Jeunesse Global creates new economic opportunities for millions

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis had long established themselves as two of the top leaders in the American health and beauty industry when they decided to found Jeunesse Global in 2009. The couple had only retired a few months before, convinced that they could leave the business world that they loved and that gave such deep meaning to their lives, easing into a life of grandkids, barbecues and golf courses.

But the couple quickly discovered that they weren’t constituted for endless days of idleness. They quickly began looking for ways to fill their time. However, they had long ago achieved financial independence. Money was not a top priority for the entrepreneurial couple. They wanted to make a difference in the world.

Ray and Lewis founded Jeunesse Global as a means to bring economic opportunities to disadvantaged people across the globe while also serving as a platform to answer unmet market needs within niche product areas. Within its first year of operation, it was clear that Jeunesse would be able to fulfill these goals with aplomb.

Both Lewis and Ray had done business extensively throughout the East Asia region. They understood that the area had long been oppressed under the communist jackboot, stifling economic growth, innovation and the ability of the region’s hardworking and industrious people to find an outlet for their creativity. It was for this reason that, from the outset, Jeunesse Global concentrated on expanding throughout East Asia.

With Ray’s ability to sell products and recruit new distributors and Lewis’ ability to create new products and run the business end of things, it wasn’t long before the newly formed company started making serious headway. By the end of its fifth year, Jeunesse had over 1,000 distributors and was selling tens of millions of dollars of products each year.

Today, the company has a strong presence throughout East Asia and has brought tremendous economic opportunity to the area. Through the creation of the Youth Enhancement System, a comprehensive suite of total-health products that can knock years off of users’ apparent age, Jeunesse is not only helping people to get rich, it is helping them to stay young.

Natural Beauty With The Best EOS Lip Balms

Every girl wants to look beautiful, isn’t that so? Well, applying make-up is one of the most preferred ways to enhance the way one looks. There is no makeup without having some striking lip balm.

According to, EOS has some of the most popular lip balm flavors in the market. Their lip balms are 100% natural and therefore contain zero toxins. They are 95% organic and are petroleum free. They are embellished with Vitamin E which is healthy for your lips. They also contain Shea butter and jojoba oil that are soothing to the lips. EOS aims to provide a robust and efficient lip balm that will keep your lips moist and look dashing all day long.

The following are some of the most preferred flavors:

The customers prefer the above flavors due to their natural and pleasant smell, all are available here on They also last longer, and they have a sweet taste too. EOS sets itself apart from its competitors due to its unique packaging. Their uniquely shaped containers are classy and easy to locate in the bag. This is unlike the typical tube like lip balm containers.

EOS is one of the leading companies dealing with beauty products. They have beauty products such as lip balms, hand lotions, body lotions, and shaving creams. The company is committed to giving their clients the best quality products, and as such, they ensure that all their products are organic and have been certified by USDA organic.

Their products are available in various online stores, buy here. EOS also offers shipping, which only takes a couple of days for you to have your new favorite lip balm. EOS also offers a limited edition of specific products every year. One can keep tabs by following their social media accounts to stay abreast with any new products and offers.

Visit EOS’ official website here on


Why Lime Crime Is So Popular

Lime Crime is a top cosmetic brand that has been offering bold innovative colors for close to 10 years. Doe Deere created the brand back in 2008 to try to bring color and fun back into the makeup Market. On her quest to find bold Rich pigmented colors she found the market lacking and so she set out to create a brand that offered women a new unique way to express themselves. Deere created colors that were not only out of the norm but also often frowned upon in the very plain and neutral make-up world. She wanted to give women a way to express themselves anyway they wanted to and so Lime Crime was born.

Originally offering mostly lip products Deere set out to offer products that were not only long lasting but also offered bold unique colors. Below are some of the top reasons why the company is still so popular today.

Innovative products

Deere focuses much of her work on creating new and Innovative products for the Cosmetic Market. She is always creating new formulas as well as using new ingredients and new colors to create unique and one-of-a-kind products. One of the top selling products the matte velvetines were the first product of its kind. It is a liquid lipstick that offers deep rich pigment while also offering a smooth velvety matte finish. They are very long lasting and are also touch proof as well as kiss proof. It is just one example of the many Innovative products that Deere has created.

