The life of Lori Senecal in the Business World

Lori Senecal is the CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, an advertising agency that was founded in 1988 and based in Florida. According to Fast Company, Lori is among the top 100 business people whose creativity has changed the lives of people. The clients that have worked with her are satisfied with the services offered at all time.

Since 2015, she has helped CP+B increased its revenue by an overwhelming 25%. Her leadership and creativity have been the base of this success. She has ensured that this company has stood strong while offering services both locally and internationally. Advertising Age recognized CP + B as the Creativity Innovators of the Year in 2017. Thumbs up to her exceptional media, marketing and technology skills, which also earned her a top position as the most creative people in the business field.

Lori Senecal was the CEO and Global Chairman of the KBS. Over the time of her leadership, the company rose from 250-person to 900 people globally. This led to KBS being named among the Best Places to Work in NYC. Lori was crowned as one of the Women to Watch. In 2013, she carried home the AWNY Game Changer Awards along with a Quantum Leap award.

Moreover, Lori has worked for other companies including McCann Erickson, which was her first job opportunity and Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners. She helped these companies transform so as to fit in the current modern world. The experience she had in these institutions helped her cement her skills in advertising, digital strategy, online advertising, creative direction, creative strategy, entrepreneurship, direct marketing, brand architecture among others. The companies also opened doors for her to interact with great individuals and eventually was employed by the CP+B.

Lori Senecal was highly motivated by her siblings who had it all in their careers. She was determined to pull through in the business world so she enrolled in a business, major at McGill University. After graduation, she faced the world with a bold touch. Today, she is one of the role models you could add to your list if you are a business enthusiast. You can follow her on Twitter

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How Lori Senecal has elevated CP+B in the Digital Advertising Industry

Lori Senecal is an internationally recognized digital advertising professional. She currently serves as the MDC Partner Network’s president and a global CEO of CP+B. Senecal recently revealed that she would be retiring from her role at CP+B at the end of 2017. She has been serving as the head of the company since March 2015 and has played a major part in bettering the quality of its services. Chuck Potter, who is the agency’s chairperson, has been striving to ensure that the company has a competent person who can take Lori’s position when she leaves the firm. Lori Senecal said that she has been making open plans with Potter to prepare for retirement from the time CP+B hired her in March 2015. Her excellent administration and organization expertise made the firm to recognize her as the best person for the position. Visit Adweek to know more.

The outstanding expertise of Lori Senecal has enabled CP+B to grow in the international markets. She has helped the enterprise in the setting up excellent communication and management structures that enhance coordination of all its divisions across the globe. Lori has developed healthy working relationships with the company’s staff. She managed to lead CP+B in winning the American Airlines advertising account within her first few months at the firm.

CP+B is currently working to enhance the skills and experience of it regional executives so that they can be ready to take over its management when Lori retires. Danielle Aldrich was recently promoted by the firm to act as CP+B West’s president. She is the former co-managing director of CP+B Boulder. The new position makes Aldrich the head CP+B’s Los Angeles and Boulder offices. Other talented individuals who were elevated by the agency include Bamboo Yee of CP+B Beijing, Richard Pinder of CP+B Europe, and Vinicius Reis who heads CP+B Brazil and Miami. Danielle has spent 14 years of her career working at CP+B. She has served advertisement account of companies such as Hershey, American Airlines, and For more details visit Crunchbase

Lori Senecal has accomplished a lot during her career in the advertisement sector. She kicked off her profession while living in Canada and never imagined of serving as an executive at international firms. The top position that she has held include serving as the president of KBS+, McCann New York, and MDC Partners Network.

José Henrique Borghi: Getting Reliable Help For Your Ad Campaigns

Are you looking for an ad agency that can help you reach your prospects? Wondering how to find a reputable firm that renders top quality advertising solutions? Perhaps you are aware of the benefits of hiring an ad agency.

If you need expert assistance with your advertising or marketing, look no further than José Henrique Borghi and his popular ad agency, Mullen Lowe.

