007. The sheriff had ordered the arrest of the two journalists after making the disclosure of the information relating to the grand jury. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Michael Lacey | Facebook

The move of the authorities precipitated commotion in the society as the public was demanding the release of Larkin and Lacey after being taken away at night. The resilience of the public made the journalist released, and their case dropped. They then sued the administration of sheriff for arresting them unlawfully.

Larkin and Lacey became victorious, and they were compensated a huge amount of $3.75 million. They then channeled the money in reinforcing the efforts of the other small organizations in the circle of the human rights.

Additionally, as a factor of integrating the refugees into the community, the two financed the campaign championing for the freedom of speech to allow the refugees put forward their grievances by using the right avenues. The effort of Larkin and Lacey in the scene of human rights has been substantial. It has attracted support from various parts of the world.

Larkin and Lacey have dedicated much of their time to creating balance in the community by championing for the human rights.