Eli Gershkovitch, Founder of the Craft Beer Company

Eli Gershkovitch is one of the most celebrated and successful craft brewers in Canada. His passion in craft brewers began in 1987 when he did a law degree at the University of Toronto and got the idea for a craft brewery when he traveled throughout Europe and tasting the Belgian beer for the first time, he visited a couple of breweries, tasting different flavors. This is what gave him an idea of a craft brewery and then on Eli Gershkovitch saw the possibility and opportunity to create something huge from the distinctive flavors of beverages. He was also motivated by the fact of manufacturing a product and directly selling it to customers. Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at Ottawa Citizen.

Eli Gershkovitch at his motherland, he embarked on researching on the craft brewery business. Eight years later he found an ideal place where he decided to start up his steam works brewpub which could hold a maximum capacity of 184 people. His brewpub was distinct from other breweries in Canada because it used a steam-powered system to produce beer, Eli Gershkovitch was contented with this since the resultant beer produced a unique yet delicious flavor. His pub continued to grow, and this saw an increase of the seating capacity to 570 seats since his steam works had succeeded in attracting numerous customers. Read this article at westender.com.

Eli Gershkovitch began sponsoring events in his home area as a way of boosting local awareness of his business. He partnered up with his Australian cousin and has taken steam works craft beer back to Europe where the idea was initiated. Seven years later steam works had established a great brewing facility that’s how he formed the Beer Crafty, the most celebrated craft brewers in Canada.

Eli Gershkovitcch is fondly praised in the industry because he believes in that combination of culture, craftsmanship and creativity are the only means of success in any entrepreneurship. His craft beer has become the local beer that significantly sells globally this has seen him establishing a full-scale brewery and taproom in Burnaby becoming one of the Western Canada’s most prominent craft breweries, and the beer is being exported globally. Eli Gershkovitch has established an excellent platform for the business and thus an outstanding mentor for young entrepreneurs worldwide.

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Entrepreneur And Athlete- Logan Stout

Logan Stout can well be described as an American entrepreneur who is very passionate about people as well as baseball. Logan’s love for baseball has gone to an extent of supporting the game by establishing one of the largest organizations known as the Dallas Patriots. The main purpose of Logan for developing the organization was to make training available for the young talented individuals. According to Logan stout; not every child is able to receive the required emotional support both at home and in school. It is Stout’s trusts that an individual can attain their life’s goals as well as dreams when they live a healthy life.

Logan Stout is the Founder and the Chief executive Officer of IDLife, he mainly focuses on connecting the mind, the soul and the body. IDLife is all about healthy living that provides supplements for weight management, sleep aids as well as energy supplements. IDLife clients first go through an assessment before receiving supplements. However Mr. Stout is not a baseball love, businessman, but he is also a motivational speaker and a published author who has written several books including; the secret to Building Yourself, People, and teams. In his book stouts offers advice to the readers on how to achieve success as well as provide steps on how to go about it.

Logan Stout who is now a family man graduated from the Panola College, and later furthered his education earning a degree in Psychology from the University of Dallas. Mr. Logan is also a professional athlete who understands well the need of healthy living. Through his foundation IDLife; Stouts offers the best nutrition for sports people because he understands better what they need. Logan stout loves games and he is also the founder of Premier Baseball Academy. Mr. Logan Stout has been using the sports school to improve as well as mentor the young and aspiring sports persons, and those who wish to live a healthy life. His dreams to nature healthy sports individuals is realized by him partnering with top organizations such as Garmin who have assisted him venture in the world of aptness and flexibility.

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Gregory James Aziz Developes A Historic Brand Into One Of The World’s Leading Freight Railroad Manufacturers

The National Steel Car brand looked to have followed many industry leaders in various sectors who have failed to move with the times and take on the highest level of development for the various technologies that are moving the world forward with the “Internet of things”. In 1994, the stock of National Car Steel began its current upward trend when Gregory James Aziz set out to purchase the company and rebuild it to the success it had been during its early years after establishment in 1912; one of the most colorful business figures in North America, Greg J Aziz has overseen a complete turnaround in the fortunes of the brand as it has embraced the latest technology available to become an industry leader once again in the creation of rolling stock for freight railroad manufacturers.


