A Visionary Philanthropist Scholarship Kit to Professional Achievers at Uncommon Schools

Dynamic search Partners in collaboration with Keith and Keely Mann has announced Scholarships for Professional Achievements. It is directed as am means of appreciating the efforts of Business leaders who are taking the business to the next level through innovation. The source funds for Scholarship is through the partnering of Keith and Keely Mann with Uncommon Schools and Members of the Financial Community. The studies will be held at Brooklyn-based high schools that will see the opening being utilized to producing a graduating professional each year.

The Scholarship program implemented by Keith and Keely Mann is received with gratitude by the School Head seeing it an avenue for aspiring Students in achieving the four-years financed -Course. For one to qualify for the Scholarship degree is required to explain in an essay form how the education will help in attaining the professional goals. Keith and Kelly Mann are generous philanthropists who founded Dynamic Search Partners to provide business with right expertise and coupling them with excellent opportunities or companies that will lead to its success. The Mission behind the scholarship is to offer the student with dynamic opportunities by graduating with a Degree that will place them in professional career path. The Beneficiaries of this education Program is catered for students enrolled in Uncommon Charter High Schools in Brooklyn, New York. The enrollment process will involve a winner getting announced on 31st March 2016 and be rewarded $5,000 as tuition fees.

Keith Mann is an Advocate for Education and a Visionary Philanthropist who with a broad range of expertise in Staffing industry for over 15 years. Keith is the Founder and CEO of Dynamic Search Partners that was called by his prowess in Hedge Fund Management, Recruiting, and Staffing solutions. He pioneered the idea behind the launching of Alternative Investment Practice within Dynamic Executive Search that had been running from 2012 after his prospect in Hedge Fund Industry.

Keith led Dynamic Search Partners into massive growth by employing his management styles in the Private Equity, merging of expertise with true professionals and introducing hedge fund making DSP a Premier Executive Search that is focusing on Investments.

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Let’s Know More about Sultan Alhokair

Do you need to know more about Sultan Alhokair? If yes, keep reading. Sultan Alhokair is not only a business student but a twenty-two years old financial analyst and angel investor, who resides in Boston. He works with Retail Group of America where he serves as the major project manager. Alhokair.com is also a venture partner with Valia Investment.

Sultan Alhokair studied Financial Accounting, Business Management and Family Business Management at Northeastern University where he graduated in 2009. He has a passion towards helping individuals start their business; this led him to join Valia investment.

Sultan works with the Retail Group of America, one of the largest retail chains where he serves as the major project manager since January 2014. His work entails seeking out new retail opportunities, advising business managers on branding and sales and providing retail services to fashion companies.


Alhokair is the financial and business analyst and a partner with Valia investment. At Valia Investment, Sultan Alhokair seeks new business start-up that qualify as ideal contestants for seed funding and backs them financially with resourceful business guidance. He is able to manage the seed funding through the partnership with Valia investment that allows his interest in finance and investment a chance for development. He studies start-up business models at every angle keeping the key factors in mind to know the best consumers.

Alhokair recently told CNN.com that for a company to be successfully, sultan emphasizes on the long term draw. The long term draw is like a business plan for about five years and over. For a company to achieve its objectives a plan is drawn this includes creating a 5-year plan with a clear-cut system of predicting of where your company will be at any given point of time within the 5 years. The plan follows a predicted path including operation costs, human resources, time and profit. For him, this plan allows business owners to predict the future and have an outlook of success which sets them up for profitability and sustainability.

At such a young age, he has achieved a lot earning trust from his clients and fellow investors. Sultan Alhokair is the new talk of the town. Having a background experience and working with real estate developers and retailers the world of business is not new to him. He has brought changes on Angel investors through the uses of microfinance and the internet. You can follow Alhokair on Twitter, Youtube.com and Vimeo or check out his Facebook page.