James Dondero Winning Strategies On Volatile Alternative Investments

James Dondero has more than 30 years of experience in the credit and equity markets. He has created numerous successful products and solutions for institutional and retail investors. He derives his strength through puzzle solving and thinking through complex debt deals, turnarounds, and emerging trends. He was born in Hoboken N.J. Dondero started his career as an analyst after graduating with Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Virginia in 1984. He also holds certifications like CMA and CFA. Dondero joined American Express as a Corporate Bond Analyst in 1985 and later became the Portfolio Manager of close to 1 billion dollars in fixed income funds.


James Dondero is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. James and Mark Okada partnered with Protective Life Insurance to launch the Highlands Capital Management in 1993.They moved the enterprise from Los Angeles to Dallas Texas where the Protective Life Insurance Corporation was based. They later purchased the protective life stake in the firm and have experienced tremendous growth ever since. Highland Capital Management offers investors access to winning investment ideas through the 894 million dollars Highland Global Allocation fund that holds a portfolio of close to 400 securities. Highland Capital Management focused mostly on credit. It has considered alternative investments and emerging themes.


Highland Capital Management structured and launched its first nonbank collateralized loan obligation in 1996. It established an alternative investment 40 ACT Platform and mutual fund in 2000. There was a negative debt swing that prompted Dondero and his team to look for emerging themes in 2012. They turned their focus into Argentina and did research that concluded that the country’s natural resources, developed infrastructure, and educated population would help to limit losses. They invested in the bond market of the country that appreciated in 2015. They had also started shopping for deals in the Hard Hit Limited and Partnership that own natural resources like oil, gas, pipelines, and storage facilities. The MLPs Index recorded a significant gain in 2016. The other emerging themes that he is dedicated to are wind power, tonopioid pain medication, and non-profits.

Fabletics – Personalizing the Shopping Experience for Customers Like Never Before

The trend of fitness clothing has caught up with the people in the past few years, and even though many brands do offer a wide variety of “Athleisure” clothing, Fabletics has scored the most points it seems in this category since its inception. Even though the market for fitness clothing and apparel is highly saturated, and dominated by big companies like Amazon, which continues to hold over 20 percent market share, Fabletics has tasted tremendous success in just four years since its launch. It is co-owned by the Hollywood’s one of the most loved actress, Kate Hudson, who continues to inspire people with her fitness and personality and make Fabletics a favorite “athleisure” brand among the masses through creative marketing moves.


Fabletics started in the year 2013, and from the time of its launch till now, the company has been growing at a pace of over 30 percent. At present, it enjoys an annual turnover of $250 million, and with the current growth rate, it is expected to give its competitors a tough run for its money. The company’s marketing policy, including the reverse showroom technique, helped the company take over the market by storm and give it a much-needed boost initially to take over the competition.


In the reverse showroom technique, it created a loyal customer base by online marketing and with the help of the Fabletics’s VIP membership model. Once the company has managed a strong foothold in the market and had a good fan following for a substantial turnover, it went on to open stores nationwide. Fabletics currently has 18 stores in the country and plans to open hundreds more in the time to come, nationally as well as internationally.


Reverse showroom technique is not targeted to attract customers to increase sales, but more towards penetrating the market further and expand its loyal customer base. And, it is what opening stores across the nation are helping the company in achieving. Kate Hudson also used her personal mantra in achieving success with Fabletics, which is to continue to look for marketing opportunities to boost company’s sale and keep the brand innovative and dynamic.


She checks the sales figures, and crafts sales and marketing strategies as per the sales and marketing data. Kate Hudson also believes that it is important for business heads to rely on trade and market data to make better business decisions, and continue to stay passionate about the brand to remain on top of the competition. For people looking to join the company as a VIP member, taking the Lifestyle Quiz on the business’s site is an ideal way to know more about the company’s model of personalizing shopping experience for the customers.

How Sheldon Lavin has Facilitated the Growth of OSI Group


Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and the chairman of OSI Group, LLC. Lavin has been in the food industry for over four decades. Since he joined OSI Group, he has helped the company grow into an international supplier with subsidiaries, such as OSI Industries, OSI International Foods, and OSI International, Inc. He also manages more than 20, 000 workers globally.

Sheldon Lavin’s role at OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin began to involve himself with OSI Group in the 70s when he helped the founders of the company raise its first substantial investment capital. Upon joining the company, he helped Otto & Sons to re-build their business into the largest supplier of hamburgers to McDonald’s Corporation. In the mid-70s, he declined to take up the leadership position of the company, but he remained a consultant to the business. Learn More .