National Steel Car has continued to develop its brand with a move toward placing quality and technological advancement at the heart of the work being completed by design and construction employees. The development of the National Steel Car company has moved apace in recent years with the awarding of many technological standards certificates and awards over recent years, including the TTX SECO award given for achieving the highest quality possible in manufacturing and construction sectors; the award was first given to National Car Steel two years after Gregory J Aziz purchased the company and began to move it’s towards becoming one of the great freight railroad stock manufacturers once again. If holding on to the TTX SECO for more than 20 years was not impressive enough, the awarding of the ISO 9001:2008 industrial standard solidified the reputation of National Car Steel and James Aziz as leaders in the growing industrial area of freight railroad production.

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Greg Aziz has never shied away from a challenge and took his education seriously at Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario as the London, Ontario native planned to return to the Aziz family business of Affiliated Foods. After returning to the fresh foods importer, Gregory J Aziz turned the family company into the leading distributor of imported fresh foods in North America. A successful financial career followed for James Aziz as he made his way to the U.S. markets and continued to find success before finding his natural home at National Car Steel.

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James Dondero Winning Strategies On Volatile Alternative Investments

James Dondero has more than 30 years of experience in the credit and equity markets. He has created numerous successful products and solutions for institutional and retail investors. He derives his strength through puzzle solving and thinking through complex debt deals, turnarounds, and emerging trends. He was born in Hoboken N.J. Dondero started his career as an analyst after graduating with Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Virginia in 1984. He also holds certifications like CMA and CFA. Dondero joined American Express as a Corporate Bond Analyst in 1985 and later became the Portfolio Manager of close to 1 billion dollars in fixed income funds.


James Dondero is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. James and Mark Okada partnered with Protective Life Insurance to launch the Highlands Capital Management in 1993.They moved the enterprise from Los Angeles to Dallas Texas where the Protective Life Insurance Corporation was based. They later purchased the protective life stake in the firm and have experienced tremendous growth ever since. Highland Capital Management offers investors access to winning investment ideas through the 894 million dollars Highland Global Allocation fund that holds a portfolio of close to 400 securities. Highland Capital Management focused mostly on credit. It has considered alternative investments and emerging themes.


Highland Capital Management structured and launched its first nonbank collateralized loan obligation in 1996. It established an alternative investment 40 ACT Platform and mutual fund in 2000. There was a negative debt swing that prompted Dondero and his team to look for emerging themes in 2012. They turned their focus into Argentina and did research that concluded that the country’s natural resources, developed infrastructure, and educated population would help to limit losses. They invested in the bond market of the country that appreciated in 2015. They had also started shopping for deals in the Hard Hit Limited and Partnership that own natural resources like oil, gas, pipelines, and storage facilities. The MLPs Index recorded a significant gain in 2016. The other emerging themes that he is dedicated to are wind power, tonopioid pain medication, and non-profits.

Technology is the Future of Entrepreneurs, Flavio Maluf’s take on 2017 Business Prospects

New Year represents a new way of doing things. Entrepreneurs should stay connected through market research and business trends this year. President and CEO of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf, published a list from American Magazine Inc, demonstrating some the best sectors in the market to venture in.




Technology is a way of life and a vital business tool. There’s an app for almost everything these days. Flavio advocates for the creation of simple business applications that can make administration more practical in yielding positive results for 2017.




The youth need our support. According to Inc. magazine, young people are the new consumers, and cannot be neglected. The Millennial generation needs to be understood as potential customers. Companies should create products best suited for them.


Remote Work


Working away from the office is the new found joy of techies. We have slowly moved from going to work in jeans to working from home and staying productive. Inc. has listed companies capable of offering training services for employees that work away from their headquarters.



Online Marketing


The demand for online items been increasing and intensifying this niche market over the last twenty years. According to Maluf, recent studies indicate 58% of shoppers find online shopping more convenient as opposed to visiting a physical store.