Vegan friendly

In this day and age even with so many vegetarians and vegans it is often hard to find a vegan friendly makeup brand. Ever since day one Deere has always focused on offering cruelty free as well as vegan friendly makeup options. Each product is made with natural ingredients that have no animal products and no animal by-products.

Rich Pigmented Colors

One of the top reasons Deere created the brand was to offer women Rich deep pigmented colors. She wanted to offer more than the standard neutral colors and created a line that offered both unique and bold colors that people could wear everyday. Each product offers a long wearing Rich pigmented color.

These are just a few of the top reasons why Lime Crime is still so popular. Not only is it widely available online but is also available in a few select stores and offers a ton of products for a variety of different people. There’s a color and style to match every skin tone and every skin type.

Doe Deere Creates New Line Of Pastel Hair Dyes For Lime Crime

When Lime Crime’s CEO and founder Doe Deere announces a new product line derived from her whimsical imagination, devoted customers count down the days until its launch. That’s because Doe Deere has been formulating extremely unique makeup products for almost ten years that are radically different from anything else on the market. Her ability to create unique, fantasy-inspired shades of color has earned her an enormous fan base of offbeat beauty enthusiasts.


This time, Deere has announced Unicorn Hair, a line of candy-colored semi-permanent hair dyes that aren’t like any of the other brightly-colored shades on the market. Deere has earned a reputation for setting trends instead of following them, and this line is no different. Shades like Blue Smoke, a dark muted navy, and Salad, a pastel green, are sure to launch new hair color trends over the next few months.


Another unique thing about Lime Crime products is the formulas created by Deere herself. For one thing, thanks to Deere’s obsession with animals, all Lime Crime products are cruelty-free and completely vegan. Lime Crime product are also known for using ingredients that are nourishing rather than irritating and drying. While most hair dye products contain harsh and damaging chemicals, Unicorn Hair dyes are loaded with vegetable glycerin, a plant-based humectant that coats each strand in moisture.


As an added bonus, each Unicorn Hair shade is available as a full coverage dye or a tint. The full coverage dye gives hair a richer and deeper tone while the tint gives blonde hair a subtle note of color. Both products will last for about eight to ten weeks. Best of all, each jar of hair dye is only $16, making it one of the more affordable hair dye products available.


Like all of Lime Crime’s products, Unicorn Dye features packaging that’s nearly as enticing as the product itself. The plastic jar has a candy pink label and lid with metallic silver print.


Having rocked candy-colored herself for several years now, Deere is extremely excited to launch this product line. According to the glamorous CEO, the line has been in the development process for three years.

Lime Crime Cosmetics: A Make-up Revolution

Lime Crime is a relatively new make-up brand that is revolutionizing the cosmetics industry. The brand is known for its wild, neon-bright colors and smudge-resistant, easy-to-use products made from vegan ingredients and never tested on animals. One of the things that make the cosmetics in this line different is they are designed to help people stand out. This is a dramatic change when most of its competitors attempt to help people wear make-up to blend in. This hot new brand is all about creative self-expression and making a loud, unmistakable statement. That has helped it to grab the attention of a growing number of people that love to have fun.

Founded in 2008 by entertainer and entrepreneur Doe Deere, Lime Crime is loud on purpose. Doe Deere created the make-up with colors loud and vibrant enough to be seen across the room. When she was a rock & roll artist, she couldn’t find make-up bright enough to make her stand out on stage. So she started creating her own make-up by hand. With Doe Deere’s bubbly personality and her genius for internet marketing, the brand was an instant success. She tapped into a market made up of people of all ages and from all over the planet that had long been looking for brightly colored make-up to make their own statement.

The brand offers lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow, rouge, blush, nail polish and hair dyes in colors so bright it makes the sun wear sunglasses. Plus the 48 colors have unique, evocative names that are a statement in themselves. They include Roswell, Faded, Beetle, Shroom, Third Eye, Denim, Asphalt, Penny, Mirage, Charmed, Champagne, Varsity, Bomber, Choker, Hoodie, Soft Spot, Pom Pom, Fishnet, Lace-Up, Cashmere, Wicked, Eclipse, and many others. They come in metallic and matte and are bold, opaque and recklessly loaded with pigment.

