A Closer Look at the Success Behind Damac Properties

DAMAC Properties was founded in the year 2002 by a businessman called Hussain Sajwani, who is also the current chairman. Mr. Sajwani, who is an Industrial Engineering and Economics degree holder from the University of Washington, founded the company to accommodate the growing in streaming of people from different countries and regions. The Company has since grown and is currently the top real estate development company all over the Middle East.

The expertise of the businessman in the real estate industry has positively impacted DAMAC Properties. In fact, the company has projects in major global cities like Abu Dhabi, Amman, Dubai, London, Riyadh, and Doha. It is a company with approximately 2000 employees and has been publicly listed. It has many shares traded on the financial market of Dubai and is among the best luxury real estate development companies in the market. DAMAC Properties has delivered over 20,000 homes to date and has over 44,000 development portfolio units yet to be completed.

Under the leadership of Mr. Hussain, the DAMAC owner, the company successfully launched a hospitality division in October 2011. The property, which is called DAMAC Maison, has over 15,000 hotel rooms and apartments that are serviced, thus providing impeccable services to the residents. This investment will place the company among the most prominent hotel apartment developers and operators in the Middle East.

According to aleqt.com, the success and fast growth of this company is due to Sajwani’s entrepreneurial skills and vision. The company was even given the number one position by Forbes 2017 in the Global 2000 list. More to that, Mr. Hussain himself was ranked the fourth richest Arab in the world in Forbes 2018, with a net worth of approximately 4.1 billion dollars.

The company’s primary focus is on efficient delivery of services all over the Middle East, and its relentlessness has made it become such a success. DAMAC turned heads during the 2008 crisis since it was the only company left standing while all the others became dormant due to inability to cope with the harsh economic recession.

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Backpage Gets Seized and Its Former Owners, Michael Lacey And Jim Larkin, Arrested

As Michael Lacey and his wife were preparing for a celebration party for their marriage, law-enforcement officers went to their Paradise Valley home and arrested Mr. Lacey. The federal agents also arrested Jim Larkin, a longtime business partner of Lacey. In 2012, the two men sold the chain which is currently referred to as Village Voice Media. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://james-larkin.com/recent-news/ and https://angel.co/jim-larkin-1

However, they made an agreement that Backpage.com would be separated for the deal thus retaining the interest. Alongside the raids, Backpage was also seized. This was a result of accumulated allegations that the company is an online brothel that promotes and simplifies sex trafficking. In 2015, they sold their Backpage interest to Carl Ferrer.

In 2017, Larkin and Lacey founded the Front Page Confidential with the aim of providing information on First Amendment analysis and news.

The government’s attempt to destroy the website, as well as their arrests are assaults on the freedom of the press. Paul Cambria, Lacey’s criminal defense lawyer, shared with Front Page Confidential that Mr. Lacey would be going to court for a hearing. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The following week, Larkin was going to see a magistrate. As a professional in First Amendment jurisprudence who constantly defended Larry Flynt and succeeded, Mr. Cambria stated that his client would not plead guilty to all the charges. He continued to say that he was going to seek his immediate release as the detention was inappropriate.

Cambria also condemned the FBI for facilitating the takedown of Backpage as it once hosted advertisements for antiques and yard sales. Each time the government closes down a significant form of speech, Paul Cambria said that it causes a chilling effect. He believes that the actions adopted by the government are not constitutional thus willing to put up a fight with them in search of justice.

Back in 2007, Lacey and Larkin had been illegally detained following the orders of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The final ruling of the case concluded that Arpaio and his department arrested the two as a result of criticizing their deeds in the Phoenix New Times.

Therefore, Maricopa County paid them $3.75 million to settle their lawsuit with the sheriff. Using these funds, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin founded the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The fund’s objective is to provide migrant grants to related organizations in Arizona. They support non-profit groups which fight for the rights of Latinos and Hispanics.

Since President Trump pardoned Arpaio even after all the damage he caused, corporations such as the Frontera Fund are playing significant roles in fighting against his atrocious legacy.

Jim and Michael are also returning to the journalism industry with the Front Page Confidential website which covers free speech threats, as well as the First Amendment.

Michael Burwell- Riding In High Success

The Wills Towers Watsons recently named their Chief Executive Officer as Michael Burwell replacing the retiring Roger Millay from 2nd October 2017. Burwell has vast experience of knowledge and skills boasting of 31 years of professional dealings and success in the finance industry. Michael Burwell career ranges from management roles in different company sectors with 11 years dealing with auditing roles and 12 years trading in Transaction Services Advisory roles. Michael is well known for his due diligence in a matter pertaining pre-merger valuation.


