Jeunesse Global creates new economic opportunities for millions

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis had long established themselves as two of the top leaders in the American health and beauty industry when they decided to found Jeunesse Global in 2009. The couple had only retired a few months before, convinced that they could leave the business world that they loved and that gave such deep meaning to their lives, easing into a life of grandkids, barbecues and golf courses.

But the couple quickly discovered that they weren’t constituted for endless days of idleness. They quickly began looking for ways to fill their time. However, they had long ago achieved financial independence. Money was not a top priority for the entrepreneurial couple. They wanted to make a difference in the world.

Ray and Lewis founded Jeunesse Global as a means to bring economic opportunities to disadvantaged people across the globe while also serving as a platform to answer unmet market needs within niche product areas. Within its first year of operation, it was clear that Jeunesse would be able to fulfill these goals with aplomb.

Both Lewis and Ray had done business extensively throughout the East Asia region. They understood that the area had long been oppressed under the communist jackboot, stifling economic growth, innovation and the ability of the region’s hardworking and industrious people to find an outlet for their creativity. It was for this reason that, from the outset, Jeunesse Global concentrated on expanding throughout East Asia.

With Ray’s ability to sell products and recruit new distributors and Lewis’ ability to create new products and run the business end of things, it wasn’t long before the newly formed company started making serious headway. By the end of its fifth year, Jeunesse had over 1,000 distributors and was selling tens of millions of dollars of products each year.

Today, the company has a strong presence throughout East Asia and has brought tremendous economic opportunity to the area. Through the creation of the Youth Enhancement System, a comprehensive suite of total-health products that can knock years off of users’ apparent age, Jeunesse is not only helping people to get rich, it is helping them to stay young.

Lime Crime: Newest Pocket-Perfect Pallette

Lime Crime cosmetics feature playful colors from the outside in and has been in the ‘limelight’ since 2008. Founder, Doe Deere, describes her makeup that way she feels life should be lived – unapologetically! She wants boys and girls to express themselves the way they feel fit. Located in Los Angeles California, this company doesn’t mess around with typical dyes and traditional parabens. They are vegan and cruelty-free and offer a select few strong, bold flavors of color suitable for anyone. You can find Lime Crime in Seventeen Magzine, InStyle, Babble, Allure and more. Lime Crime brings to life four unique highlighter palettes, a plethora of hair color named ‘Unicorn Hair’, stylish nail color, and luscious lip color. This time, they’ve brought a little fun back to the present by dipping their nostalgic paintbrush into the past. There are only a select few ’90’s toys that make us wish we still had them laying around, and the perfect Polly Pocket is one of them.

Bringing an oldie but goodie back, Lime Crime preys on the ’90’s kids Polly Pocket crave with flashy, sassy snap cases filled with popping eyeshadow colors. These sleek and discreet cases mimic the playful vibe of those beloved dolls from ’90’s passed with raised font engraving on purse-like detail. Making their debut on September 26TH, 2017, Lime Crime has created Three delicious styles – Pink Lemonade, Sugar Plum, and Bubble Gum – perfect your skin tone, for any occasion, and fits conveniently with any outfit. These fascinating colors coordinate brilliantly with every lifestyle.