Lime Crime is revolutionary make-up in a world dominated by cosmetics in staid, boring tones and a very limited color palette. When you are ready to let you inner unicorn run free in all its unique, wild, colorful glory, this is the brand of make-up you need.

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair!! Customize Your Hair

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair is a semi-permanent hair color that makes anyone look like a unicorn because of its high quality. This hair dye has no side effects and does not a professional to apply the dye. This dye is available at Walmart or any other local store nearby. This dye was developed by Doe Deere who is the CEO of this company, and it took her three years to finish making this dye successfully. The dye lasts longer and fades gracefully.



Unicorn Hair by Lime Crime is a gentle dye which does not damage hair in any way. The customers can apply it however they like without any kind of worry of damaging their hair because this dye is made of natural and purest resources such as vegan ingredients. Dye usually has ammonia or bleach in it, but Unicorn Hair does not include any of these and ensures long lasting fun.



Unicorn Hair is not a permanent hair color and can be washed easily using shampoo. It depends on how deep the dye has been used and also on the condition of the hair. The lighter the hair, the longer the shade will last. The thicker the hair, the less shade will be visible.



To successfully apply the dye, only one jar is required for medium length hair. It mostly depends on the hair length, but one jar is enough in most cases. The life of this dye is usually six weeks if it is not washed away early. It gives a great look, and the users can have different hair colors to entertain themselves.



It is very easy to apply the dye with such easy steps: –



  1. Hair should be dry and unconditioned. This way, the color will look much brighter.
  2. The dye should be used with care and with the help of protective gloves.
  3. Use an applicator brush to apply the dye to 1-inch-wide strands
  4. Leave the dye on for 1 or 2 hours. The longer it stays on, the better the results will be.
  5. Rinse dyed hair.
  6. Style and enjoy the Lime Crime Unicorn Hair


Lime Crime Adds Rainbow Bright Hair Dye To Beauty Line-Up

Happy heads like Kylie Jenner rock the rainbow when it comes to hair color because it’s fun, sexy and doesn’t have to nail you for commitment. The look is still bright and crazy for hair this season, and Lime Crime has added a gorgeous collection of hair dyes to keep you modern in the moment. Thirteen delicious shades await you, from Neon Peach to Dirty Mermaid.


Doe Deere, CEO and founder of the popular brand, has always believed that makeup, fashion and hair all work off of each other. It’s the total look and transformation blended together. The hair color was bound to happen, and we’re all happy that Unicorn Hair is finally a reality.


Doe Deere is obsessed with bold hair dye and likes switching up her own candy-colored tresses whenever the mood strikes. That is why her development of Unicorn Hair is a blast and specially formulated to shine on and be gentle to your locks. By the way, this amazing hair color has been three years in the process, to make sure it offers the ultimate best gloss and intensity of hues.


The hair dye is vegan and made with vegetable coloring, fading gently without ever harming your roots or ends. You can purchase Unicorn dye in Full Coverage and Tint formulas, and rock the rainbow, girl.


It’s semi-permanent hair dye and rock-bottom in price at $13 a bottle for a generous 7 ounces.


You can even play chemist and mix colors together for a wild and crazy hue. For example, blending Neon Peach + Bunny = petal pink. Here are several other winning combos:


Blue Smoke + Gargoyle = blue steel

Anime + Salad = bright turquoise

Dirty Mermaid + Gargoyle = slate grey


Doe Deere has believed in the integrity of her company’s brand from the get-go. Lime Crime is different from all the other beauty companies. The mission is not to follow old traditions and rules but to gain self-empowerment by defining your own beauty standards.


The company makes makeup and now, hair color, that allows the beauty of self-expression for the individual who puts it on. It takes courage to wear colors that are different and edgy, and that’s exactly what the brand is all about.


Doe Deere spells it out in her fearless About Me page:


“I make makeup for girls and boys like me, who express themselves unapologetically. Lime Crime is freedom to be you!”