It Is A Bad Idea To Bank On Betsy DeVos Backing Down From A Political Fight

When Betsy DeVos first became the Secretary of Education for the United States, there was controversy taking place in the nation. President Trump was just about to rescind a policy that was letting transgender students choose which bathroom they wanted to use. DeVos had been against the rescinding of the law according to one of her aides but did not let on to this fact in the public. When the announcement was made, she was present. This caused some people to think that she would be playing a more passive role in her new position, but these people did not understand the woman who they were dealing with.


For years, Betsy DeVos has been a formidable opponent for those who have opposed her in the state of Michigan. While many in Washington D.C. are not too familiar with her, she has served as the chairman for the Michigan Republican Party in the past and has also been a Republican donor for many years. DeVos has always been gracious in public and a fighter when it really matters. Mike Cox, who served as a state attorney general in the past, commented in a recent article that Betsy DeVos is a very determined woman who has been a big player in the politics in Michigan.


Before becoming the Secretary of Education for the U.S., Betsy DeVos didn’t have much of a history with president Trump. She hadn’t even worked in Washington D.C. before she was appointed. With this being said, many of her opponents and allies have gone on record to admit that they are sure she will find her way around the political capital of the United States soon enough. In Michigan, she has become a huge figure who has been a part of passing important legislation in the educational sector. It is expected that she will continue to lead the educational sector as a woman who wants the best for American students.


As soon as Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the Secretary of Education for the country, she got to work. She immediately tried to setup a meeting with Randi Weingarten and Lily Eskelsen Garcia who are the leaders of the two most important teachers unions. Weingarten obliged while Garcia declined, but this didn’t slow DeVos down. After this, she went to work by getting to know Florida schools much more intimately during a visit to the sunshine state. She was joined by, none other than, Queen Rania of Jordan and Melania Trump.


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