Where Waiakea Water Stands Alone in that Industry

It is one thing to make claims that your bottled water is the best on the planet, it is another to receive awards year after year confirming those statements. Although Waiakea Hawaiian volcanic water is by far the best tasting water available, the contributions this company provides for people in need far exceed the attention they get for the product they sell.

The CEO of Waiakea Water, Ryan Emmons, made it clear years ago that he was blessed with a bounty of purified water. The aquifer discovered on the Hawaiian islands processes millions of gallons of water each day, enough for everyone to enjoy. The company was making profits right out of the gate, so Emmons decided it was time to give back to those in need. The company was donating a portion of the profits early on to families and charitable organization in Hawaii. As the word spread about this bottled water, so did the charitable efforts.

Waiakea Water partnered with PumpAid years ago because it just seemed like the perfect fit. In addition to monies donated all around the world, not Waiakea Water was sending employees who volunteered to help communities in poor countries to access clean water on their own. This need came from the fact that millions of people are dying every year because of water-borne illnesses and the lack of clean sanitary conditions. Visit forbes.com to know more.

The team from Waiakea Water show up at these communities and work closely with town leaders who access tools and supplies to build the wells needed to access the water. Volunteers help install elephant pumps that can access clean water deep in the ground, and teach the locals how to use and maintain the pumps so they are never without water again. Conservation tips passed on to the community ensure no water is wasted and this new resource is something that will save lives in the future. Read more articles on Affiliate Dork.

Waiakea Water is also leading the charge at home by becoming the first company to develop a plastic additive that will degrade a water bottle in only 15 years compared to the average 100 years of bottles piling up in landfills across the world.

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Gregory James Aziz Developes A Historic Brand Into One Of The World’s Leading Freight Railroad Manufacturers

The National Steel Car brand looked to have followed many industry leaders in various sectors who have failed to move with the times and take on the highest level of development for the various technologies that are moving the world forward with the “Internet of things”. In 1994, the stock of National Car Steel began its current upward trend when Gregory James Aziz set out to purchase the company and rebuild it to the success it had been during its early years after establishment in 1912; one of the most colorful business figures in North America, Greg J Aziz has overseen a complete turnaround in the fortunes of the brand as it has embraced the latest technology available to become an industry leader once again in the creation of rolling stock for freight railroad manufacturers.


National Steel Car has continued to develop its brand with a move toward placing quality and technological advancement at the heart of the work being completed by design and construction employees. The development of the National Steel Car company has moved apace in recent years with the awarding of many technological standards certificates and awards over recent years, including the TTX SECO award given for achieving the highest quality possible in manufacturing and construction sectors; the award was first given to National Car Steel two years after Gregory J Aziz purchased the company and began to move it’s towards becoming one of the great freight railroad stock manufacturers once again. If holding on to the TTX SECO for more than 20 years was not impressive enough, the awarding of the ISO 9001:2008 industrial standard solidified the reputation of National Car Steel and James Aziz as leaders in the growing industrial area of freight railroad production.

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Greg Aziz has never shied away from a challenge and took his education seriously at Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario as the London, Ontario native planned to return to the Aziz family business of Affiliated Foods. After returning to the fresh foods importer, Gregory J Aziz turned the family company into the leading distributor of imported fresh foods in North America. A successful financial career followed for James Aziz as he made his way to the U.S. markets and continued to find success before finding his natural home at National Car Steel.

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OSI Group’s Place At Provisioner Online

OSI Food Group is up in the list of top meat processors and suppliers, including Provisioner Online’s Top 100 Processor’s where they ranked at number 10 in 2016. The list of operations they specialize in ranges from slaughtering, curing, processing, preparing and includes both livestock and seafood.

OSI has about 50 processing plants with 10 in the US and the other 40 located in 17 different countries. It makes billions in sales and has formed partnerships with supermarket chains and restaurants, and all products are marketed through local agents who know the demographics and needs of customers.