In the late 70s, Otto Kolschwsky, the founder of OSI Group retired, and his sons took over and continued to strengthen their partnership with Lavin. As they continued to grow the business, Lavin decided to join the company full time. He has since enabled the corporation to expand its operations to Europe, Taiwan, South Africa, and North America. In the 1980s, Lavin became the controlling shareholder after one of their partners decided to sell his stocks. Over a decade later, the remaining partners retired and Lavin took over the company. He went on to open other branches in China, Australia, Philippines, and Brazil. Currently, his focus is on the growth of the Corporation in Europe and Asia.

Lavin’s achievements

Lavin is known for his philanthropic involvement and supports for charities, such as the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, United Negro College Fund, and Ronald McDonald House. He also donates to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Evans Scholarship Fund. Lavin is a member of the Board of Goodman Theatre, Rush University Medical Center, and a Trustee for Ronald McDonald House Charities. Lavin also serves as the director of the Sheba Foundation, an organization that supports needy families. Lavin is a recipient of various awards, including the 2015 Lifetime Achievement from RSM US LLP and the 2016 Global Visionary Award by the India’s Vision World Academy.

https://www.theofficialboard.com/biography/sheldon-lavin-d4824 for more .


Jim Tananbaum Welcomes New Addition to Foresite Capital

Dr. Jim Tananbaum and the rest of the team at Foresite Capital added a real heavy hitter to their venture partnership this past week. Foresite Capital, a company most well known for their work in the healthcare field as a growth and equity firm has been making some major changes in 2017 and now they look more pried than ever for explosive growth. The new addition to Foresite Capital’s team is Dr. Molly He, formerly a senior director over at Illumina. Dr. He brings a whole wealth of experience and know-how to Foresite Capital and we are excited to dig into what makes her work so important.

To start things off, Dr. Jim Tananbaum wanted to make Dr. He feel welcomed. Tananbaum released a statement coinciding with Dr. He’s partnership. Dr. Tananbaum said, “Dr. He is one of the most respected scientific researchers in the area of next generation sequencing, and we are thrilled to welcome her to the team.” These kind words were more than a formality, they were well deserved. Dr. Tananbaum continued by praising Dr. He’s history in both genomics and drug development as well as her own incredible track record of company leadership. Dr. Tananbaum finished by saying, “She will be an invaluable resource to Foresite as we continue to expand and diversify our portfolio of transformational companies.”

Of course Dr. He isn’t one to let anyone else get all of the communications. The established doctor made sure to respond in kind to Dr. Tananbaum’s kind words. Dr. He applauded Foresite Capital for their ‘unparalleled reputation’ and called the company one of the most innovative healthcare companies around. Of course, Dr. He would have a great idea as to who was truly innovating in the healthcare industry. Dr. He spent a considerable amount of time at Illumina in charge of their innovation and improvements for the global protein reagent sector. She also worked with Pacific Biosciences as the head of protein reagent development. Dr. He’s excellent track record and Dr. Tananbaum’s ambition and excellence will lead Foresite Capital into a glowing and prosperous new year in 2017. More details can be found on Bloomberg.

Evolution of the Must Have Lip Balm

For many years, those of us with unfortunate dry lips habitually reached for the Chapstick a few times a day. Women asked each other “do you have any Chapstick I can use?”. It was available everywhere we looked. At the supermarket checkout line, next to the register at drug stores, and at retail and discount stores everywhere.  Well.ca has some details about EOS.

Although Chapstick was boring, it did the job. This flavorless, bland balm hydrated our lips and did nothing more. It wasn’t exciting to look at. It didn’t smell like much. And then the company livened things up a bit. They came out with Cherry and Mint flavors, but that’s about it. The excitement lasted all of five minutes. You might ask yourself if it was really a big deal. It is only lip balm, after all. How exciting can it get?

Seven years ago, this question was answered. It can get very exciting! Evolution of Smooth, or EOS, hit the market, and it hasn’t been the same since, check on walgreens.com for details. These exciting, unique lip balms rose above Chapstick in an already oversaturated market. They did it by doing what no other lip balm has done: being fun and unique. There is a multitude of flavors to choose from, they smell wonderful, and they are sold in fun, pastel colored egg shaped pods.

Rather than being targeted toward both men and women, EOS lip balm was targeted specifically toward women, and it became a “must have” accessory. Once the product hit store shelves, it became all the hype. Millennials wanted several flavors to keep in their purses after they spotted their favorite celebrities using the balm.

The dynamic marketing helped EOS rise above its competition. Rather that being a generic, unexciting brand, the constant evolution of the product make it the most desired among lip balm enthusiasts. Visit EOS on their facebook.com page.