The Willis Towers and Watson immense interest in the finance industry is dealing with advisory, global broking and solutions organization. It has well equipped and learned management lead by John Haley, the company president. According to Haley, Mike joining the company highest positions will increase its ability to expand since he comes with innovative ideas, experience and also expertise. Michael Burwell is well acquainted with the ability to get results through unique leadership skills and robust focus on the company clients and the global markets. He has expertise in the transaction, transformation and global finance making him the ideal boss to lead Wills Towers and Watson to better growth and increased long-term success.


Willis Towers and Watson on stock exchange uses initial WLTW. It offers different broking solutions globally enabling clients to minimize their risks turning them into profits. The company was incepted in 1828, and for decades it has grown tremendous having branches in 140 countries with 40,000 workforce’s. The core duty is delivering and designing of different solutions customized to offer their clients comprehensive advice meeting their needs and wants while managing the risk and cultivating on talents. View Related Info Here.


The company also believes in optimizing their client’s benefits by expanding their capital power and ability to protect and strengthen institutions and individuals. The Wills Towers and Watson have unique perceptive skills that allow the company to spot next and critical intersections of various talents and assets while giving a dynamic formula for the driving company to success.


Michael Burwell went to the University of Michigan State where he attained Bachelor of Business Administration degree, and later he became the certified public accountant. He boasts of being named the Persons of the Year by Michigan State University Alumnus, and he believes that a good listener always builds his business to success. Listening is a crucial deal in achieving robust network, and he starts his day very early by making his bed even when travelling and then riding. According to Michael Burwell accomplishment of the morning, assignments are crucial in making the day successful.


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Jeunesse Global creates new economic opportunities for millions

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis had long established themselves as two of the top leaders in the American health and beauty industry when they decided to found Jeunesse Global in 2009. The couple had only retired a few months before, convinced that they could leave the business world that they loved and that gave such deep meaning to their lives, easing into a life of grandkids, barbecues and golf courses.

But the couple quickly discovered that they weren’t constituted for endless days of idleness. They quickly began looking for ways to fill their time. However, they had long ago achieved financial independence. Money was not a top priority for the entrepreneurial couple. They wanted to make a difference in the world.

Ray and Lewis founded Jeunesse Global as a means to bring economic opportunities to disadvantaged people across the globe while also serving as a platform to answer unmet market needs within niche product areas. Within its first year of operation, it was clear that Jeunesse would be able to fulfill these goals with aplomb.

Both Lewis and Ray had done business extensively throughout the East Asia region. They understood that the area had long been oppressed under the communist jackboot, stifling economic growth, innovation and the ability of the region’s hardworking and industrious people to find an outlet for their creativity. It was for this reason that, from the outset, Jeunesse Global concentrated on expanding throughout East Asia.

With Ray’s ability to sell products and recruit new distributors and Lewis’ ability to create new products and run the business end of things, it wasn’t long before the newly formed company started making serious headway. By the end of its fifth year, Jeunesse had over 1,000 distributors and was selling tens of millions of dollars of products each year.

Today, the company has a strong presence throughout East Asia and has brought tremendous economic opportunity to the area. Through the creation of the Youth Enhancement System, a comprehensive suite of total-health products that can knock years off of users’ apparent age, Jeunesse is not only helping people to get rich, it is helping them to stay young.


The contribution of Larkin and Lacey in the Human rights Sector

The United States is among the areas that have been affected greatly by the matters related to discrimination of the immigrants. The place that most of the people became the victim of the situation was the city of Arizona.

Larkin and Lacey are among the people who have been compelled to act against the state of oppression of the refugees through the promotion of the human rights spirit in the community.

The two were taking the role of journalism before setting their foot in the arena of human right. The factor that made them take the decision was to allow the immigrants enjoy their rights and create a society that can be defined by equality.

Larkin and Lacey have been on the frontline in criticizing the matters affecting the society. Recently, the two came to a position where they criticized the step taken by president Trump in pardoning the leadership of sheriff in the county of Maricopa. The leadership of sheriff had a various incident of corruption and atrocities.

Furthermore, most of the advisers of the sheriff were ant-immigrants, and most of the practices that were taking place within the administration of sheriff were aimed at oppression the immigrants in the community.

Larkin and Lacey made a move to set up a non-profit organization that was meant to foster the mission of the human rights in the community. The name of the organization was Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. The primary reason behind the formation of the agency was to make all the operations of the small organizations in the circle of human rights flow along the line of expectation.

The move of the two in the community was lauded. The other mission of the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund was to make the refugees get informed on various issues pertaining their rights and use the right avenues to fight for them.