OSI Group has been a privately-owned company ever since its beginnings over 100 years ago. It was originally known as Otto & Sons, a company that started with one butcher shop in Chicago that Otto Kolschowsky’s family ran. That butcher shop was built into a meat wholesale company in less than 10 years, and by 1928 it was known as Otto & Sons. In the 1950s the Kolschowsky sons made a famous deal with Ray Kroc, the man credited with turning McDonalds into a national phenomenon to become its meat supplier. It was Sheldon Lavin who became CEO of Otto & Sons about 20 years later when the company started looking into international investments to keep up with the demand for McDonalds Products. The 1980s expansion led to the renaming of Otto & Sons to OSI Group.

OSI Group cares most about its people and saving jobs as opposed to simply buying out companies only to layoff workers. Lavin has sought to maintain the company’s reputation as having a family-oriented atmosphere, and throughout the years many employees have reported high job satisfaction with the company. And safety is certainly not on the backburner at OSI Group. Their ability to maintain top safety practices and minimize injuries in all their plants has earned them recognitions such as the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour award given to OSI just last year.

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Defining Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holding is a pioneer in stock-based lending. Its headquarters is in Indianapolis, Indiana. The firm provides stock-based financing solutions to individual and institutional clients. Customers are able to have quick liquidity access at low market rates with the use of traded shares as security due to straightforward and fast process offered by the enterprise. Equities First Holdings was established in 2002. It has been able to execute more than 1000 successful transactions for customers who range from high-net-worth individuals to global companies. The firm has also opened nine offices globally. Equities First Holdings offers alternative lending to their clients compared to the conventional way of lending.

The process of securing financing solutions at Equities First Holdings is fast, simple, and straightforward. The response time is 24 hours. Clients have flexibility with the loans offered by the firm. The company has been able to register massive success and growth in a number of markets including Australia, Southeast Asia, and Europe for the 15 years that it has been in operation. Equities First Holdings has been able to attract many new audiences since the company accepts shares as a form of collateral. The firm has been able to collaborate with longtime strategic partners such as top tier investment banks, custodian banks, and also top law firms locally and internationally. LinkedIn.

Equities First Holdings has created a top-notch staff to offer outstanding client service, investment management, and operations. The firm understands that each customer has unique needs. It offers them customized services. Public companies’ executives, individual investors, and business have been able to benefit from the loans from Equities First Holdings for either business investment or capital. Investors are able to unlock their stock value through acquiring liquidity at affordable terms with a transaction that is non-recourse due to the stock-based loans offered by Equities First.

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OSI- Commitment To Excellence

A leader in their industry, OSI is a business that reaches many each and every single day. This meat processing company services people in both retail and the food service industry. They have built a business built on core values like integrity and teamwork. As a result they work with some of the biggest and most profitable companies around the world.

OSI’s root date all the way back to the early 1900’s. During that German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky opened a family meat market in Illinois. The company later became known as Otto and Sons and over time would grow to become quite a successful company. Today OSI has locations all across the world including in Europe and Asia. Regardless of where you are in the US, their is bound to be a location nearby. Their US facilities include locations in Utah, Wisconsin, California and Chicago.

Working with a company like OSI Group has a long list of benefits. This company has worked as a supplier for years and therefore they have built a level of trust view other companies have. OSI prides itself on conducting innovative research and they proud facilities that help bring unique menu items into existence. Several major business have put their trust in OSI. This list of companies include giants like Pizza Hut, Subway, Papa Johns and even Starbucks.

Just how impactful has OSI been. If you eat fish, bacon, pizza, hotdogs or even vegetables, you have probably come in contact with an OSI product. This companies commitment to integrity, innovation and teamwork have allowed them to grow in gigantic ways. With such a dedication to excellence, OSI is sure to be in business for some time to come.

