EOS Does it Again! Crystal Lip Balm Review

Vegans rejoice! Vegans across the land can now share the comfort of soft, silky EOS, Evolution of Smooth, lips. No more will they have to walk through the checkout line of their favorite store and look at the awesome ergonomics of the EOS lip balm longingly.

EOS has expanded their popular line with a vegan friendly organic lip balm which has no animal byproducts. Not only has this new line enticed the masses of already loyal EOS customers, this ultramodern clear balm is able to be enjoyed by those who were unable to use EOS lip balm previously because of the beeswax used in manufacturing.

EOS, Evolution of Smooth, sprang into a market that desperately needed change almost a decade ago.  Check mapleholistics.com.   Chapped lips everywhere only had a couple of options back then. Either we bought the small tubes of the widely used Chapstick (without much variety in flavor) who dominated the market, or we brushed our lips with a toothbrush and added some petroleum jelly for relief. EOS products flew off the shelves once consumers (mainly women)saw the pretty pastel round balls with a nice variety of flavors to choose from. Today the company is projected to bring in over 2 billion dollars a year by 2020.

EOS lip balm was created to make sure it withstood the test of time. They perfectly created a product that appeals to all 5 human senses. The container was created to feel good in your hand. The charming pastel colors demands our eyes attention. The yummy flavors keep our taste buds as well as our noses happy. And they didn’t leave out our sense of hearing. You know that “click” sound you hear when you close a tube of lip balm, or chapstick? Well that satisfying sound is not an accident.

The creators of EOS spent a lot of time and money to make sure that their products would be more than a passing phase. Knowing they needed to make a more passionate involvement with their consumers, they created the phrase, “The lip balm that makes you smile”(https://www.makeupalley.com/product/showreview.asp/ItemId=121851/Smooth-Sphere-Lip-Balm/eos/Lip-Treatments).  And when a woman opens up her purse to find a variety of colorful little EOS lip balm balls to choose from, we definitely do smile.

Knowing that their products were unable to be enjoyed by the vegan population was reason enough for them to create the new Crystal Lip Balms. Coming in 2 flavors, Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid, these organic vegan lip balms run at $5.49 a piece on their website (allure.com).


EOS Innovative Lip Balm Brand

Evolution of Smooth better known as EOS has changed the way people all over the world view lip balm. They have created a lip balm that engages your senses and looks pretty. The Evolution of Smooth has been a hit since it started. They have sold out of lip balm very quickly in stores and online. It did not take an extended amount of time for Evolution of Smooth to flood department and drug stores. They offer an outstanding selection of products that draws all types of people. The products are not only fashionable and trendy they are affordable, see mapleholistics.com.

Lip balm has been known to be dull and boring. The traditional lip balm is mint flavored and smells heavily of mint. Evolution of Smooth has created many different flavors and scent lip balms for their customers to make a selection. Some of the flavors that they have available are grapefruit, mint, peppermint mocha, melon, strawberry, and many other minty and fruity flavors.

The most loved and identifiable aspect of the EOS lip balm is the ball-shaped container. Traditional lip balm is held in a stick. Evolution of Smooth has placed their unique lip balm in a colorful ball container. The vessels are decorated depending on the flavor that it is.

EOS has been known for their all natural lip balm, but recently all natural has not met the needs of people. People now desire a vegan option, reviews here. They want a lip balm that does not use beeswax. You must know that Evolution of Smooth has delivered. The company released a vegan crystal lip balm to satisfy the needs of their vegan customers. The lip balm is made of natural oils and does not contain any animal products. They remain the second best lip balm brand on the market.

More about the products on http://www.allure.com/review/eos-lip-balm-sphere