Handling your own advertising campaign can be a tedious and time-consuming task. There is a reason successful companies and entrepreneurs turn to advertising agencies for advice and guidance. Advertising specialists and consultants have the skill and resources to ensure effective advertising, and great results.

Getting help from advertising specialists or marketing consultants is a great way to ensure that your ad campaign produces the desired result. It is absolutely essential for businesses and organizations that want to grow, to enlist the services of a reputable firm.

José Henrique Borghi renders a wide array of advertising and promotional strategies to help clients become successful. If you’re serious about achieving great results, you need to check out José Henrique Borghi and Mullen Lowe right away.

Mullen Lowe is one of Brazil’s renowned ad agencies and comes highly recommended. The professionals at this prominent advertising firm are highly knowledgeable and can design effective strategies for your company. They have the experience, expertise and dedication to plan and execute profitable ad campaigns and can help you reach a large audience that is looking for your product.

If your current advertising project isn’t meeting your objectives, José Henrique Borghi and the professionals at his agency will review it and figure out the best approach for successful outcome. Advertising campaign success is their top priority, so they can get you the result you want. for more .

Jose Borghi Talks the Importance of Advertising

The most important need of any company nowadays is advertising. Consumers are no longer base their purchasing decisions on price and quality. In today’s world, consumers care more about brand recognition and that’s where advertising plays a role.

The world has become overflowing with businesses, both online websites and traditional physical stores. With so much competition, it’s nearly impossible for any company to thrive without exposure. The old technique of “word of mouth” no longer cuts it into today’s economy. Advertising is the lifeblood of every successful company to date.

Contrary to popular belief, advertising is complex. To properly advertise in a way that produces positive results requires a plan and way of executing that plan. Since the procedure isn’t as simple as it used to be, companies have begun turning to advertising agencies.

Advertising agencies understand everything that business leaders might not. These agencies often specialize in particular results. Since not every company is the same, not every solution can be solved with the same type of advertising. A good advertising agency has the ability to accomplish exposure for any of its clients.

Advertising is especially important for companies in countries like Brazil. And when it comes to advertising in Brazil, there’s no better agency than Mullen Lowe Brasil. Mullen Lowe has one of the most outstanding reputations in advertising. It holds one of the most illustrious client lists in the world. Mullen Lowe has also produced some of the world’s most memorable advertising.

The leader of Mullen Lowe Brasil is Jose Borghi. Borghi has been in advertising nearly his entire professional career. He is one of the great advertising innovators of the modern world. He has handled some of Mullen Lowe’s biggest projects. for more.

José Borghi, the Advertising Genius behind Mullen Lowe’s Roaring Success

According to GQ, the revolutionary style, fashion and culture company, José Borghi, the CEO and President of Mullen Lowe Brasil is among the top 20 advertising geniuses in Brazil. Mullen Lowe is Brazil’s largest advertising agency.

José Borghi is an advertising graduate and worked for various advertising firms before starting his own outfit with partner Erh Ray. Their new company was called BorgiEhr Agency and was founded in 2002. Starting with little capital and working harder and smarter than anybody else handling the creation, media planning, and service and copy all by themselves, they rose through the ranks to handle big multinational brands for their clients. Owing to their phenomenal success in the Brazilian advertising industry, BorgiEhr was bought out by Lowe in 2006 becoming Borghi Lowe. In 2015, Lowe merged with Mullen to create the current company structure at Mullen Lowe with a global presence.

José Borghi is known for his revolutionary creativity and innovative approaches to advertising. His 25-year advertising career has seen him manage award winning creative advertisement projects and acquire a cult-like following for his creativity. His prowess in delivering stellar advertising campaigns have seen him bag over 50 awards in recognition. Some of the awards include Abril Awards, London Festival, Clio, New York Festival, One Show, and Cannes.

Mullen Lowe handles the advertising for high-end corporations and multinationals such as Unilever, Honda, Delta Airlines, Fiat, Bank Boston, American Express, Coral Paints and much more.