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Mike Baur Makes An Impact With The Swiss Startup Factory

Many companies have become very successful by selling products and services on the Internet. The Internet allows companies to attract and market to people online. In many cases, people make purchases through company websites. The concept of selling products and services on the Internet revolves around ecommerce. While many people have heard of the term ecommerce, it is only a term to many people.


However, for companies that participate in ecommerce and depend on ecommerce sales to help or drive company revenue, ecommerce is much more than a term. The use of ecommerce is as real as a company balance sheet. In reality, it is hard to sell products and services online. Although billions of dollars in sales are conducted every year on the Internet, it is not easy to make sales on the Internet. This is one of the things that people must understand regarding the Internet.


Many people see and hear about the success of companies that are on the Internet. Some of these people want to start and run businesses to earn money. While the people have various degrees of interest, there is a group of people that fall into this category who are defined as digital entrepreneurs. The digital entrepreneur is the same as any other entrepreneur except that the digital entrepreneur is mainly interested in starting digital companies.


The digital entrepreneur tends to understand that there is a learning curve involved with starting and running successful digital companies. In the age of digital technology, the digital entrepreneur has a variety of resources available to assist with learning how to start and run a successful digital company.


One of the best ways is by receiving hands on training and assistance from people who understand how to start and operate successful digital companies. A company that is providing this kind of help for digital entrepreneurs is the Swiss Startup Factory.


Mike Baur is one of the founding partners of the Swiss Startup Factory. He has been invaluable in helping the company to gain exposure in the business world. He has helped the company to become a top startup company in Switzerland, and he helps the company of a daily basis concerning business operations, training, consulting, mentoring, and a variety of other tasks.


Mike Baur has over 20 years of experience in the private banking industry. This experience provides him with a unique perspective concerning funding, starting, operating, and managing digital companies.




Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a businessperson based in Switzerland who is the founder of the company Swiss Start Up Factory. Baur has worked in the business sector for twenty years and has accumulated lots of valuable experience. At the beginning of his career, Mike was in the banking industry and therefore got experience in learning about many types of businesses and what they need to succeed. After twenty years in banking he decided to start up his own company and look to thrive as an entrepreneur. With his experience in banking as well as entrepreneurship, Baur has established himself as a leading businessperson in Switzerland.

At the beginning of his career Mike worked in banking where he was responsible for evaluating companies and providing funds to help them reach their goals. During this experience Mike would meet with business owners and executives, find out about their objectives and then advise them on how to reach their financial and business goals. As well as providing advice, Mike would look to issue financing deals that would help a company either start up or expand. However this would give Mike the idea of helping companies start up and become valuable contributors to the Swiss economy.

Once Mike Baur decided to leave the banking industry, he then founded his own company called Swiss Start Up Factory. This company is one that holds contests in which a number of start up companies tell the firm about their business idea. Similar to a contest, the most appealing companies are chosen to become clients of Swiss Start Up Factory. Once they become clients then they will receive assistance in the form of financing as well as advice. Therefore Swiss Start Up Factory evaluates, chooses and then assists up and coming businesses put themselves in position to succeed.

As the founder of Swiss Start up Factory, Mike Baur makes all of the key decisions in terms of what companies to work with. Due to his experience in the banking industry, he is able to adopt the same principles for his clients and allow them to get the resources they need in order to become successful companies. Therefore Mike Baur has put together a very unique company that will help establish new businesses, create jobs and also improve the overall economy of Switzerland. With Swiss Start up Factory, many companies will have the opportunity to get the help they need in order to reach their potential.

Jose Gonzales Finds Fault in Political Handlings

There are a lot of political issues that are often left to be discussed in political offices. However, Jose Gonzales states that a lot of these issues have an effect on the lives of people outside of office. Therefore, others should be able to have a say in the matter too. Jose Gonzales is one of those people that are affected by the issues discussed by politicians. He is involved in the provision of public services in his field. He has experience in a couple of extremely different fields that complement each other. He works as an entrepreneur who is involved with political issues.