More of EOS on https://www.walmart.com/ip/Eos-Sweet-Mint-Lip-Balm-0.25-oz/15136069

Equities First Holdings: A Substitute for Traditional Lending Services

The alternative lending sector is formed of pioneers such as Equities First who have outpaced the traditional lending sector by just embracing innovation and modern technologies. Equities First is financial leader and a company that has applied technology to lay down practical tools for private organizations. Along these lines, they offer a snappier and more proficient small undertaking crediting knowledge. Business people can apply for funding on the web and get sorted out easily. The specialists can securely get to your information through a cloud database to evaluate your business unwavering quality. In short periods as contrasted to conventional financial institutions, the alternative moneylender offers the best solution and bundle for your business capital. Click Here for more .

Equities First has been a leader in the loaning sector since its initiation in 2002, providing both small businesses and people with stock loans. The advanced technology allows loan specialists to get the extensive view which opens business doors for small businesses. Equities First Holdings credits accompany high credit to value proportion with fixed and small loan costs. Something else is variety; Equities First offers business visionaries a lot of ways in supporting small businesses. Other than financial help, the company is a great help to business sectors whereby customers benefit from various kinds of guidelines.

Your privately owned business is stand-out. You have a predominant shot of acquiring financial assistance from Equities First Holdings contrasted with regular ways that accompany costly loan prices and that ask for uncountable performance records. The organization has a hearty loaning knowledge making it easy to carry out research regarding your products with the highest transparency. More so, the company services are completely adaptable not at all like the bank lending services that accompany strict controls providing your small business with small adaptability on the best way to utilize and pay the credit. Disparate with bank advances, Equities First offers non-reason capital advances which can be spent as the entrepreneur wishes. Today, you can contact the Equities First offices and become acquainted with stock loans services. Equities First Resume Here .

https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/Overview/Working-at-Equities-First-Holdings-EI_IE1401879.11,34.htm for more .

Chris Burch – Venturing Into The Hospitality Industry In Style By Opening Nihiwatu

Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur and investor known across the country as well as globally for his smart investments and a series of start-ups and businesses he has invested in profitable. With the experience of over 40 years as a businessman, investor, and entrepreneur, Chris Burch is known for creating some of the most popular brands in the fashion market, such as Tory Burch and C. Wonder. Recently, he even tied up with Ellen DeGeneres to create a favorite brand named ED and is also known for his recent investments in famous brands and start-ups such as Trademark, Poppins, Cocoon9, and Nihiwatu.

Chris Burch is heavily invested in many industries, including hospitals, healthcare, beauty, fashion, technology, finance, real estate, and more, but with Nihiwatu, Chris has stepped foot into the hospitality industry as well. Nihiwatu is a five-star luxury retreat hotel located in the southern Indonesian Island of Sumba. In the island, Chris Burch bought a hostel and transformed it into a five-star luxury hotel. The island is almost private and is surrounded by incredible natural beauty and natural landscape, with clear blue ocean waters and white sandy beach.

Chris Burch along with famous hotelier, James McBride, completely restructured and transformed an old hostel into a luxurious five-star property that is now frequented by who’s who of the world. Nihiwatu was even named the best hotel in the world by the famous online travel site, Travel + Leisure. Chris Burch says that he built Nihiwatu to pass on his legacy to his kids and to give back to the community, check this on bjtonline.com. It is a one of a kind resort with a host of luxurious amenities that are not afforded at a typical five-star hotel. Starting from the spa under the natural waterfall to having a personal butler in every room, Nihiwatu aims to overwhelm its guest with luxury, care, and pampering never experienced before.  For a related reading, hop over to architecturaldigest.com.

Additional article here.

Nihiwatu is rightly nicknamed “The Edge of Wilderness,” because the natural and private setting makes you feel completely disconnected with the outside world. Chris Burch has incredible business acumen and foresight that he applies in all the ventures he gets associated with to ensure success. Chris Burch also owns one of the 27 villas at Nihiwatu, which is his home as well. Chris Burch is a dynamic personality who is always on the move and continues to look out for new opportunities regardless of industries as he feels that opportunity can come in from anywhere, and from any industry. To learn more about Burch, visit christopherburch.com/

For further reading click on http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/our-world/

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair!! Customize Your Hair

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair is a semi-permanent hair color that makes anyone look like a unicorn because of its high quality. This hair dye has no side effects and does not a professional to apply the dye. This dye is available at Walmart or any other local store nearby. This dye was developed by Doe Deere who is the CEO of this company, and it took her three years to finish making this dye successfully. The dye lasts longer and fades gracefully.