At the heart of every business and every entrepreneur is advertising. It is what informs your potential clients of your existence and what you offer. Despite changes in advertising media formats, distribution, and the advent of online services, agency engagement is still the preferred method of big corporations rather than having in-house departments. José Borghi’s approach ensures that his client’s campaigns are smart, useful and present. His concepts are well researched and resonate with this target global audience creating a pattern of impactful trendy outcomes.

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Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere, The Unapologetic Beauty’s Most Expensive Business Secrets Revealed!

Today, starting a business isn’t as challenging as it was some decades ago. With a vast selection of online resources and tools entrepreneurs’ have on hand nowadays, success is imminent. It wasn’t any different for the young, gifted technology enthusiast and entrepreneur, Doe Deere. Her controversial fantasy cosmetics business “Lime Crime” is about seven years old. The Russian New Yorker launched her first collection of cruelty-free magical, vibrantly colored cosmetics in 2008. She’s a free-spirited designer who’s inspired thousands to embrace their imperfections unapologetically.

Ms. Deere has always been in pursuit of business. “Lime Crime” became her most successful project after pursuing numerous startups. In fact, she studied fashion in school, so she’d always known her business interest. What’s more, she was a talented make-up artist before she launched “Lime Crime.” With the naming of her brand, Doe became inspired by different things, but mostly her favorite color. She wrapped thoughts around launching brightly colored eye shadows, nail polishes and lipsticks that were so vivid, they’re illegal. And, she didn’t take away anything from her imagination. She launched them, just as imagined. Now, it’s taken off, and fans are dropping over her collections.

It’s literally empowering women in a sense. Ms. Deere designed her fantastic line of Lime Crime products in protest of animal cruelty. Hers boost a cruelty-free statement. In addition, she’s openly supporting other upcoming and already successful female entrepreneurs. She considers herself a mentor and an instrument of motivation to future business women. When asked about how she embarked on launching Lime Crime, Ms. Deere recounts her time as an eBay seller. Initially, she registered an account using the same username “LimeCrime” in 2004. According to her, it was a fashion project. She modeled everything from makeup to costumes. Interestingly, her colorful makeup was so irresistible, it became her staple. She made her brand official four years later and originated marketable versions of her fabulous cosmetics.

Online shopping has perks and downsides to it. Ms. Deere acted on the idea that makeup looks best when modeled right. And, a paper wasn’t enough to show the true potential and impressions of her Lime Crime cosmetics. So, she modeled them. Her designs had life and looked boldly glamorous. She has no problem modeling what she’s selling. This has brought her immediate success and internet fame. Her brand took off and has since reached international shores.

With a sizable international following, Doe often dresses up and model her ideas of Lime Crime fashion. Surely, it keeps her fans entertained and loyal to the brand. As she occasionally blogs, Doe who’s assumed the animated title “Unicorn Queen” often goes on about life sharing adorable portraits. Her coveted brand releases the influential products of reanimated fantasy themed movies. Doe was once an entertainer. With her band, she did several projects. Unfortunately, her music career didn’t take off. She went on exploring her muse until she found Lime Crime. She’s passionate about fashion and art. For now, she’s focused on expanding her cosmetics line and inspiring fantasy beauties.

Advantages of Handy cleaning services

Cleaning the house is a chore that many of us despise. We have to take time to purchase cleaning supplies, move furniture around, and last but not least do the actual cleaning. If you would like to add time back to your day and remove the chore of cleaning from your to do list then hire Handy Home Cleaning Services. Handy can offer a range of advantages for you and your home.

When you employ Handy home cleaning services from, you do not have to worry about wasting hours making your home spotless. You can have time to spend with your loved one or even to yourself. When more time added to your day, you can read that book that you have been eyeing for months or even catch up on your favorite show. The time that you save hiring Handy home cleaning services can even allow you time to go shopping.

In addition to adding time back to your life, Handy cleaning services are able to give individuals that are not able to keep their home clean themselves due to schedules, physical limitations, or being out of town the ability to keep a spotless home. The only thing you will need to do is contact Handy cleaning services and schedule a time that you would like your home cleaned. With the help of Handy services you will be able to come to clean home even though you are able to make it happen on your own.

