Brian Bonar’s Bellamy brings a new cuisine

Bellamy is home to one of the best foods in the entire Sand Diego region. Food here is served by top-notch staff and a qualified Master Chef, Ponsaty. Ponsaty is a Chef from France, he offers undivided attention to his cuisine. More importantly, the restaurant is a winner as the environment blends perfectly with the food it serves.

One thing you will appreciate once you eat at the Restaurant is that Frenchmen know how to prepare duck. This has been proven by Reidy and Ponsaty’s dishes; pan-seared magret which is served in a peach-onion marmalade. For dessert, it comes with a saffron panna cotta. It also comes with a madeleine, sugar dust and a warm with Orange Zest. Everything about the cuisine shows that it has been prepared in a beautifully and creatively.

For dinner and lunch, you have the choice of the table d’hôte or à la carte menu. These menus have inspiration drawn from the French tradition. They offer an array of dishes ranging from the Crab Salad to the most palatable classics like the Steak Tartare.

What you will never miss on the menu are staples such as the Sliced Entrecôte of Beef, Smoked Eel Mousse and the Fillets of Dover dishes. To sum it all up, there is a selection of large selection of flavored dessert that vary of from Marina’s Chocolate Cake to soft ice creams. Wine here is exclusively French and a strong inspiration from Burgundy, Bordeaux and the Rhone. All of these are accessible at the best prices.

Anyone that has dined here highly praises it for the excellent catering and fabulous food. The whole restaurant can handle any event professionally. You can be sure to enjoy spending time here as you and your friends will enjoy interacting with the staff.

About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is an executive whose passion lies in forming and leading teams that form and deliver collaborative solutions. He has always strived to build a client trust through every opportunity he gets. He has a strong attention to detail and a love for the design process; this is seen in several corporations he leads such as the Trucept incorporation and the Bellamy Restaurant. He has in the past brought forth his expertise in different fields to build large projects.

Throughout his career, Brian Bonar has developed a solid reputation for being a leader that is inspired to achieve the aspirations and goals of his clients. He has a portfolio that varies from educational projects, retail, commercial, multi-family housing and aviation.

CEO of Dalrada, Brian Bonar, has a diverse blend of skills and experiences which has create a favorable working environment with his colleagues. Brian Bonar is described in three simple words; effective, bold and empathetic.