Mr. Flavio Maluf is the CEO of Eucatex S.A. since April 29, 2005. Flavio also serves as the Board of Executive Members Chairman at Eucatex S.A. He also serves as Vice CEO of Eucatex Trading Engenharia and Eucatex Química e Mineral. He previously worked for Sistema S.A. and Citibank New York. Maluf graduated from FAAP – SP with a degree in Mechanic Engineering. He has an MBA specialized in Accounting, Rural Management, and Foreign Exchange Principles from New York University.


Eucatex is a Brazilian company that manufactures panels and ceiling tiles using the natural eucalyptus. The company was established in 1951. The first mill- Fiberboard Industrial Unit was launched in 1954 in Salto (SP). Eucatex initially produced flexible boards before manufacturing panels and ceiling tiles. Presently, the company manufactures laminate floors, doors, panels, wall partitions, paints and hardboards in Brazil. It currently exports to thirty-seven countries and has 2,201 workers.


Worried About Capital For Your Business, Pick Your Phone And Call Equities First

Equities First ZA offers competent solutions to individuals who have high net-value in the market and different online/offline businesses that are looking for some monetary assistance for non-purpose capital. Equities First specialize in a product that is developed specifically to supply liquidity at gorgeous terms through a transparent and secure process.

Their distinctive approach to financing in the non-purpose sector has resulted in moreover 625 trades till date and their unique method of funding offer better financing terms and lower cost of capital to their clients with more conventional financing alternatives. And that’s the reason why their clientele is improving so much. Equities First ZA functions worldwide through offices in Sydney, Perth, London, Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong and provides financing arrangements that are tailored specifically to the needs of the borrower.

EFH is an international lender and also hold the position of a leader in financing solutions in alternative shareholder. It sees more grips in stock-based and margin loans in an economic climate where financial institutions and other institutions have limited their lending criteria. For borrowers who are in search for someone to raise capital quickly or who might not qualify for more traditional, credit-based loans, Equities First ZA is gaining fame as a substitute.

While few options exist for such individuals, recently, numerous financial institutions have tightened loan qualifications, reduced lending options, and increased interest rates. However, with a margin loan, the borrower should be pre-qualified, as with a traditional bank loan, and might need money to be used for a particular purpose. The interest rates are flexible, and a borrower can expect ratios from 10% to 50% for loan-to-value. Furthermore, the lending company might liquidate the collateral of the borrower without warning them in the event of a margin call. So, be very careful with such loan schemes.

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Jeanmarie Guenot – Medical And Scientific Accomplishments

Dr. JeanMarie Guenot is the President and CEO of the pharmaceutical company Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. The company develops bifunctional antibody therapies for hematologic malignancies. She has a Ph. D. from the University of California, San Francisco and an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Guenot has had more than 20 years of professional experience in the industry of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Prior to her position as CEO at the Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc., Dr. Guenot worked at her own company SKS Ocular that was focused on therapeutics for glaucoma, ocular inflammation, macular degeneration and much more. Later she worked at the company Hoffmann-La Roche in Basel and Shanghai as a business advisor at http://amphivena.com/amphivena_leaders/jeanmarie-guenot-ph-d/ as well as a Vice President of Corporate & Business Development at the company PDL’s R&D. She has worked on a number of projects striving to help patients with Phase 2 cancer and develop possible medications for diseases of the autoimmune system. She was the one to license the medication to Ophthotech on Takeda.com. Dr. JeanMarie Guenot has had a lot of experience with ophthalmic diseases, autoimmune diseases, and cardiovascular diseases. She has also had experience in the different areas of oncology as well as in neurology.

Dr. Jeanmarie Guenot put a start to her business career when she joined the company Atlas Venture. There she managed investments in venture capitals and also life science companies. Her career in science and medicine started with her position of Principal Scientist in Preclinical R&D at Hoffmann-La Roche which involved the discovery and development of a variety of drugs meant to help or cure inflammation, metabolic disease, autoimmune diseases as well as oncology. Dr. Guenot has extensive training in medicinal and physical chemistry noted on linkedin.com. Her studies have mostly put emphasis on drug design, X-ray and NMR refinement, semi-empirical methods for molecular dynamics, quantum mechanical methods for molecular dynamics as well as protein structure prediction. Dr. Guenot has written a large number of articles regarding her fields of medical and scientific expertise and has also given a number of lectures at universities and medical and scientific events.