Jose Gonzales is an agricultural businessman who is experiencing a hit to his business. Among the effects that he is experiencing is that there has been a slow down in the growing of corn and rice. There is also a lack of imports. As a result, his business is sent on a roller coaster as they struggle to come up with an adequate supply of materials. So Jose is definitely looking at the issue that is affecting his line of work. These are of course uncertain times for the agriculture businessman.

There is always an attempt to understand the agricultural situation. There have been remarks made about the flaws of the business. However, the government has ignored the issue saying that this problem is not important. As of right now, it is believed that the government will bring all of its attention to the possibility of importing food. However, the lack in foreign exchange is going to make the situation very challenging. There are plenty of issues that are to be addressed with this decision. For one thing, the faulty economic policy is being pointed out as the cause for this challenging circumstance. It is believed that a national agreement is the key to solving this issue.

How Does Better Reputation Solve Reputation Crises?

A reputation crisis online can be pretty bad for the client when they have a lot of bad press on the Internet. People will read that bad press over and over again, and the reputation of the company will get worse and worse until finally there is no reputation left. A company like Better Reputation can actually go online and figure out how to solve the reputation crisis. They will make sure that people are going to have more positive things to read, and they will start creating content for their clients.

The clients will also get a kind of retainer service that can have Better Reputation looking out for them when they need it. It makes a lot of sense for people to get the things that they need when they do not have time to watch their reputation, and Better Reputation will make it easy for them to make a change. Better Reputation can easily look into a problem that comes up, and they will figure out what to do about it. They can write up content for the client, or they can start looking into ways that they can remove false content from the Internet.

Removing false content is very important for people to make sure that there is not anything out there that is not right. There are going to be false articles and reviews of a company, and the only way to make them right again is for a company like Better Reputation to make sure that they have asked for those things to be removed. That makes the reputation a company much better, and it prevents things from coming up out of nowhere in the future.

Better Reputation can help any company get a much better reputation, and they can look out for the company to be sure that that company has a chance to make the most of their online presence. An online presence can be very clean when it is managed by the right people, and it can be handled by a company that is very familiar with the process like Better Reputation.

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Sam Tabar Shares Hot Retirement Investment Tips

As the holiday season approaches, many Americans are already planning their New Year’s resolutions in advance. While most of these resolutions will be goals commonly made annually such as losing weight or quitting smoking, some are planning to start investing for their retirement. U.S News and World Report revealed that Americans will need between 75 and 80 percent of their preretirement income in order to maintain their standard of living. Sam Tabar, a Columbia Law School and Oxford University alumni, is an experienced lawyer and capital strategist. He shares his wealth of knowledge on how to start investing in retirement while still young.

Commodity Investments

He starts off by cautioning potential investors to first know the pitfalls associated with commodity investment before venturing into this field. This is because commodity investment requires considerably more research that other mutual investments. This is because they tend to be quite volatile since their prices fluctuate wildly. This is the main reason why Tabar insists on diversification of investment portfolios to protect against price fluctuations that could cause a lot of losses to investors.

Investing in Startups

However, preparing for retirement does not only refer to mutual fund investments and trading floor activities. Another excellent way to generate considerable income in future is to invest in a startup company that has the potential for growth and development. Social investment can be quite rewarding but only if the startup identified has potential to grow. Sam Tabar has personally invested his money in THINX, a firm that produces fashionable panties that are specially designed for women having their periods.

Investing in startups and trading in commodities are two of many options that one can use to prepare for their retirement. Tabar believes that the first investment step is the most important one to make.

Sam Tabar has worked for Bank of Merrill Lynch in its Asia Pacific division. At the bank, he was in charge of capital strategy for the entire Asia-pacific region. Tabar is also an attorney by profession and has counseled many clients on legal issues related to hedge funds and investments. He has also worked for law firms like Schulte Roth & Zabel as well as Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom.