How To Power Through Your To Do List(s)

To do lists, we’ve all made them, but how many of us actually finish them. Some of us start completing the tasks on our list, but some times life just gets in the way. If you were to pile up all the to do lists that you’ve made in the past, how high would that pile of lists be? You wonder if there’s a mystical method of getting a to-do-list done? Well, there’s no mystical method, however there are some different ways to complete your to-do-list.

Once you start to discover some of the various methods to complete a to-do-list you’ll begin to complete tasks on time and you’ll finally get rid of the guilty state of not finishing tasks. So, how does one figure out how to plow through a to-do-lists, we’ve all made them, but how many of us actually finish them?

We have put together some elements that you can employ to empower your journey of list completion. First, try not to fixate on the tasks that you did not do, because your concentration is diluted as a result. Thus, tasks that are not completed will make it difficult for you to pay attention your current life and cause unnecessary stress. To solve the problem of unfinished tasks, just write everything down. When you write everything down, it frees your mind of the burden of not finishing tasks. So, how do you write everything down? Simple, you can just use a to-do-list software that’s paired with a mobile app.

Also, try finishing your most important tasks in the early morning (your energy is higher). Next, try to put all of your to-do-list on one tool (ie Iphone), because your task may be in many locations. Further, use a tool that assigns/manage your time to quantify your task so that completions wont seem impossible and you should clearly define priorities and reevaluate when necessary. In addition, strategically delegate tasks to your team and take time to break large task into smaller task. Finally, be mindful that all tasks are not the same and it’s important for you to match your energy levels with your tasks.

SKOUT: An App for All the Superheroes at Heart


Arguably, one of the most significant quotes of many superhero films is, “with great power comes great responsibility.” The line came from one of the Spider-Man movies, but it is a line that is true about any human being. Everyone has power, and it is up to that individual to wield it for the greater good or not.

How SKOUT is Giving People a Chance to be Superheroes

PR Newswire just published a piece regarding real-life superheroes and an effective app that is giving people a chance to change the world.
SKOUT conducted a survey where it showed that three out of four people think that helping others and showing compassion is what makes someone a superhero. A group of people were adamant about what superhero work is all about, and they believe it is about being selfless. That number of people was 44 percent of all the individuals that participated in the survey.
The survey also showed that many people are hoping to someday be superheroes. The number of people who aspire to someday do something heroic is 80 percent. These numbers helped propel SKOUT into the spotlight.
What the SKOUT app does is give people an opportunity to give a superhero gift to a friend. The gift can be bestowed on anyone that you want, and it could be done more than just once. The great thing about endowing someone with the superhero gift is that SKOUT makes a financial contribution to organizations like SF-Marin Food Bank, Muttville and Cat Town.
SKOUT app has actually brought awareness to the people about things like the 30,000 people who are suffering from hunger in the San Francisco Marin Area.
The app itself is just a social media platform that connects more than 180 countries and can be translated for up to 16 languages. The company was founded back in 2007, and it already has seen some great results. The people who participate in SKOUTS also have the opportunity to meet like-minded people who understand the responsibility that they have towards their fellow human beings.
And, if for no other reason, try to use the app to give a gift to a deserving friend who might want to know about SKOUT and their efforts to help people all around the world. Perhaps, there is a reason why superhero movies are on the rise in American cinema, and it could be because people have a hunger to change the world. Thankfully, SKOUT is giving people that venue they hunger for.


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Talk Fusion and Enhanced Communication

More and more, success in digital communication boils down to ensuring that it contains some element of human rapport. With the junk to content ratio being so high it is essential that you provide a reason for the recipient to pause and consider your message. Talk Fusion specializes in providing an attention-grabbing communication system that significantly increases the likelihood that your intended audience will open and digest your content.

Talk Fusion has an amazing amount of momentum in this communication space. Boasting compatibility with nearly all modern operating systems, trying out their video chat application couldn’t be simpler. As an example, you can navigate to the iOS App Store and have their software installed in seconds. At a time when the noise level is so high, face-to-face communication is vital, and Talk Fusion answers this demand in several additional ways.

In addition to chat, Talk Fusion grants you the ability to add video to your email, provide a video newsletter, and, of course, conduct live meetings. They also give you the ability to create a video community blog, and capture leads from your video communication. In using Talk Fusion’s video email templates, producing a noteworthy communication that people will want to share can be created in just a few minutes. The lead capture function invites people to share their contact information–which they will want to do after seeing your impressive presentation.

Adding video to your email marketing, and to your company newsletter, is a great way to to increase the likelihood that your company will get noticed. Rather than having your efforts sidelined into some anonymous deletion queue, adding a human face to your communication can result in a powerful human response.

Talk Fusion Leads The Market In Video Communication

After just a few months on the market, Talk Fusion’s Video Chat is already one of the top communication devices in the world. The reason for its incredible leap to the forefront of sales is due largely to its adaptability with any other device, including Android, Apple, and Mac. Also in its favor, the app is smarter and faster than other communication apps on the market.

Business For Home reports that Talk Fusion has become very popular with its first customers. The 30-day free trial is to be released soon, but the Video Chat app can be downloaded free through iTunes and Google Play. The 30 free days includes access to all of Talk Fusion’s products, with no credit card required.

Talk Fusion is a member of the Direct Selling Association. It operates by person to person direct marketing. This is also called multilevel marketing. Some people are put off by this, yet others embrace the opportunity to join a sales team. The saving grace of this form of sales is that the product is very high quality, and word-of-mouth does a lot of the selling.
Founded by CEO Bob Reina in 2007, Talk Fusion was the result when Reina was told it was not possible to send a video as part of an email. He began then to research and assess the problem until he found the answers he wanted. At this time, Talk Fusion is available in 140 countries. The company seeks to foster a positive global change by giving back to various charities. Talk Fusion seems to be taking video technology to the next level at a high rate of speed.

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Saving Time the Handy Way

Customers that really want to save time should consider what Handy Cleaning Services has to offer. This is the on-demand services company that has become the go-to service for homeowners. There are also some small businesses that acquire services from Handy. It is the company that helps customers save time with cleaning, painting and a plethora of other services.

There is nothing better than being able to book a cleaning and getting someone out within a 24 hour period. That is what so many people look for. They don’t have the time to do all of this cleaning themselves. They need the help. There are soccer moms that are tied up with soccer practice. There are households where both husband and wife are working long hours. There are also times where the single mother is too busy taking care of the kids to actually clean up the mess that they made. What Oisin Hanrahan has done is take all of this into consideration and market to all of these people. That is how Handy became the staple that it is for many homeowners today.

Handy represents is a time saver. People that don’t have the time to make the commitment to cleaning may need to consider what this organization has to offer. It is the company that has really become the one of the most trustworthy cleaning organizations around.

People are buzzing about Handy on social media. There are news articles on the web about the company. The word is spreading about this company and all that this organization has been able to do. It is a company that is becoming more and more profitable because it caters to a wide range of customers. The client list is becoming longer because the word is spreading about Handy.

Here Is Why Tipping On Handy Is Great

The issue of whether patrons should tip servers at restaurants and in other fields of business has been passionately debated in the past few months. Handy, the number one app that lists cleaning services around the home, has opened up the ability for their home cleaners to receive tips through the application. In the past few years, the only way tips have been able to be given is through cash, which many people do not feel secure about exchanging or are not placed in situations in which it is practical to tip a home cleaner.

Handy was founded in the summer of 2012 by two roommates that attended Harvard Business School, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. These two young men actually dropped out of college to pursue their goals of raising Handy into a large, successful application, which has turned out to be an outstanding business decision. Which has paid off with Handy recently receiving $50 million in funding.

Handy has people listed for bookings in around twenty-eight areas in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States of America. The United States features most of these listings, although Handy is expecting to expand into new markets at the end of 2016, according to a press conference held by Handy.

The cleaning professionals that make money on Handy are referred to as Pros by the customers and employees of Handy. These Pros typically do not earn all of their income from Handy but some are able to make a living off of Handy.

The listings on Handy are very closely monitored because home cleaning is much more personal than other types of cleaning. One needs to be able to fully trust the person that is cleaning their home or else they might not even think about having their home cleaned in the first place. The cleaners on Handy must have clean backgrounds and relevant work experience to clean homes or perform other types of handyman work due to this personal feel that home cleaning brings to the table.

Handy is currently headquartered in New York City, which has been the epicenter of operations ever since Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua decided to get serious with Handy and drop out of Harvard.

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Dating In Russia Is Always Fun On AnastasiaDate

There are many reasons why AnastasiaDate has become more popular than any other international dating site. Those who’ve never visited the AnastasiaDate website can be told what the website has to offer, but it’s a lot easier if they go to the website and check it out for themselves. The AnastasiaDate website has added in some technologies that make the dating process a lot more fun and easier for those who join the website. Even those who don’t join the website may still be compelled to go to AnastasiaDate to check it out, and they’ll easily see that the website has many things to offer.

Many men go to the Anastasia Date website in hopes of finding a date, but some men are ultimately looking for that special person that they can grow old with and love forever. Everyone is different, and the AnastasiaDate website can easily accommodate all of the men that go to the website. Although some look down on international dating because of the long distance between the two people, some embrace international dating, especially if it means that they can travel to a different country to meet someone new.

Those who want to date in Russia don’t necessarily have to get on a plane and fly to the country to find a date, but the person simply needs to go to the AnastasiaDate website or instagram. Signing up for AnastasiaDate is a simple process, and within a minute a person can have their own account. It’s wise to create a profile on AnastasiaDate because a profile is what many women or men use to find the person they might be interested in on the website. Adding a picture to one’s profile is a great starting point in the dating process, especially if one expects to find love on the website.

The man who’s searching for a lady can go straight to the “top 1000” list, which has an incredible amount of beautiful women that are the most popular on the website, or they can conduct a search for their own lady. Those who chose to do a personalized search will be delighted to know that any information they put into the search engines can possibly bring back one woman or another that may interest them. Once the man finds a lady that he wants, then he simply must choose one of the methods of communications available on AnastasiaDate to talk to her.