The matter of the bad blood between the leadership of sheriff of Larkin and Lacey started ay back in the year 2007. The sheriff had ordered the arrest of the two journalists after making the disclosure of the information relating to the grand jury. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Michael Lacey | Facebook

The move of the authorities precipitated commotion in the society as the public was demanding the release of Larkin and Lacey after being taken away at night. The resilience of the public made the journalist released, and their case dropped. They then sued the administration of sheriff for arresting them unlawfully.

Larkin and Lacey became victorious, and they were compensated a huge amount of $3.75 million. They then channeled the money in reinforcing the efforts of the other small organizations in the circle of the human rights.

Additionally, as a factor of integrating the refugees into the community, the two financed the campaign championing for the freedom of speech to allow the refugees put forward their grievances by using the right avenues. The effort of Larkin and Lacey in the scene of human rights has been substantial. It has attracted support from various parts of the world.

Larkin and Lacey have dedicated much of their time to creating balance in the community by championing for the human rights.

Stream Energy Launches Stream Cares to Oversee its Philanthropic Missions

Philanthropy is part and parcel of modern businesses, especially in America. Corporate America ranks high in generosity, having donated over $16 billion to charities both at home and abroad. Most businesses, however, write checks in support of charitable causes or organizations, and they do not invest time in corporate social responsibility—just money. Stream Energy is among the few commercial entities that extend support to society beyond money. The Dallas-based firm is the leading provider of retail electricity and related home services.

Stream Energy’s philanthropic gestures range from supporting homeless people, Dallas-area veterans, and society when disasters strike. The company’s philanthropic gestures endear it to society, attracting tons of clients to the company, which relies on a direct selling business model. The company recently launched Stream Cares to handle its philanthropic undertakings.

The residents of Southern Texas and other areas affected by Hurricane Harvey have Stream Energy to thank for spearheading healing and rebuilding efforts, during and after the disaster. The company donated $25,000 to the American Red Cross and received donations, which it later delivered to the non-profit. Cognizant of the fact that the affected communities would take some time to put their houses in order, the company announced that its customers would continue enjoying its services undisrupted until when they could comfortably foot their utility bills.

Texas has been on the spot over rising number of homeless people. Stream Energy believes that homeless people deserve attention, care, and monetary support. The company, in conjunction with Hope Supply Co., has supported the less fortunate in Texas for close to half a decade. The firms, most recently, organized Splash for Hope. The annual event gathered over a thousand homeless children, providing them with supplies, food, and sponsored fun activities.

Then there is a group that is often neglected: veterans. Stream’s Operation Once in a Lifetime is meant to breathe life into Dallas-area veterans. The program provides both financial and moral support in addition to sponsoring fun activities for children of the veterans.

With Stream Cares in place, Stream is likely to accomplish more in terms of philanthropy not only to residents of Texas but across America, and even abroad.



How Glen Wakeman Helps Startups Get Off The Ground

Living and working in Miami, Florida, Glen Wakeman is a financial expert and entrepreneur. From December 1985 to May 2006 he worked in a variety of roles for the international firm GE Money. He worked around the world running a number of their subsidiaries. His specialties were general, country, and regional management as well as business development, operations, and technology. He has a bachelor’s degree he earned at the University of Scranton and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Glen Wakeman’s final role at GE Money was as the chief executive officer of their Latin America division. He built up GE Money’s country operations from scratch in nine separate nations including in Asia, Europe, and South America. In total, he built over a 1000 branches of GE Money in various countries (Glenwakeman).

After leaving GE Money, Glen Wakeman worked for a number of international companies before deciding to launch his own company. He moved to the Miami/Fort Lauderdale company and the first firm he founded was Nova Four. He was the president of this company for a few years before taking on an advisory role instead. This company is a business consulting company that coaches the CEO as well as board members about how to go about their various duties.

In November 2015, Glen Wakeman launched his latest firm, LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. He serves as the chief executive officer and oversees daily operations of his company. He started this company after he got to thinking about why so many startups struggle and fail. He identified the problem that usually occurs which is that many startups have either a bad business plan or lack one altogether. Since he has extensive experience creating business plans he decided to launch a company that would help startups put these together.

Glen Wakeman brought in programmers who used his ideas to build a business planning online platform. His platform takes the user step by step through every detail of building a solid business plan that will help them start and then sustain their new company through its early stages and beyond.


Eli Gershkovitch, Founder of the Craft Beer Company

Eli Gershkovitch is one of the most celebrated and successful craft brewers in Canada. His passion in craft brewers began in 1987 when he did a law degree at the University of Toronto and got the idea for a craft brewery when he traveled throughout Europe and tasting the Belgian beer for the first time, he visited a couple of breweries, tasting different flavors. This is what gave him an idea of a craft brewery and then on Eli Gershkovitch saw the possibility and opportunity to create something huge from the distinctive flavors of beverages. He was also motivated by the fact of manufacturing a product and directly selling it to customers. Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at Ottawa Citizen.

