Vinny Parascandola Rising in the Ranks

AXA is one of the most established insurance companies. It has its headquarters in France. It also has branches in Asia-Pacific, North America, Western Europe as well as Africa. It is reputed as a top brand in the industry. It offers various services such as investment management, insurance as well as solving numerous financial issues. AXA came into existence in the year 1815. It, however, changed its name to AXA in the year 1985. In eight years, the company has registered a growth rate of 14 present. Vinny Parascandola is an asset for this enterprise. As a senior executive, he has a couple of responsibilities. For instance, he is responsible for the oversight of the training and sales areas of the company.

Before joining the AXA Advisory, Vinny Parascandola had worked in MONY Group. He had acceded to the corporation in the year 1990. His career at this firm was as a financial professional. After three years of hard work and absolute dedication, he got promoted to the position of the company’s sales department head. He did not stop being diligent. He got another promotion to the position of managing director four years later. He decided to leave the company in the year 2005. By then he was the vice president of the corporation.

From MONY Group, Vinny Parascandola headed for AXA Group. For starters, he was the executive vice president at AXA Equitable. He would later be the president.Vinny also served as the head of the continental division. In the year 2014, Vinny Parascandola moved to Woodbridge from New York City to become the senior executive vice president of AXA US. He has held this position to date. He has for three years now been in charge of nurturing economic career growth among the professionals of central New Jersey. He is the person responsible for recruiting advisors for the company. He trains the consultants as well as the insurance agents.

His professional skills are backed up by a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from the Pace University. His brilliant performance amounted to being called to give a speech during the 2014 graduation ceremony.