Hiring Handy services to clean your home means that you are recruiting professional individuals to clean your home. Handy housecleaning services only hire the best of the best. These individuals are proficient and efficient in what they do. Your home will be properly cleaned with the best techniques, equipment, and cleaning supplies. A properly cleaned home can help to preserve your home in a number of ways. Chemicals and equipment when misused can damage your flooring, walls, décor, and even furniture. Experience and expertise allow Handy workers to protect your home and keep it flawless.

Affordable pricing is also a benefit of Handy cleaning services. When you hire services from Handy, you will be able to enjoy a clean home without breaking your pockets.

One of the biggest advantages of Handy cleaning services is the money back guarantee. If you find that Handy did not clean your home according to the standards promised, then you have the opportunity to get a full refund or to receive a second house cleaning visit from a professional Handy house cleaner. Not only does Handy offer a money back guarantee, but in the event that your property is damaged while being cleaned by Handy professionals then Handy will pay for the damages.

Recruiting a Handy cleaning professional is easy to do. You can easily go to the Handy cleaning services website and book a professional to come to your home as soon as tomorrow. Or if you have an iPhone you can download the Handy app to your phone. Once downloaded you will be able to book Handy services and also pay for them.

Find Your Next Great New York City Apartment With Town Real Estate

It’s standard for those looking for a new apartment to go through many different magazines and newspapers, and some may even search online. Some may think that they can find a great place to live by looking online or through the many papers that are available, but it’s not always necessary that you’ll find the best places listed publicly. Some owners of apartments and homes choose to list their rentals privately, and they choose to do this with a real estate company. Real estate companies are still prevalent these days, and they can help anyone to find an apartment or any place they want all home.

It can truly be difficult to find a great apartment in New York City real estate because everyone is looking to move there. If you ask anyone what one of the best cities in the USA, many people will say New York City. It seems impossible to find a great place in such a big city, especially when so many people are moving there, but Town Real Estate can help you. Town Real Estate knows New York City real estate inside and out, and they know all the hottest listings for apartments in the city. You can find your next apartment with Town Real Estate, and all you have to do is know exactly what you’re looking for.

Once you know what type of place you want, then you can start passing the information on to your Town Real Estate agent. You know you want a swimming pool, a nice gym, new appliances, and a great view, so you should let your agent know this information, and they can start looking for you. It’s standard that many people who live in New York City are looking for a great view because there is so much to see in the big city. If there are listings available that are in high-rises, they may go very quickly because everyone wants a great view of the city. It’s possible to even get a high-rise location that has a balcony, but these may be few and far in between.

Town Real Estate only deals with luxury listings, so if you’re ready for an amazing place that is breathtaking, then you should make the call to Town Real Estate. You should be able to find a great place that is large in size as well, which is one of the specialties that Town Real Estate has. Most people think of a broom closets type apartment when they think of New York City, but the fact is, not all apartments are small in New York City area. If you work with Town Real Estate, you can find a great apartment that can really have the comfort and style you want.

Not Always About the Profit

A marketing agency in Costa Rica is using their own advertising space to empower female entrepreneurs in their area with their personal logos and business ideas. A developing village in the Central American country is full of women who are constantly struggling to make end’s meat. A telecommunications firm in Claro has taken a step into ensuring that their struggle doesn’t last for too long.

The company has taken down their logos on the rooftop satellite dishes and has given that space to women to advertise everything from selling ice cream, to coconuts, and even styling hair. Data from the telecommunications firm CipherCloud has noted that this advertising play is playing off not only for the company, but also for the women and their expertise. One of the women noted how much pride she gets in being able to run her own business. Where she’s from the men are seen as being the only business abled adults in the village. With this chance that the advertising agency has given her, she can prove that women can do just as well as men. Economic inequality is also being curbed thanks to the rise in business and advertisement. Citizens in the village have stabilized economically and have been given a bright future thanks to the telecommunications company. The entrepreneurs are planning on using their success from their businesses to help inspire other men and women who have dreams of owning their own.