Eli Gershkovitch at his motherland, he embarked on researching on the craft brewery business. Eight years later he found an ideal place where he decided to start up his steam works brewpub which could hold a maximum capacity of 184 people. His brewpub was distinct from other breweries in Canada because it used a steam-powered system to produce beer, Eli Gershkovitch was contented with this since the resultant beer produced a unique yet delicious flavor. His pub continued to grow, and this saw an increase of the seating capacity to 570 seats since his steam works had succeeded in attracting numerous customers. Read this article at westender.com.

Eli Gershkovitch began sponsoring events in his home area as a way of boosting local awareness of his business. He partnered up with his Australian cousin and has taken steam works craft beer back to Europe where the idea was initiated. Seven years later steam works had established a great brewing facility that’s how he formed the Beer Crafty, the most celebrated craft brewers in Canada.

Eli Gershkovitcch is fondly praised in the industry because he believes in that combination of culture, craftsmanship and creativity are the only means of success in any entrepreneurship. His craft beer has become the local beer that significantly sells globally this has seen him establishing a full-scale brewery and taproom in Burnaby becoming one of the Western Canada’s most prominent craft breweries, and the beer is being exported globally. Eli Gershkovitch has established an excellent platform for the business and thus an outstanding mentor for young entrepreneurs worldwide.

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Entrepreneur And Athlete- Logan Stout

Logan Stout can well be described as an American entrepreneur who is very passionate about people as well as baseball. Logan’s love for baseball has gone to an extent of supporting the game by establishing one of the largest organizations known as the Dallas Patriots. The main purpose of Logan for developing the organization was to make training available for the young talented individuals. According to Logan stout; not every child is able to receive the required emotional support both at home and in school. It is Stout’s trusts that an individual can attain their life’s goals as well as dreams when they live a healthy life.

Logan Stout is the Founder and the Chief executive Officer of IDLife, he mainly focuses on connecting the mind, the soul and the body. IDLife is all about healthy living that provides supplements for weight management, sleep aids as well as energy supplements. IDLife clients first go through an assessment before receiving supplements. However Mr. Stout is not a baseball love, businessman, but he is also a motivational speaker and a published author who has written several books including; the secret to Building Yourself, People, and teams. In his book stouts offers advice to the readers on how to achieve success as well as provide steps on how to go about it.

Logan Stout who is now a family man graduated from the Panola College, and later furthered his education earning a degree in Psychology from the University of Dallas. Mr. Logan is also a professional athlete who understands well the need of healthy living. Through his foundation IDLife; Stouts offers the best nutrition for sports people because he understands better what they need. Logan stout loves games and he is also the founder of Premier Baseball Academy. Mr. Logan Stout has been using the sports school to improve as well as mentor the young and aspiring sports persons, and those who wish to live a healthy life. His dreams to nature healthy sports individuals is realized by him partnering with top organizations such as Garmin who have assisted him venture in the world of aptness and flexibility.

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Gregory James Aziz Developes A Historic Brand Into One Of The World’s Leading Freight Railroad Manufacturers

The National Steel Car brand looked to have followed many industry leaders in various sectors who have failed to move with the times and take on the highest level of development for the various technologies that are moving the world forward with the “Internet of things”. In 1994, the stock of National Car Steel began its current upward trend when Gregory James Aziz set out to purchase the company and rebuild it to the success it had been during its early years after establishment in 1912; one of the most colorful business figures in North America, Greg J Aziz has overseen a complete turnaround in the fortunes of the brand as it has embraced the latest technology available to become an industry leader once again in the creation of rolling stock for freight railroad manufacturers.


National Steel Car has continued to develop its brand with a move toward placing quality and technological advancement at the heart of the work being completed by design and construction employees. The development of the National Steel Car company has moved apace in recent years with the awarding of many technological standards certificates and awards over recent years, including the TTX SECO award given for achieving the highest quality possible in manufacturing and construction sectors; the award was first given to National Car Steel two years after Gregory J Aziz purchased the company and began to move it’s towards becoming one of the great freight railroad stock manufacturers once again. If holding on to the TTX SECO for more than 20 years was not impressive enough, the awarding of the ISO 9001:2008 industrial standard solidified the reputation of National Car Steel and James Aziz as leaders in the growing industrial area of freight railroad production.

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Greg Aziz has never shied away from a challenge and took his education seriously at Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario as the London, Ontario native planned to return to the Aziz family business of Affiliated Foods. After returning to the fresh foods importer, Gregory J Aziz turned the family company into the leading distributor of imported fresh foods in North America. A successful financial career followed for James Aziz as he made his way to the U.S. markets and continued to find success before finding his natural home at National Car Steel.

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