Mike Baur Co Founds Innovative Company

Mike Baur is one of the more well known business professionals in Switzerland. He is currently a successful entrepreneur who co founded a company known as Swiss Startup Factory. The company helps provide businesses with the guidance they need in order to reach their full potential. Before Baur looked to get involved in entrepreneurship, he invested in a number of startup companies which allowed him to earn high profits for ten years. When Mike first started his career, he worked for banks where he would consult with businesses and provide them with loans to finance their operations. With all of this experience, Mike has been able to establish himself as one of the more well rounded and knowledgeable business people in Switzerland.


Baur has used his years of experience in banking and investing to help start up his company. Swiss Startup Factory has adopted a business model that is similar to the way banks work with business customers. The company will evaluate business ideas presented by entrepreneurs and then decide on whether or not to help them. If Swiss Startup Factory chooses to help a business, they will provide it with guidance in the form of coaching and mentoring on a number of issues. With this assistance, a number of entrepreneurs will be in great position to make their companies more successful.


Since Mike is very experienced in investing, he is very well aware of the potential of startup companies. After receiving high returns and profits from investing in startup companies, Mike has realized that these companies have the potential to be very successful. Due to his years of experience analyzing startup businesses when investing in them, he knows what they need in order to maximize their profits and reach their various goals. With this in mind, Baur uses his expertise to help evaluate businesses and decide to help them.


After deciding to work with businesses, Mike Baur and his company Swiss Startup Factory begin to provide assistance to them. The first thing the company will do is provide advice on how to best manage its finances. This entails managing debt, obtaining debt and also keeping costs down and profits up. With advice on financial management, entrepreneurs will be able to stay afloat and keep their businesses intact.


Another way in which Swiss Startup Factory helps entrepreneurs is by helping them adopt more effective marketing methods. This will allow companies to find better ways to promote their products and services. As a result, they will get more customers and also be in position to increase revenues as well.



Chris Burch Speaks About Fashion and Technology

Chris Burch is a renowned figure in the fashion and technology industries. He has been involved with these two industries for over four decades. Over the years, he has managed to make serious observations, and he is in a position of predicting the future of these two industries. Recently, he had the opportunity to talk about them, and this is what he had to say.


Chris Burch made the observation that these two industries have experienced a lot of changes in the past. He also made the observation that despite the changes, these two industries have continued to grow together. He further acknowledges that easiest way to determine what is coming is to look at the past and the present. When comparing the past and the present, he uses the changes that have occurred in the music industry. He uses the boom box of the 70s, proceeds to the disk cassette, then the Walkman and finally the iPod. He shows how these gadgets have changed as technology and fashion continue to grow.


Burch compares technology to a playground where fashion makes its experiments. Concerning the future, Burch uses the scenario where fashion has used technology to protect humanity. Burch says that fashion designers have created some devices to help protect us. For instance, there are air bags that have been designed to protect bikers from accidents. He also talks of the gloves that have been developed by designers to help firefighters communicate and protect themselves against accidents. He also talks about the way recycled materials have been used to make good fashion. For instance, recycled bicycle inner tubes have been used to create very fashionable jackets.


The two have also joined hands in the creation of energy. There are some shoes that have been designed to generate electricity used to charge watches as individual moves. Burch has been involved with several ventures over the years. His first venture was the Eagles Eye Apparel that he founded while he was still in college with the help of his brother. They later sold this venture for a net worth of $165 million.


Other ventures include the Nihiwatu, a luxury brand in the island of Sumba as well as the Faena Hotel + Universe that is found in Argentina. He also invests in the real estates and the food industries. He is the person behind some ventures like the Soludos and BaubleBar.