Unicorn Hair by Lime Crime is a gentle dye which does not damage hair in any way. The customers can apply it however they like without any kind of worry of damaging their hair because this dye is made of natural and purest resources such as vegan ingredients. Dye usually has ammonia or bleach in it, but Unicorn Hair does not include any of these and ensures long lasting fun.



Unicorn Hair is not a permanent hair color and can be washed easily using shampoo. It depends on how deep the dye has been used and also on the condition of the hair. The lighter the hair, the longer the shade will last. The thicker the hair, the less shade will be visible.



To successfully apply the dye, only one jar is required for medium length hair. It mostly depends on the hair length, but one jar is enough in most cases. The life of this dye is usually six weeks if it is not washed away early. It gives a great look, and the users can have different hair colors to entertain themselves.



It is very easy to apply the dye with such easy steps: –



  1. Hair should be dry and unconditioned. This way, the color will look much brighter.
  2. The dye should be used with care and with the help of protective gloves.
  3. Use an applicator brush to apply the dye to 1-inch-wide strands
  4. Leave the dye on for 1 or 2 hours. The longer it stays on, the better the results will be.
  5. Rinse dyed hair.
  6. Style and enjoy the Lime Crime Unicorn Hair



Lime Crime Adds Rainbow Bright Hair Dye To Beauty Line-Up

Happy heads like Kylie Jenner rock the rainbow when it comes to hair color because it’s fun, sexy and doesn’t have to nail you for commitment. The look is still bright and crazy for hair this season, and Lime Crime has added a gorgeous collection of hair dyes to keep you modern in the moment. Thirteen delicious shades await you, from Neon Peach to Dirty Mermaid.


Doe Deere, CEO and founder of the popular brand, has always believed that makeup, fashion and hair all work off of each other. It’s the total look and transformation blended together. The hair color was bound to happen, and we’re all happy that Unicorn Hair is finally a reality.


Doe Deere is obsessed with bold hair dye and likes switching up her own candy-colored tresses whenever the mood strikes. That is why her development of Unicorn Hair is a blast and specially formulated to shine on and be gentle to your locks. By the way, this amazing hair color has been three years in the process, to make sure it offers the ultimate best gloss and intensity of hues.


The hair dye is vegan and made with vegetable coloring, fading gently without ever harming your roots or ends. You can purchase Unicorn dye in Full Coverage and Tint formulas, and rock the rainbow, girl.


It’s semi-permanent hair dye and rock-bottom in price at $13 a bottle for a generous 7 ounces.


You can even play chemist and mix colors together for a wild and crazy hue. For example, blending Neon Peach + Bunny = petal pink. Here are several other winning combos:


Blue Smoke + Gargoyle = blue steel

Anime + Salad = bright turquoise

Dirty Mermaid + Gargoyle = slate grey


Doe Deere has believed in the integrity of her company’s brand from the get-go. Lime Crime is different from all the other beauty companies. The mission is not to follow old traditions and rules but to gain self-empowerment by defining your own beauty standards.


The company makes makeup and now, hair color, that allows the beauty of self-expression for the individual who puts it on. It takes courage to wear colors that are different and edgy, and that’s exactly what the brand is all about.


Doe Deere spells it out in her fearless About Me page:


“I make makeup for girls and boys like me, who express themselves unapologetically. Lime Crime is freedom to be you!”



Felipe Montoro Jens Believes In Partnerships

In Brazil, Felipe Montoro Jens is known as an infrastructure expert. His bachelor’s degree is from the Getulio Vargas Foundation. His post-graduation is from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, which is a highly renowned center of education. Felipe Montoro Jens is currently serving as the CEO of Energipar Captacao S.A. before this he was working as the Director in many companies, namely, Braskem S.A, besides Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos S.A., along with Santo Antonio Energia S.A.



He has been responsible for raising huge investments for several types of sewage networks. This is why he is so excited that the Government of Brazil is getting into a partnership deal. This is with The National Bank For Economic and Social Development. This partnership is for the basic sanitation services. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the current scenario in Brazil requires this kind of rigor which is quite prominent in any private institution. It will help in improving the financial condition too of any public institution.



The fact is that private agencies have all the technology along with technical expertise. But another fact is that the government agencies have the experience as they have handled such a large amount of workload. This would allow both the agencies to work in a complementary manner as that helps to enhance efficiency and make it cost effective too.



Felipe Montoro Jens believes that the type of utility is not the issue here. It is all about alignment between operations of the chosen utility along with the specific needs of a location. Thus the partnership will lead to a customized plan being made for each state to enhance efficiency. Even the costs have to be given their due consideration here. Such a partnership will be welcomed by all as it involves concessions too. This also means clear goals to be set while these contracts are being drafted.