Enhanced Athlete on the Rise

Enhanced Athlete is a successful bodybuilding company that has been in some sticky waters lately due to a lawsuit that was filed against them from “Nutrition distribution”. Dr. Hues, otherwise known as Charles Anthony Hughes was claimed to have main involvement with the allegation in which was issued. However Dr. Hues is solely an unpaid brand ambassador for the company which takes away any direct involvement for him to have an obligation to speak in court. Federal rule of civil procedure 30(b)(6) states that managing agents of a corporation are subject to deposition by notice. So in which this case, Dr. hues does not fit that inquiry therefore is not subject to have a commitment to speak.


As said by Scott Cavell, CEO of Enhanced Athlete “Charles Anthony Hughes, aka Dr. Tony Huge, receives no direct compensation for his endorsement of Enhanced Athlete nor is he an officer of the organization or any related organization.” Scott has also stated that Dr. Hues has no ownership interest in the company and never has. It seems Dr. Hues is a fan of Enhanced Athlete and enjoys promoting their products, yet it still doesn’t give the court legal rights to force him to testify.


Dr. Hues has been into health and fitness for years and years. Coming up with the chemistry and custom formulations and experimenting with compounds has always been a passion of his. He is a nutrition fanatic that is always trying to find what works best. He enjoys going to the gym, and he enjoys speaking to the public about how to become more fit and healthy. You could reach him on youtube, his podcast, or other various social medias.


Bio: Enhanced coaching & Enhanced gear(Enhanced Athletes sister companies)


Enhanced coaching is a sister company of enhanced athletes that provides coaching and motivational skills to achieve a better healthy lifestyle and to get you on the fast track to putting on size and getting toned. There are a number of different packages the program has depending on what you desire. You may want a meal/workout plan but you may also want someone to check in with you once a week to see how you’re results are going. Each package varies in price and it all depends on the things the customer wants most.


The other stemming company from Enhanced athletes is Enhanced Gear. Here you can find every source of athletic attire ranging from hoodies, to shorts, to sweatbands, joggers, and so on. You could actually buy the clothes right offline and it’ll be delivered right to your doorstep.