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Luiz Carlos Trabuco:

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Bradesco is a successful man that has been a part of the business world for a while know. With his hard work and his determination he has been able to grow and climb the ladder of success. Read more about Trabuco Bradesco at His hard work has allowed him to gain the necessary knowledge and the experince that is needed in this field. With his hard work, he has been able to start his own business and become the CEO of Bank Bradesco which was founded on March 10, 2009. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Bradesco was able to accomplish this dream because he has worked hard and has been able to get a sense of what it is like to be in a leadership role. Before he went ahead and became the CEO he had other opportunities where he was able to get his feet wet. Visit the website to learn more Trabuco Bradesco. He was the Board member director of other companies and was able to get most of his experience. His education helped him reach his level of success as well. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Bradesco attended University of Sao Paulo and this is where he received his degree from. He graduated with a degree in Philosophy and in Sciences. After he graduated, he decided to start his career and he was able to land a job fairly quickly. Since a young age he knew what he wanted to do with his life so finding a job that would hep him grow in that field was not hard for him to do. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Bradesco has been a man that has worked hard all of his life in order to become successful. His hard work and his determination have allowed him to grow and to help out others along the way. He has been able to inspire many and many look p to him for all that he has been able to for in his career.


Banco Bradesco’s New CEO Octavio de Lazari Is Up To The Challenge According Chairman Luiz Carlos Trabuco

2018 is a presidential election year in Brazil. The big news is, former president Lulu will still be on the ballot to replace Michel Temer even though the Supreme Court said he has to serve time for his role in using his presidential position from 2003 to 2011 for personal gain. Brazil’s media is following the story closely, but the other big story in Brazil is what’s happening internally at the second largest bank in the country. Lázaro de Mello Brandão, the patriarch of the bank and the oldest banker on record, decided to retire at the end of 2017.

Brandão’s long-time bank associate Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over as chairman while he was still the acting CEO of the bank. The Board of Directors, under the leadership of Brandão, decided to consider one of seven of Bradesco top executives as a replacement for Mr. Trabuco. The search started in November 2017, and it ended in February when the Trabuco told the country Mr. Octavio de Lazari would be the new president and CEO. Lazari is a 40-year bank veteran. He was the president of the bank’s insurance arm, Banco Seguros before he got the big job. Trabuco was also a Seguros president from 2003 to 2009.

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The appointment of Lazari wasn’t a surprise even though the six other candidates had similar banking credentials. Lazari is a focused banker who knows the challenges Bradesco faces in the digital banking market. In 2017, Trabuco was instrumental in establishing Next, a digital bank, so Bradesco could compete with the digital startups that were taking business away from the Itaú and Bradesco as well as the other banks that rule the Brazilian market. Trabuco knew Bradesco had to step up and out of the typical banking box in order to stay relative in this age of Internet shopping and banking. According to, Trabuco and the Board knew Lazari shared the same dream for the bank, so he was the lead contender while the search was in progress.

Now that Lazari got the confirmation needed by the shareholders at the March 12th annual meeting, he hasn’t let any banking grass grow under his feet. Immediately after the confirmation, Mr. Lazari told the press Bradesco would continue to close more bank branches. He also said the bank was ready to offer more loans to qualified current and future customers. Closing bank branches is an expensive undertaking, but Bradesco put money aside to close under-performing branches due to the 2015 acquisition of HSBC’s Brazilian operation. Bradesco inherited 800 HSBC’s branches in that transaction, and many of them were too close to existing Bradesco branches. Trabuco closed about 500 branches before leaving the CEO office. Lazari told the press another 200 branches are on the chopping block in 2018.

The Lulu fiasco will not have an impact on Lazari ability to guide the bank through this election year. Even if by some incredible turn of events Lulu becomes president of Brazil while he is behind bars, Lazari, Trabuco, and the executive team will continue to produce the income shareholders expect in 2018, according to Lázaro de Mello Brandão. The 91-year-old banker has faith in the men he trained during his 75 years in banking.

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Jeunesse Global creates new economic opportunities for millions

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis had long established themselves as two of the top leaders in the American health and beauty industry when they decided to found Jeunesse Global in 2009. The couple had only retired a few months before, convinced that they could leave the business world that they loved and that gave such deep meaning to their lives, easing into a life of grandkids, barbecues and golf courses.

But the couple quickly discovered that they weren’t constituted for endless days of idleness. They quickly began looking for ways to fill their time. However, they had long ago achieved financial independence. Money was not a top priority for the entrepreneurial couple. They wanted to make a difference in the world.

Ray and Lewis founded Jeunesse Global as a means to bring economic opportunities to disadvantaged people across the globe while also serving as a platform to answer unmet market needs within niche product areas. Within its first year of operation, it was clear that Jeunesse would be able to fulfill these goals with aplomb.

Both Lewis and Ray had done business extensively throughout the East Asia region. They understood that the area had long been oppressed under the communist jackboot, stifling economic growth, innovation and the ability of the region’s hardworking and industrious people to find an outlet for their creativity. It was for this reason that, from the outset, Jeunesse Global concentrated on expanding throughout East Asia.

With Ray’s ability to sell products and recruit new distributors and Lewis’ ability to create new products and run the business end of things, it wasn’t long before the newly formed company started making serious headway. By the end of its fifth year, Jeunesse had over 1,000 distributors and was selling tens of millions of dollars of products each year.

