Stream Energy Launches Stream Cares to Oversee its Philanthropic Missions

Philanthropy is part and parcel of modern businesses, especially in America. Corporate America ranks high in generosity, having donated over $16 billion to charities both at home and abroad. Most businesses, however, write checks in support of charitable causes or organizations, and they do not invest time in corporate social responsibility—just money. Stream Energy is among the few commercial entities that extend support to society beyond money. The Dallas-based firm is the leading provider of retail electricity and related home services.

Stream Energy’s philanthropic gestures range from supporting homeless people, Dallas-area veterans, and society when disasters strike. The company’s philanthropic gestures endear it to society, attracting tons of clients to the company, which relies on a direct selling business model. The company recently launched Stream Cares to handle its philanthropic undertakings.

The residents of Southern Texas and other areas affected by Hurricane Harvey have Stream Energy to thank for spearheading healing and rebuilding efforts, during and after the disaster. The company donated $25,000 to the American Red Cross and received donations, which it later delivered to the non-profit. Cognizant of the fact that the affected communities would take some time to put their houses in order, the company announced that its customers would continue enjoying its services undisrupted until when they could comfortably foot their utility bills.

Texas has been on the spot over rising number of homeless people. Stream Energy believes that homeless people deserve attention, care, and monetary support. The company, in conjunction with Hope Supply Co., has supported the less fortunate in Texas for close to half a decade. The firms, most recently, organized Splash for Hope. The annual event gathered over a thousand homeless children, providing them with supplies, food, and sponsored fun activities.

Then there is a group that is often neglected: veterans. Stream’s Operation Once in a Lifetime is meant to breathe life into Dallas-area veterans. The program provides both financial and moral support in addition to sponsoring fun activities for children of the veterans.

With Stream Cares in place, Stream is likely to accomplish more in terms of philanthropy not only to residents of Texas but across America, and even abroad.

How Glen Wakeman Built an Illustrious Career

Glen Wakeman, the current CEO of Launchpad LLC is a seasoned manager and entrepreneur. He has worked in the field of finance for over twenty years, holding different positions at different establishments (Ceocfointerviews). Mr. Wakeman graduated from the University of Scranton in 1981 with a BS in Economics and Finance. In 1993, he added an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago to his resume. He is also a sigma black belt certified individual.

Glen Wakeman began his career at GE Capital, where he worked for about 21 years in the business development and P&L department. While here, he also founded Nova four. He has been involved in various things during his career including the; guiding start-ups, new market entry, divestiture among other things. He has also worked as a mentor, entrepreneur, investor and writer. With all these job titles he has been able to help businesses get on their feet, offer mentorship and giving guidance to other management executives, and also sharing his expertise with people on different financial and administrative matters.

Glen Wakeman works under the guidance of his five performance methodology principles. The principles include leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance. His extensive experience working in different countries has also garnered him international recognition as an executive manager (

Glen attributes his success to hard work and also his curious nature. He also clarifies his ideas by explaining them to other people. This way, he can better analyze them and also include the input of the people around him. Considering the advocates for the use of technology in business he also named applications like Doodle, Fiver, and Livechat. All these apps are essential to helping him manage and efficiently handle the various tasks that await him on a daily basis.

Mr. Wakeman, says that the establishment of LaunchPad LLC to assist people to develop their ideas into actual projects, which they hoped would reduce the number of failed startups. He also cited that among the various trends coming up in business, one of the most interesting and one that excites him is the use of machines to solve business-related problems.