Today, the company has a strong presence throughout East Asia and has brought tremendous economic opportunity to the area. Through the creation of the Youth Enhancement System, a comprehensive suite of total-health products that can knock years off of users’ apparent age, Jeunesse is not only helping people to get rich, it is helping them to stay young.

The Steadfast Entrepreneur — Jose Hawilla

Entrepreneurship may be a valuable quality to possess in life, and to realize any dream, it’s necessary to be resilient. Resilience is the key that entrepreneurs all have. They need to realize their dreams, irrespective of what obstacles they encounter. Once they encounter these obstacles, they perpetually fight to realize their goals. Once they bring home the bacon, they fight even more to urge themselves higher. This is often what sets entrepreneurs aside from everybody else within the crowd. However, how do we go about building a sense of resilience?

Building your resilience to the amount of entrepreneurship takes time. It takes focus. You want to ignore all things that don’t serve your mission of changing. After you master your mission, you’ll bring home the bacon in all your goals. Your goals should always line up with your focus. The main focus that it takes to be a productive citizen is what the bourgeois posses. You want to have focus like a sort of optical maser. When you focus on your goals, you will be able to create your destiny. This single plan of action can take you miles towards achieving your goal of becoming a bourgeois entrepreneur.

The most effective entrepreneurs within the world can tell you stories regarding how they created their dreams. They’ll tell you the way they learned to push themselves more than they ever thought they could. They’ll tell you the way their dreams became attainable through sheer mental effort and drive.

Jose Hawilla is an example of a Brazilian entrepreneur. He’s a bourgeois that centered on his dreams till they appeared, and they have become reality. He strove for what he wished, and he created it. Despite what obstacles he might have faced, he continued to push forward. His dream was to create cash from soccer. The doubters shunned him; however, he failed to care. Now, Jose Hawilla is the richest man in the urban center of Brazil. The empire that he has designed is amongst the foremost influential and powerful empires in Brazil. Jose Hawilla has built himself from the ground up, and he is not stopping.

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Stream Energy Launches Stream Cares to Oversee its Philanthropic Missions

Philanthropy is part and parcel of modern businesses, especially in America. Corporate America ranks high in generosity, having donated over $16 billion to charities both at home and abroad. Most businesses, however, write checks in support of charitable causes or organizations, and they do not invest time in corporate social responsibility—just money. Stream Energy is among the few commercial entities that extend support to society beyond money. The Dallas-based firm is the leading provider of retail electricity and related home services.

Stream Energy’s philanthropic gestures range from supporting homeless people, Dallas-area veterans, and society when disasters strike. The company’s philanthropic gestures endear it to society, attracting tons of clients to the company, which relies on a direct selling business model. The company recently launched Stream Cares to handle its philanthropic undertakings.

The residents of Southern Texas and other areas affected by Hurricane Harvey have Stream Energy to thank for spearheading healing and rebuilding efforts, during and after the disaster. The company donated $25,000 to the American Red Cross and received donations, which it later delivered to the non-profit. Cognizant of the fact that the affected communities would take some time to put their houses in order, the company announced that its customers would continue enjoying its services undisrupted until when they could comfortably foot their utility bills.

Texas has been on the spot over rising number of homeless people. Stream Energy believes that homeless people deserve attention, care, and monetary support. The company, in conjunction with Hope Supply Co., has supported the less fortunate in Texas for close to half a decade. The firms, most recently, organized Splash for Hope. The annual event gathered over a thousand homeless children, providing them with supplies, food, and sponsored fun activities.

Then there is a group that is often neglected: veterans. Stream’s Operation Once in a Lifetime is meant to breathe life into Dallas-area veterans. The program provides both financial and moral support in addition to sponsoring fun activities for children of the veterans.

With Stream Cares in place, Stream is likely to accomplish more in terms of philanthropy not only to residents of Texas but across America, and even abroad.

Glen Wakeman, Business Expert, and Leader

Glen Wakeman received his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton. He received his MBA from the University of Chicago and he is Six Sigma Black Belt certified. He has a very impressive educational background, but his work history shows his strengths in business.

Wakeman holds over twenty years of experience of business management from GE. He believes in five core dimensions of performance: leadership, human capital, execution, risk management and governance. Wakeman uses these dimensions to improve companies and individuals in business.

Glen Wakeman is currently the president and founder of Nova Four, which provides access to money and advice to budding businesses. While at GE, Wakeman lived in the United States and abroad, progressively starting up and expanding business for GE in several global markets. Wakeman is currently working on his own start up company, Launch Pad Toolkit, which provides business services and markets online (

Launchpad Holdings provides resources for other individuals looking to launch start ups of their own. Wakeman has said that he’s heard many great ideas throughout his career in business, but has also seen just as many start ups fail. Launchpad was developed to help those people take their ideas and make a plan with software and access to advice about start ups (Positivethefacts).

Wakeman has said that he is successful in bringing his ideas to fruition, because he forces himself to talk about them to other people. He explains that talking out an idea makes him think about it more critically, set an outline and really hear what the idea sounds like out loud. Speaking about his ideas to various people, including people who will not always agree with him, allows him to learn and either toss the idea away, or get excited for an idea and continue moving forward.

Wakeman’s expansive business background through his two decades at GE and his continuing business adventures solidify him as a proven leader in the business world. His educational background and drive to educate others will only help new businesses bloom with a strong understanding of how business works well around the world.